Floods, Phones and Fires

The FloodycornPhone CallCampfire Queens

Summer is coming. It’s already here and we got some really hot days. Although I tried to keep my flat cool, my brain was baking. Therefore, please excuse if this PaintLog is one day late and won’t be as elaborated as usual, some parts will even contain just the information you perhaps already know from my Instagram postings.

This week I managed to share three new paintings, including the one I announced in last week’s PaintLog. It took us long enough to finish it (see below), so it has all the rights to get a special shoutout.

It’s another Arcryla City Collab with Potato beta from Instagram and a follow-up to the Sleepover and the Zeppelin Night Ride painting. Additionally, I’d like to tell you that 2022 there will be another Arcryla City Summer Festival, this time taking place in a fantasy realm AU.

So, you can look forward to new bi-weekly prompts and another general prompts list. Actually, I’m already working on the first of the bi-weekly prompts. The showcase will take place next Saturday evening / Sunday morning. So, I already will be able to share it in my next PaintLog.

The Floodycorn

My second entry to vitranas_arts Junicorn challenge, featuring the second week’s Water theme and accompanying subtopics and again as part of Samandra’s journal.

Biggest reference to this one was the narwhale, the unicorn of the seas. First I thought of placing it in the icy waters the narwhale lives in, with a horn made of ice, but I got carried away with the background and placed it in more swampy waters.

And besides, I planned to depict a doodle of Raven in frog form right from the beginnung, so icy waters wouldn’t have been fitting at all. This way it also fits into Raven’s witches universe.

Roaming the flooded forest river’s shores you will find the Floodycorn. Despite its cold appearance it has a hot temper and attacks anything that doesn’t respect its territory.““

Phone Call

We planned and worked on this one since last December/January but as life goes we finished it just now. So, the events took place months ago but technically they actually happen just one day after the Zeppelin Night Ride (shared on 7 December 2021) which itself takes place one day after the Sleepover (shared on 19 September 2021).

We decided to put the narrative part on own text sheets, so it can be easier read. We also created a memory booard to refer to mentioned previous collabs plus some deco stuff. This way we didn’t have to add all the old paintings. Since the memory board would show real items, Potato draw some kind of selfie of the Sleepover, taken after both had one glass of wine or the other (Crissy doesn’t have surveillance cameras in her apartment, of course).

The painting is split in two halves, one showing Crissy and one showing Potato with their respective partners in the background. In the background of Potato’s half you will find pictures of several events her OC faced in the past (and which she depicted in their own paintings).

Likewise you will find several details of past events in my half. There is the interior of the living room, of course, but also the glasses, one the same a from the Zeppelin Night Ride – along the wine bottle Paula nicked that evening (and from which the photographer took a photo that you also can spot in this painting and in the memory board).

As for the designs of the phones (which we called „soundtelegraphe“), we thought of some of those very ancient phones. For Crissy I painted some kind of engine, a whole communication center she built by herself. If you look close you will find a menu how to connect the coloured wires so call the person of your choice. Btw: We both were quite relieved as the Arcryla City admins verye recently confirmed that there are phones around in Arcryla City – pheeewy!

You also will spot that the wires are in the colours of the rainbow, the LGBTIA+ flag, and that there also are three lights in the colours of the pansexual flag, representing Crissy’s orientation. But I thought of Paula too. On the table lies a key with a trinket showing the Lesbian Pride flag.

Campfire Queens

I am a big fan of Carles Dalmau and his amazing art with all those fascinating characters and the situations they get into. Some time ago he designed a card game set that very recently got shipped and arrived just last week.

It is wonderful designed! Please take a look at the artwork.

The decks came in two versions (day and night). When laying both decks next to each other I noticed my two favorite characters being printed on the backs of the wrappings in a way that when you put them together, they kind of merge into a new figure. That inspired me to this painting.

I love the story behind these two characters and the calendar that Carles designed is hanging on my wall showing the November picture because it features exactly them.

Still, this is not the only reason I called the painting „Campfire Queens“ but also because in the card game set they literally are the Queens, too!

I started with painting the night version, a whoole picture, followed by the day version. From the start I tried to draw the lines in a way, that they would match in the end. However, if you support me on Ko-fi, you perhaps may have spotted that the first day version which I shared as wip was slightly different to the one in the finished paintings.

The reason being that not every line matched and I had to correct them before finishing everything. With some parts (the shirt and the trousers) it was quite easy while the face and the foot took some concentration.

