Salamander³ + Titans = Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! May you have some relaxing and calm holidays!

When starting writing the this month‘ PaintLog I thought it would turn out to be a end of March recap about only two art pieces. How wrong I was! I finished a third one and then, within one day, even a fourth one. The first three of them are Witchphibians Art.

Because we are in the next Zodiac season by now, Aries season, the first one is a new ZodiOC piece. The second one introduces a new character plus Samandra’s origin story and the third one depicts a scene I was working on for two weeks (and far longer in my mind).

And finally, there is my debut in Attack on Titan fanart.

ZodiOCs: Aries

So, Aries it is. Aries is the ram, the male sheep. With sheep I associate wool and with wool (or any other fabric) I associate Samandra Elvennewt from the Witchphibians series. Moreover, mythologically, Aries honours the ram that provided the Golden Fleece. So, it was an easy choice to show her bewitching threads of wool forming into aforesaid fleece (and again, there is a version that would be too risky for WordPress on you know where or how to get there) .

This time I drew her without the salamander’s tail and showing her from behind, looking over the right shoulder. I not only wanted to practice this particular pose but also to show the trousers mechanic.

As mentioned before, Sam or parts of her every so often turn back into salamander parts unintentionally – the tail being the most prominent one. Therefore, Sam tailored trousers which’s back part would flip open by the force of the growing tail without revealing her buttocks when it isn’t around.

In a previous painting you also could spot the threads at her hips heigth which she can pull to get this mechanism back in form once the tail is gone again.

Another detail in the background is the star constellation in form of a frog. Perhaps you remember that I already included a constellation in form of a salamander in the Sagittarius ZodiOC piece (featuring Samandra’s friend and main protagonist Raven). This should’ve been a hint in which direction their relationship is going to go.

It wasn’t intentionelly but when drawing the Aries piece, I noticed that this very salamander already had this „looking back over the shoulder pose“ just like Samandra now. So, my first attempt of drawing the frog constellation was to recreate Raven’s pose.

However, these attempts resulted in a way too fat and confused frog instead one who is looking forward to see her friend.

Witchphibians: Changing Tides

After drawing some of the younger witches and witch apprentices of the Witchphibians series, I wanted to show the older witches for a change, beginning with Mirro, Samandra’s master. It turned out to also show Sam’s origin story.

It took me a while to figure out how to manage this, on the one hand showing Mirro in full body size, on the other hand the transformation of Samandra into a human being. Both should’ve been recognizable but except for drawing them in side view it only could’ve been managed for one of them. Because we already know Samandra since I have drawn her several times, I chose to show Mirro full frontal and Samandra from behind.

I initially thought of a rather quiet scene at a small pond, but this may have gone being rather lame and boring. Then I got the idea to make it more dynamic. However, I didn’t abandon the peaceful pond scene completely. You still can see the plants on its shore and the one or other inrecognizable blurred dot through the roaring waters where one of the salamanders or tadpoles is swimming around.

The choice to do it the aforementioned way led to practice perspective. So far I am not very familiar with figures looming above other figures, of a POV way below the looming character. I had to look up references to get Mirro right but to enlarge her arms and hands to give the impression of depth (I’m still not 100 % satisfied with them but I think it’s okay for my first try).

Sidenote: The role of mirrors in the world of magic is heavily inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novel „Witches Abroad“. (In general, I highly recommend to read the Discworld Witches series for a better understanding of the Witchphibians universe).

Witchphibians: Enchanting Moonlight

This piece felt like it had taken me way too long. It was two weeks of work with several edits to get the composition right.

The initial idea of the moonlight rite already originated in my last year’s 200 followers celebration DTIYS. It basically shows the same scenario, although in the meantime I underwent Raven and Sam some small design changes.