Bridge Work

A Bridge between Worlds4WeeksMermay Week 3

Because I didn’t was at home this weekend, this week’s PaintLog is online little bit later than usual. It was a rough week anyways and I am behind my time schedule of preparing for week 3. Luckily, week 3 only has 6 prompts and the first one already has been prepared. So, it hopefully won’t be that stressful after all.

However, I actually managed week 2, see the progres You will find the progress in my Instagram gallery, on Ko-fi, Twitter and on this website’s 4WeeksMermay page. Plus, again there were some amazing entries from other artists. Check out their work under the respective Hashtag on Instagram.

A Bridge between Worlds

The past week’s painting took some efforts. It was an exercise likewise in perspective as well in background and water details. Especially getting the water right with all the movement and the reflections was hard.

We again followed one of my very first Mermay mermaids, Engineeriel. You already saw her in week 1, as tiny dot in the background, though. She escaped the Kraken succesfully and unscarred, although her friend an assistant Founder as usual got the damage. Now, safe and sound back again in less dangerous waters, they turned to a new project.

The idea of a bridge connecting the mermaid and the human world came to my mind as I looked over the prompts Potato and I so thoughtfully collected to create our 4WeeksMermay. „Steampunk“ and „Bridge“ connected immediately, likewise the fact that I a) already had an engineering mermaid OC and b) I even before the start of creating the prompt board I planned draw my Steampunk mechanic Crissy in a mermaid version.

Some more remarks about Engineeriel and Founder. They both first appeared in Mermay 2019. Quite soon Founder got injured in an accidant with a merdroid, so Engineeriel made him a cyborg fish to save his life.

Bot are references to „The Little Mermaid“, obviously, with a twist. Therefore I originally named them after the names of the German synchro of the movie. Only one and a half year ago I learned the there is a difference to the English ones. I easily could switch Engineeriels name towards the English form but Flounder is called „Fabius“ in the German version („Fabricius“ in my own one). I learned about that only some months ago. To keep the spirit of the name and also keep him recognizable for English readers, I from then on went with „Founder“.

Btw: I hate it when German syncs do those things, why can’t they just keep the names? Nobody would have thought of the washing soap „Ariel“ which is popular in Germany, and „Flounder“ quite obviously is NOT a flounder. We are not THAT dumb and the majority know how flounders look like.

Sorry for my wandering thoughts but it had to be said and hopefully gave you an insight not only into my drawing process but also into the thought accompanying the development of my OCs.

Still, there also were some design changes since Enginneeriel’s humble beginnings. In 2021 I gave her a full engineer’s overall built by her hip fins to emphasize her occupation. I did similar with Crissea, my OC Crissy turned into a mermaid but this time the strings are opened to put a glimpse of variation into the composition.

  • Digital painting, comic style: Engineeriel in sideview, a mermaid with brown skin and brown hair, sitting on a swing holding Founder, a blue and yellow cyborg fish; Engineeriel's fish tail is building an overall-like fin, below she is wearing a bellyfree beige top and on her head goggles with a light rod; Founders one red eye slit is sending a laser beam towards a brown metallic contraption, trees in the background; text: "Mending wounds - New week, new scars".
  • Mermay 27, "Nautilus", digital painting, comic style: A wrecked submarine (the Nautilus) seen from far, Engineeriel and Fabricius diving towards it, a dark shadow in the foreground, title: "Engineeriel - Her Greatest Discovery"

So, as with Engineeriel, Crissea’s overall is actually a combination of parts of her body, of her fins. You also will find that her fish tail loosely has a sea dragon as reference, this giving there the stability to float almost unaffected by the moving waters of the river.

The stripes on her tail are of course the same ones she has on her working trousers and then there is the watch. If her creator doesn’t forget ist *cough*, she always has the watch with her. But what kind of watch does a mermaid carry around? I simply thought of a Water Watch, a watch driven by water and telling the time by water (you may spot it if you zoom in).

Plus ther is a water bear around, the kind of water bears my compromised fantasy came up with and which doesn’t have to do much with real water bears. To put the fork in Crissea’s pocket was some kind of makeshift to check another prompt from the prompt checklist.

Digital painting, comic style: My OC Crissy Faith (here: Crissea) in a mermaid version; young woman, short purple hair, big, round glasses, yellow top, black and yellow striped mermaid tail, the fins around the waist are building an overall with open strings; her butt is out of the water of a river, she is working on a contraption which stays on the river's bottom, beside her you can spot a small bear under water; text: "Co-Workers - Crissea joins the team".

As with Paula … one of the prompts was „The Guardian“. What Guardian did I want for these two workers? Then, Paula came into my mind. It would’ve been a nice thought to mermaid her too. It also would be her full character trait to guard her girlfriend … or rather to do the watcher’s job. So, she is guardian and if you look where she is you will see, she is glancing at Crissea’s butt.

To meet her personality I also gave her the tail of a pike, a hunter, a predator, fast and agile, preying on other fishes (mermaids). Ther also it the proverb in German that literally translates to „stunning pike“, referring to a person (usually a man but I won’t mind using it for any sex and gender) who is attractive and sexual active to a large extent.

Btw, while thinking about mermaid Paula’s fishtail I also thought about her name and finally, she got a suname: Luce – from „Lucius“, the Latin name of the Northern Pike. I first thought of calling her „Paula Pike“ but, well, that would’ve been a name for a Disney cartoon character, so „Luce“ it is!

Week 3: Lake

Where the waters started running.

For the third week we again prepared a cutout. This time we changed the style to a blur with clear parts, so it hopefully will look better.

We also are plannning to give again an introduction to the prompts but it isn’t ready, yet. I will share them here as soon as this is the case.

Head of Jokes

🇩🇪 Diese Woche kann ich gleich zwei gute Vorsätze der letzten Woche einhalten.

1. Nach Merdusa habe ich nun auch Nema fertiggestellt und ihr ebenso einen Charakterbogen gegönnt. Während meiner bisherigen Mermays hatte sie bisher insgesamt 11 Auftritte, 3 in 2019, 3 in 2020 und 5 in 2021. Auch hier habe ich, im Vergleich zu 2019 deutlich, im Vergleich zu 2020 immer noch erkennbar, eine leichte Designänderung hauptsächlich an Kopf und Gesicht vorgenommen.

Nema ist eine Clownfisch-Meerjungfrau, weshalb sie einige Merkmale mit dieser Fischart gemein hat. Nema und Merdusa verbindet eine innige (mehr Hass denn Liebe) Hassliebe. Wo Merdusa eine ernste Herangehensweise im Leben hat, genießt Nema die Leichtigkeit des Seins. Dies färbt zugleich auf Merdusa ab, die dieser Leichtigkeit eine gewisse Faszination abgewinnen kann, Nema zugleich aber immwieder auch aus gefährlichen Situationen retten muss, denen Nema sich nicht einmal bewusst ist.

Aufgrund ihrer clownfischeigenen Immunität gegen vielerlei Gifte, war es ihr möglich, bereits während des Mermays 2019, Merdusas Garten zu betreten und dort allerlei Unfug anzustellen. Auf diese Weise sind die beiden sich begegnet (und schließlich nähergekommen):

🇬🇧 This week I can keep two good resolutions from last week.

After Merdusa, I now completed Nema, too, and granted her a character sheet. During my Mermays so far she had a total of 11 appearances, 3 in 2019, 3 in 2020 and 5 in 2021. Compared to 2019 clearly, compared to 2020 still recognizable, I have made a slight design change mainly to head and face.

Nema is a clownfish mermaid, which is why she has some characteristics in common with this species of fish. Nema and Merdusa share an intimate (more hate than love) love-hate relationship. Where Merdusa has a no-nonsense attitude to life, Nema happy-go-luckily enjoys the lightness of being. This also rubs off on Merdusa, who is fascinated by this lightness, but at the same time has to rescue Nema from dangerous situations, of which Nema is not even aware.

Due to her clownfish immunity to most poisons, she was able to enter Merdusa’s garden already during Mermay 2019 for joking around thorougly. This is how the two met (and eventually became close):

2. Mein erster Beitrag für das Arcryla-City Valentins-Event ist fertig. Zuletzt wurden Crissy und Paula während eines nächtlichen Zeppelinfluges gesehen. Das Anschlussbild hierzu ist noch immer in Bearbeitung, dennoch sind die beiden inzwischen soweit, dass Paula Crissy ihre Lieblingsblume zeigen kann:

My first entry to the Arcryla City Valentine’s event is finished. Crissy and Paula were last seen at a Zeppelin Night Flight. The follow-up painting is still in progress, yet the two are now ready for Paula to show Crissy her favorite flower:


The day Paula showed Crissy her favourite flower – and the flower showing a good taste in Crissy.