  • Digital painting, comic style: A scene on a forest clearing; in the center a big bonfire, dancing in front of it Raven (young woman, rosy skin, short white hair as sidecut, wearing a simple brown dress) and Samandra (young woman, brown skin, red, shoulder long hair, wearing a grey apron and brown leather trousers), they are holding hands, blue light runes (Raven) and yellow polar lights (Samandra) following the curves the bare feet are drawing on the ground; light runes resp. polar lights also are covering both, taking the forms of dresses, shoes and gloves; they also cover the connected hands and are flying through the air like fountains; in the background four other witches, a red haired riding a big floating battle axe, a tall purple dressed rolling eyes, a small chunky one looking towards the tall one, one white haired dancing with someone who is hidden by the fire; in the air in front ot the moon the pure black silhouette of another person spreading their arms; there are more silhouettes of people dancing or talking to each other in the further background and the tops of conifers; in the foreground shadows of three other people (two of them standing very close to each other) and blurred vegetation; blurred yellow blossoms flying through the foreground.
  • Text sheet (blurred and faded version of the painting) with an explanatory text: Enchanting Moonlight; Every once in a Blue Moon, the Enchanting Moonlight fiest was held. Witches and moon have a strong connection, full moons and new moons in particular. But the greatest power came from a moon that shouldn't be there by definition, and yet it was. An additional moon in a month was able to evoke powers that still slumbered within a witch. Not a few witch apprentices discovered their special magic knack during their first Enchanting Moonlight ritual and those who already had discovered them learned to better understand to control them better to make the utmost of them. Every witch apprentice was looking forward to their first Blue Moon in excitement. It was initiation rite and treshold to a new stage on their witches path. All kind of witches of all shapes and ages were there. As it was a night of tradition and celebrating it also was a night to party and for bonding in one way or the other. And, of course, there was the dance.
  • Digital painting, comic style, cut out of the DTIYS announcing painting, focussing on the main characters: Samandra (left) and Raven (right) in sideview (hip height) back to back in front of a bright full moon; Samandra being a young woman with brown skin and gleaming yellow frackles and spots, neck long red hair, wearing a grey apron-like dress held by some ropes as straps, needles tucked into the of front part; Raven being a young woman with light rosy skin, short white hair in sidecut, combed to her right half of the face, wearing a golden brown dress, tied with a rope in the middle and a necklace with an amulet, the left hand is the hand of a pink frog; there are magical threads coming from Sam's hand, weaving a pattern in the air and gleaming blue circles and runes hovering above Raven's right hand; both are ecompassed by a shiny yellow light; added to the background are flying yellow blossoms.

The dance is new, though. I wanted to show Raven dancing with Samandra like Luz Noceda and Amity Blight did in the Disney show „The Owl House“ in the amazing Grom dance scene (especially the drawing circles part). I didn’t even had to think about this happening during the moonlight right and even the title is a reference to the related episode „Enchanting Grom Fright“.

I even gave them similar „clothing“. Their magic forming festive clothes was another new idea I got when thinking about this piece. However, I swapped them, added gloves for Raven and gave her another kind of „shoes“. Like the witches in the background (you may recognize some of them) they still are in their „standard“ dresses because even behold the importance of the fiest, witches usually aren’t rich, they stick to what they have until it falls apart.

Only Kimeira showed up without parts of her armour and weaponry (aka I was too lazy to draw this too). However, if you look close, you will spot green lights in the background. This is her gear patrouilling the dancing ground to make sure nothing unintended will disturb the fiest.

It is no coincidence that I drew Mirro before I drew this art piece. When drawing Mirro I already had the idea to this one, but I wanted to introduce at least her before starting „the big one“.

All the other characters in the background who are not mere silhouettes are characters who already are living in my mind rentfree, though. Some of the m already for quite a while (the one floating in front of the moon since aforementioned DTIYS, for example). They will be introduced to a later point in time.

Speaking in technically terms of drawing, there were two, well, three challenges:

1. I had to get the pose of the dancers right. Interacting characters are a challenge as such, not only the touch of body parts like hands and fingers but also the directions of their eyes etc. But you also have to get the pose right, the anatomy. The lineart toll me several days before every leg, every feet, every knee felt right.