Digital painting, comic style: My OCs Crissy Faith (to the right, 3/4 front view, short purple hair, big round glasses, yellow bellyfree top, yellow and black striped trousers) and Paula (to the left, side view, light green short hair, bangs turned to the right side of the head, wearing a bellyfree brown leather top, fingerfree gloves two smaller and one big girdle, the lips are coloured green, she hat nail polish in the colours orange, white, rose and purple on the visible fingers); Paula is holding a pot with a carnivorous plant, the plant looks satisfied, on it's "head" a tiny daisy is growing; Crissy is blushing and sucking the digit of her right hand, looking suspiciously to the plant; the blurred background is the frame of some windows, you can see some green outside of the building.

Head of Stone

🇩🇪 Die Neu-Zeichnung Merdusas von letzter Woche sollte nur der Auftakt zu einer Reihe weiterer Mermaid-OC-Bildern sein. Und diesmal habe ich es sogar geschafft (zeitnah) diese Reihe weiterzuführen … sort of.

Mein nächster Mermay-OC befindet sich bereits work in progress, zuvor jedoch habe ich diese Woche noch einen Charakterborgen für Merdusa erstellt, um diese endlich einmal richtig vorzustellen, abseits dessen, was ihr hier auf diesen Seiten und in diesem PaintLog in der Vergangenheit bereits habt erfahren können.

Doch auch an anderer Stelle kündigt sich Neues am Horizont an:

Aus Arcryla City stehen gleich zwei neue Bilder ins Haus. Passend zum Valentingstag gibt es ein Valentings-Event mit einer Promptliste und ich werde natürlich nicht zögern, hier etwas zusammenzuzeichnen.

An dem anderen Bild arbeite ich bereits seit einer geraumen Weile zusammen mit meiner Kollaborationspartnerin Potato Beta. Es wird die Geschichte von Paula + Crissy und Potato + Conway, fortschreiben, die mit dem Sleepover begann und bisher bis zum Zeppelin Night Ride führte. Bislanng ist noch nicht abzusehen, wann es fertiggestellt sein soll, ich hoffe jedoch, dass wir es in den nächsten Wochen finalisieren können.

🇬🇧 Last week’s redraw of Merdusa was only meant to be the kick-off to a series of more Mermaid OC paintings. And this time I even managed to continue this series (in a timely manner) … sort of.

The next Mermay OC The next character is already work in progress, but before that I created a character sheet for Merdusa to finally introduce her properly, apart from what you have already learned here on this website and in this PaintLog in the past.

But there are also other news on the horizon:

There are two new pictures going to come from Arcryla City. Fitting for Valentine’s Day there is a Valentines event with a prompt list and of course I won’t hesitate to draw something together here.

I’ve been working on the other painting for quite a while now with my collaboration partner Potato Beta. It will continue the story of Paula + Crissy and Potato + Conway, which began with the Sleepover and has so far led up to the Zeppelin Night Ride. As of yet, there is no word on when it will be completed, but I hope we can finalize it within the next few weeks.

Memory Night

🇩🇪 Finally! Das lang geplante, lange angekündigte Follow-up zu unserem Arcryla-City Sleepover-Artwork ist da!

Ein weiteres Mal geplant, umgesetzt und vollendet zusammmen mit Potato_beta (Instagram-Link). Nach Veröffentlichung des Sleepover-Bildes war ich neugierig, was ihr OC Potato Delta wohl noch zu Crissy gesagt haben könnte.

Wir beide haben das Geschehen jeweils aus der jeweiligen Sicht unserer OCs beschrieben, meinen Teil findet ihr hier, Potatos auf ihrem Instagram-Account:

🇬🇧 Finally! The long planned, long announced follow-up to our Arcryla City Sleepover artpiece is here!

One more time planned, realised and completed together with Potato_beta (Instagram Link). After the Sleepover painting was published, I was curious to see what else her OC Potato Delta might have said to Crissy.