2. The size of the background characters and their composition. The farther away, the smaller in size a character appears. Kimeira should be more in the foreground than the two older witches and the white haired dancing witch behind the fire further in the background. Mirro is a tall woman, her companion a small and crouched one. It wasn’t that easy to avoid Kimeira looking like a giant in comparision.

3. Color scheme, lighting and shading. The night has a blue overall scheme and of course it has shadows, it is one big shadow. And yet, there is moonlight and there is the bonfire, of course. I added several gradient layers (most on multiply), added dark blue, yellow and dark green or erased parts of it to get all these right.

Attack om Titan fanart: The Only Regret

There are few shows that are as intense and thrilling as the anime Attack on Titan with an amount of loss of characters you are relating to that I never saw before.

It was time to do fanart about it.

Because I hate to get spoiled on social media and the Attack on Titan fandom is notoriously spoilering all the time (yes, Karon, I know you read the Manga, you don’t have to give away the death of a beloved character, though!), I tried to be careful to not doing this. Therefore, I did two versions. The first one only contains mild spoilers, things that have been quite obvious right from the beginning. The second version, however, gives away season 2 character developments and fates.

Therefore, please only read further if you are prepared for this.

Perhaps, there also should be a content warning: Grief, Loss, a romance without happy ending.

Ymir is somewhat like one of my secret favorite characters. She and Historia are no main characters and their subplot is only a small one among others. Still, their story, their characters, their relationship intriguited me, intriguited the part inside of me that responses to romance, to romantic tragedy, to drama.

It was hard for me to understand why Ymir made the decision she made. Then I realized, she perhaps figured that in the life in which Historia is going to be who she really is, there simply won’t be a place for her at her side. (Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that she would’ve been right with this conclusion, but it may have been enough to let her act the way she did.)

I know, the Ymir we know wouldn’t show tears in public, but I wanted to show that she (supposedly) has a softer side, though, I wanted her to show emotions, grief, well, this The Only Regret.

Surprisingly, this piece only took me one afternoon and the evening, I learned that I am very much able to draw something in less than two days. I also think I met her design quite well in my style. And again it was a welcome exercise in lighting and shading.

At first I though of showing her in her final scene, her words to Historia from earlier episodes and her final words of the letter hovering in the background. Then I thought it would’ve been more impressive and more tragic to show whole passages of the letter and then to show the whole letter.

Another decision I had to make was if to show or not to show a writing utensil – and what kind of writing utensil. On trial I added a quill in some point of the drawing process. When searching for the look of the letter’s paper (which format, how many times folded etc.), I stumbled over a screenshot of Ymir writing this very letter. There was no quill, there only was a pen. So I changed it to a pen.

My initial idea didn’t contain any writing utensils. So I tried out to switch it off. But in this case it may have looked as if the letter was addressed to her. Fans of the show would’ve known (but perhaps they could’ve been confused), people unfamiliar with it would get the wrong impression. Therefore, I switched it on again and kept it this way.

(K)Nights and Days on the Beach

It’s only two weeks since the February recap, but I already got four new art pieces, so let’s do a mid-March recap!

First of all, Witchphibians series got a new character, Kimeira Wartribe. I actually created here already in February but saved her for the March’s PaintLog.

Creating this character and the accompanying text sheet also made it necessary (or to it felt) to write down all the Witchphibians lore I came up so far in one single work.

At the same time I changed the subpage’s web address from „Raven-Frogfeet“ to „Witchphibians„. The old page still is available, so older links won’t lead into nothingness, but now you will get directly on a page that bears the series name.

Before doing this I also participated in another DTIYS and afterwards I wanted to draw a new Crissy&Paula piece so badly. It turned out not to be done that fast as hoped for (as usual), but I’m quite proud of it (and there again is a not so safe for work version on my special Patreon account*).

*If you are new here:You will get access via a tip in my jar on Ko-fi.

Witchphibians: Kimeira Wartribe

It took me almost a whole year to add another character to the Witchphibians series.