We both described the events from our respective OCs‘ POV. You will find my part here today, Potato’s one on her Instagram account presumably in the course of the next week:

Zeppelin Night Ride

„Girl, you are in love!! And I’m going to help you out!“, Potato’s words from the sleepover still were echoing in Crissy’s head the next day. „Okay, it’s decided, we are going to a double date. We are going to get you a girlfriend!“

Everything was going faster than Crissy ever had expected or even planned. She actually had been too overwhelmed even to object. Now she was standing in front of Paula and stammered along her lines:

„Err … uhm … I got free tickets for a Zeppelin Night Ride … for two … perhaps … uhm … you want to join? … With some friends? … There is a gallery from which you can watch the engines, they have self-playing insturments … err … and they offer Jetbike Rides!“

There also would be a dance but Crissy didn’t dare to mention it, she was blushing red enough as it was.

„Huh, with friends?“
„Potato and Conway?“
„Her … err … her boyfriend …“
„Oh, I see … Jetbike rides, you say? Count me in! – When?“
„Err … today evening? It’s overnight, we will be back tomor…“
„You’re hot, Coralhead.“
„Your ears are gleaming … see you later, Sweetie.“

And later … everything was going faster than Crissy ever had imagined.

Da das Jahr nun zu Ende geht, habe ich dies außerdem zum Anlass genommen, eine Collage aus 9 meiner Lieblingsbilder mit Crissy zu erstellen, die letzte Reihe solche aus Kollaborationen mit byeolnine und Potato_Beta (Instagram-Links):

Since the year comes to and end I created a collage of nine of my favourite images with Crissy too, the last row being those from collaborations with byeolnine and Potato_Beta (Instagram links):

Eigentlich war ich gerade an einem anderen Werk am Arbeiten, als mir die Idee zu einem weiteren The-Owl-House-Cartoon kam und mich auch diese Woche zurück ins Thema Fanart brachte. Sowohl zunächst Amity, dann auch Luz stellten sich ebenso als mehr als taugliche Bilder aus eigenem Recht heraus:

I was actually working on something different when the idea for another The Owl House cartoon came up, so I came back to fanart again this week. Both Amity and Luz turned out to be more than suitable paintings in their own right:

Just couple things …


Oil and Water

🇩🇪 Letztes Wochenende hatte ich mir ein weiteres Binge-Wochenende gegönnt und in die derzeit (u Recht) hochgepriesene Netflix-Serie Arcane rein-, durch, zu Ende und gestern noch einmal zweitgeschaut. Als Resultat entstand am selben Tag noch das folgende Stück Fanart und die entsprechende Unterseite nun leicht überarbeitet und ins Englische überführt.

Falls ihr die Serie noch nicht gesehen habt (meine Empfehlung: Tut es!) oder noch nicht bis Akt 2 vorgedrungen seid, lest lieber nicht weiter, da es sich durchaus um einen Spoiler handelt.

🇬🇧 Last weekend I allowed myself another binge weekend and started, enjoyed, finished and yesterday rewatched the currently (and rightfully) highly praised Netflix show Arcane. As a result, the following piece of fanart was created the same day and the corresponding subpage has now been slightly revised and transferred into English language.

If you haven’t seen the show yet (my recommendation: do it!) or haven’t made it to Act 2, don’t read any further as this may well be a spoiler.

Oil and Water

Dass ich – passend zum Steampunk-Thema – ebenso die Arcryla-City-Seite neustrukturiert habe. ergabt sich halbwegs aus Zufall. Diese hat letzthin immer weiter an Größe und damit an Unübersicht zugenommen, sodass ich deren Inhalt, auch im Hinblick auf kommende Werke, nun auf mehrere Seiten aufgeteilt habe.

Auf Crissys Seite findet ihr nun alle Hintergrundinformationen sowie die diversen Charakterbögen, das Summer Festival 2021 beinhaltet alle Bilder zum diesjährigen Sommerfestival und in Tales from Arcryla City finden sich Bilder abseits dessen, die Crissys Geschichte und die ihrer Freunde weitererzählen.

That I have likewise restructured the Arcryla City page – also matching the steampunk theme – was half by coincidence. It recently grew considerably in size and thus in complexity, so I now divided its content into several pages, also with a view to future art pieces.

On Crissy’s page you now will find all the background information as well as the various character sheets, Summer Festival 2021 will show you all the pictures related this year’s Summer Festival and in Tales from Arcryla City you will find further paintings which are continuing Crissy’s story and the ones of her friends.


Hot, hotter, smart!

🇩🇪 Endlich konnte ich das seit mehreren Wochen angekündigte Arcryla-City-Bild fertigstellen. Dieses hat seinen Ursprung darin, dass zu der Zeit, als das Mayor-Prompt auf besagtem Discord-Server aktuell war, irgendjemand im Scherz meinte, wir könnten unsere OCs in „hot“ zeichnen.

Die Idee blieb in meinem Hirn hängen und diese Woche habe ich sie endlich auch fertigstellen können.

🇬🇧 Finally I was able to finish the Arcryla City painting that I had been announcing for several weeks now. Its origin is that at the time when the mayor prompt was the newest thing on said Discord server, someone jokingly said that we could draw our OCs in „hot“.

The idea stuck and this week I was able to finish this art piece.


After a hard morning’s work in the mechanical entrails of Arcryla City, Crissy sat down for a lunch break. But wherever there is a screw to tighten, Crissy will fix it and even forget about her cheese lettuce tomato egg and mayonnaise sandwich.

  • Digital Painting, comic style: A painting of a poster of my OC Crissy Faith seen in 3/4 front view, a young woman with short purple hair an big round glasses sitting and repairing something above her head, she is sitting on her mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling from her hip, to her side a handkerchief with a cheese, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise sandwich which she already had started to eat; the upper body is free except for the top which only covers chest, breasts and the back below her shoulders, hear skin is glaring due to the sweat covering hair, face and body, there are dirt and oil spots on these as well, so are on her coat, in the background a big grey cogwheel.
  • Digital Painting, comic style: A painting of a photo of my OC Crissy Faith seen in 3/4 front view, a young woman with short purple hair an big round glasses sitting and repairing something above her head, she is sitting on her mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling from her hip, to her side a handkerchief with a cheese, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise sandwich which she already had started to eat; the upper body is free except for the top which only covers chest, breasts and the back below her shoulders, hear skin is glaring due to the sweat covering hair, face and body, there are dirt and oil spots on these as well, so are on her coat, in the background a big grey cogwheel.
  • Digital Painting, comic style: My OC Crissy Faith seen in 3/4 front view, a young woman with short purple hair an big round glasses sitting and repairing something above her head, she is sitting on her mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling from her hip, to her side a handkerchief with a cheese, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise sandwich which she already had started to eat; the upper body is free except for the top which only covers chest, breasts and the back below her shoulders, hear skin is glaring due to the sweat covering hair, face and body, there are dirt and oil spots on these as well, so are on her coat, in the background a big grey cogwheel.

Da ich vor zwei Wochen sämtliche Folgen aufgeholt habe, bin ich inzwischen wieder im aktuellen Amphibia-Flow drin. Kaum hatte ich gesagt, dass mein Lieblingscharakter Marcy ist, tauchte vor einer Woche dann ein weiterer Charakter auf, der mir ausnehmend gut gefallen hat: Terri.

Auch von ihr fühlte ich mich dann bemüßigt Fanart anzufertigen:

Since I caught up with all the episodes two weeks ago, I am now back in the current Amphibia flow. No sooner had I said that my favourite character is Marcy than another character turned up a week ago who I really liked: Terri.

She urged me again to do Amphibia fanart:


A Linktober to the OC’s Fanart Emoji

🇩🇪 Ihr habt es gemerkt, der Oktober ist da! Und wie jedes Jahr begebe ich mich auch in diesem auf eine tintige Reise. Schon im letzten Jahr bin ich über den Linktober gestolpert. Damals war ich bereits in zwei Challenges involviert und der Oktober ohnehin fast zu Ende. Dieses Jahr werde ich aber von vorne bis hinten mit dabei sein.

Oben links könnt ihr tagtäglich die Fortschritte nun mitverfolgen. Um die ganze Geschiche zu lesen, empfehle ich aber auch, diese auf der entsprechenden Themenseite nachzuschlagen.

Auf Abenteuer geschickt habe ich meinen Zorca-OC, die ihr bereits aus dem Jahr 2019 und dem Redraw im Rahmen des Mermay 2021 kennt. Nun hat sie endlich auch einen Namen erhalten – Navarra.

You’ve noticed, October is here! And like every year, again I’m going on a tinty journey. I already stumbled across Linktober last year. At that time I was already involved in two other challenges and October was almost over anyway. This year, however, I will be into it from start to finish.

At the top left, you now have insight to the daily progress. To read the whole story, however, go to the themed webpage.

I sent my Zorca OC on the adventure who you already know from 2019 and the redraw in Mermay 2021. Now she finally has been given a name – Navarra.

  • Day 1 - Digital Painting, blue monochrome ink style, all text in The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild Font: Headline "Linktober 2021", In the upper left corner three filled hearts, below them a gemstone and the number 0; in the lower left corner the text "Quest Calendar", in the left edge the topic "OC Champion + Fairy"; the picture showing a single Zora (based on an orca) with a spear and a fairy based on a flying fish, illuminated by light, below her the text "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!"
  • Day 2 - Digital Painting, blue monochrome ink style, all text in The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild Font: Headline "Linktober 2021", In the upper left corner three filled hearts, below them a gemstone and the number 0; in the lower left corner the text "Quest Calendar", in the left edge the topic "OC's Island / Home"; the picture showing a single Zora (based on an orca) with a spear and a fairy based on a flying fish, illuminated by light beside a fountain with an orca as statue and a closed seashell
  • Day 3 - Digital Painting, blue monochrome ink style, all text in The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild Font: Headline "Linktober 2021", In the upper left corner three filled hearts, below them a gemstone and a number changing from 0 to 100 in a way digital ciphers will do it; in the lower left corner the text "Quest Calendar", in the left edge the topic "Islands Vehicle / Mount"; the picture showing a single Zora (based on an orca) with a spear and a fairy based on a flying fish, illuminated by light beside a fountain with an orca as statue and an opened seashell with a gemstone in it as well as a fish with feetlike fins

Außer der Linktober-Challenge habe ich mich in der letzten Woche aber auch noch am Erstellen von Emojis z. B. für Discord-Server versucht. Das hat sogar so gut funktioniert, dass ich sie ab nun als Willkommensgeschenk und Treue-Bonus in meine Patreon-Benefits mit aufgenommen habe.

Eines davon ist zugleich auch ausgewachsene Fanart geworden: Zoe, eine der Personen, denen man im (sehr intensen und nahegehenden und deshalb schwer zu empfehlenden) Videospiel Road 96 auf dem Weg zur Grenze begegnet.

Apart from the Linktober Challenge, I also tried creating emojis for example for Discord servers. This turned out so well that I have now included them in my Patreon benefits as welcome gift and loyalty bonus.

One of them even became a full scale fanart piece: Zoe, one of the characters you meet on the way to the border in the (very intense and touching and therefore highly recommendable) video game Road 96.

#MeetMyOCs ging in die dritte Runde. Neben Navarra hat nun auch Crissys Crush endlich einen Namen erhalten und Emil emilt fröhlich vor sich hin. An dieser Stelle werneut der dezente (*hust!*) Hinweis, dass ihr das Template mit transparentem Hintergrund auch über Patreon oder Ko-fi beziehen könnt.

#MeetMyOCs the Third. In addition to Navarra, Crissy’s Crush likewise finally has been given a name and Emil is emiling happily. At this point, I would like to discreetly (*cough!*) point out that you can also get the template with a transparent background via Patreon or Ko-fi.

Und schließlich das, was bereits seit mehreren Wochen angekündigt war:

Gestern Abend (Morgen nach pazifischer Zeit) gab es ein weiteres Arcryla-City-Showcase. Meinen Beitrag kann ich euch hiermit nun endlich präsentieren.

Last but not least the event announced for weeks:

Yesterday evening (morning after Pacific time) there was another Arcryla City showcase. I finally can present my entry:

„Midnight Snack“

Crissy’s pets are water bears. They usually are not bigger in size than one millimeter. Therefore, Crissy constructed a mechanical water bear so she can take them for a walk, equipped with a projectoscope to watch them living their little water bear lives. Every so often she has to feed them algae, of course.


Re …

🇩🇪 wie Revidieren … Denn dies muss ich, und zwar meine Aussage von letzter Woche, dass gestern ein weiterer Arcryla City-Showcase stattfand und ich euch deshalb jetzt erst das nächste Bild von Crissy zeigen kann. Da ich ein komplettes Wochenende verpeilt und gedacht hatte, der 02. Oktober sei gestern schon gewesen, müsst ihr somit nun leider noch eine weitere Woche auf das September-Event warten.

… wie Redesign. Ihr habt es beim Aufruf dieser Seite bereits gemerkt: Ich habe diese eine, größeren Designwechsel unterzogen. Das alte fand ich inzwischen doch ein wenig langweilig und altbacken und das neue hat einige Features, die ich an dem alten vermisst hatte.

Zum Beispiel findet ihr nun einen Google-Translate-Button rechts oben, mit dem ihr euch jede (Unter)Seite übersetzen lassen könnt. Ich werde dennoch weiterhin bilingual schreiben bzw. das Projekt „Übersetzung ins Englische“ vorantreiben, da die Ergebnisse mit dem Google-Translator teils zu recht skurrilen Ergebnissen führen. Insbesondere betreffs der älteren (deutschsprachigen) Seiten und Beiträge bringt er euch hoffentlich zumindest eine Idee, um was es auf diesen geht.

… wie Redraw. Nicht nur meine Webseite hatte dringend eine Überarbeitung nötig, ebenso hat sich mein Charakter Luca im Laufe der Geschichte um Cedrakon in den letzten anderthalb Jahren unablässig verändert. Ihr aktuelles Design wich inzwischen doch deutlich von jenem Bild ab, das ich als allerallerstes überhaupt für diese Geschichte gezeichnet hatte.

Deshalb war nun auch hier dringend ein Redraw nötig:

🇬🇧 like Revise … Because I have to. Last week I told you that another Arcryla City showcase took place yesterday and that I can therefore show you the next picture of Crissy today. Since I didn’t took into account a whole weekend and thought that 2 October had already been yesterday, I am sorry that I have to tell you hat you will have to wait another week for the September event.

… like Redesign. Surely, you already noticed: I did a major design change of my website. I thought the old one was a little bit boring and old-fashioned and the new one has some features that I missed on the old one.

For example, you now will find a Google Translate button at the top right to translate any (sub)pages. I will continue to write bilingually and to push ahead with the project „translation into English“, though, as the results with the Google Translator sometimes lead to funny results. Especially with regard to the older (German-language) pages and articles, hopefully it will at least give you an idea of what they are about.

… like Redraw. Not only my website was in need of an design upgrade, but my character Luca too changed constantly over the course of one and a half years during telling The Tale of Cedrakon. Her current design noticaebly differs from the painting I drew as very first painting at all in preparation for this story.

Therefore a redraw was required:

Starting 1 October 2021


Coming soo…now!

🇩🇪 Angekündigt hatte ich es bereits vor zweite Wochen, jetzt ist es endlich fertig und ich kann es euch hier präsentieren:

Schon während des Arcryla City Summer Festivals (🇬🇧) kamen der talentieren Potato Beta (Instagram) und mir die Idee zu einem Kollaborationsprojekt, in dem ihr Arcryla-City-Charakter (Potato) meinem (Crissy) Tipps in Liebesangelegenheiten gibt. Crissy sozialisiert sich nur sehr zurückhaltend, einen Anknüpfungspunkt fanden wir trotzdem sehr schnell:

🇬🇧 I announced it already two weeks ago, now it’s finally finished and I can share it here:

The idea of a collaboration project struck the talented Potato Beta (Instagram) and me already during the Arcryla City Summer Festival. This idea was about her Arcryla City character (Potato) giving mine (Crissy) advice in matters of the heart. Crissy doesn’t socialise easily but we soon found a starting point:


Sooo, Crissy met Potato after her Ring Toss photo shoot, as she asked Crissy to build an Anti-G Device, so they could fly. They quickly became good friends and this evening they planned a girls‘ night!

They decided to make a sleepover, which took place on Crissy’s flat as Conway is currently living in Potato’s house and they didn’t want someone overhearing their conversations.

They ate a lot and talked a ton, and after some fish drinks true feeling came to light…

Crissy: “ So who was that guy in the photo shoot?“
Potato: “ Ummm… he was… my…. childhood friend… but now, he’s… SO I saw you flying the other day with someone who is she??? Is she your CRUSH??“
Crissy (instant blushing): „Err … Paula? … No … I mean … yes … no … perhaps …“
Potato: „Oohhh Paula… cute name! You make a nice couple! Do you plan on confessing??
Crissy (going full tomato mode): „Con… err … no … umm …“ (mumbling around) „Just a customer … don’t know … don’t think … isn’t interested in me …“

Neben diesem Bild befindet sich noch ein zweites bereits in der Zielkurve, an dem ich die letzte Woche am Arbeiten war. Da dieses jedoch für einen weiteren Showcase auf dem Arcryla-City Discord-Server bestimmt ist, werdet ihr es erst nächste Woche an der bekannten Stelle (🇬🇧) finden.

Apart from this painting there also is a second one in the final bend on which I worked last week. Because it is supposed to be presented on another Arcryla City showcase, you will find it on the known site next week.

This October!