I had this idea of a battle witch riding an axe instead of a broom some time ago. Doing so, I could have stopped by drawing her on an empty canvas, but as usual I got carried away and thought „What if she is some kind of guardian of Witchwood?*“.

I also was struggling a little bit with here name. Initially, I thought of something like „Chimeira“, but this would’ve been shortened to „Chi“ and this name already is taken by another character (in a completely different context) who is really dear to me.

So I got to the „K“ and this way I was able to shorten her name to „Kim“. I also wasn’t sure if she is going to be spelled „Kimeira“ or „Kimera“ but in the end, I kept the „ei“. Additionally, I wanted to call her „Yasha ‚Kimeira‘ Wartribe“.

At the point of time I was drawing her, I read a book about Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, „Yasha“ would’ve been a blending of the name of the security officer „Tasha Yar“. Plus, it resembled the name „Sasha Waybright“ from Disney’s Amphibia series. It wasn’t intended but she even got a scar in her face.

Still, I abandoned „Yasha“ for now since it wouldn’t have fit into the witches name system that I established so far (on the other hand this leading to writing the Almanac (see below) to explain the handling of the witches names (among other things)).

However, you can be asured, the name „Yasha“ connected with Kimeira will pop up again in the future.

Another issue I was struggling with was if she is going to be called a „Battle Witch“ or a „Warrior Mage“. Again, the fist one wouldn’t have fit into the nomenclature system of my witches world where witches with a magical profession are called „mages“ and, well, nobodys stops her (or others) to call „Battle Witch“ in day to day live.

*The not yet mentioned region where the Witchphibians series is taking place.

With this piece I took the opportunity to playing around with blurs again. Sadly, many of the background details I worked on for hours go blurred too and there was no way to de-blur them without crushing the whole painting. But, well it, it wasn’t that of a problem.

A problem was, however, that I added a leafy shadow overlay but I forgot to blur it first round. Therefore, it looked more like Kimeira was covered in mud. The (now) final piece, though, is the corrected version.

Sidenote: Not long after I finished Kimeira, the anime show „Izetta“ on Crunchyroll caught my eye (and I loved to watch it). Seems like there already have been other people around with the idea of a fighting witch riding on a weapon through the air – Izetta even has the same hair colour like Kimeira.

DTIYS: Cactus Knight

I don’t do a lot of DTIYS. Like with fanart, ideas regarding my own OCs are too many and time is rare. Still, this DTIYS of Greenfinch.Garden (Instagram) caught my idea right from the beginning and I wanted to participate. However, it took me until a few days before the deadline before I got any idea how to approach it.

I got the idea of an armor resembling an organic grown plant and its leaves with spikes, like a cactus. Same applies to the sword. Hence the title of my drawing. I even thought of giving her a green skin colour but then I thought brown also will be fit for a cactus.

The armor in the original painting is more silver but to get the cactus, it had to be changed towards green. This had the disadvantage that I had to struggle with the sword not standing out enough. Both had the same colour tone, the one the original painting provided for the plants. So I painted the blade way brighter and the hilt way darker.

I also changed the pose and this resulted in an exercise in shading because now one side of her body lies in shadows, the other one is lightened by the moon. Actually, I’m quiete proud how I managed this.

Witchphibians: The Witches Almanac

As hinted above, when creating Kimeira I noticed there were so many details I until now only kept in my head or hinted at in past posts you would have to search first to get this information. It also may become handy to have something you actually can look minor details up, if they slipped your mind (even as creator of the series).

So, the idea of an almanac to collect all the lore of Witchphibians was born.

I put it in the design of an actual Almanac, using the paper texture as background which I used since the Mermay 2020 entries as background for things written down on pages (may it be Samandra’s Fabric Journal, the Mermaid Squad’s character sheets or the letter Sam received on „Pragmatic Alien Day“).

Right from the beginning I wanted to decorate it with (newly drawn) tiny sketches but it also came handy to just insert old drawings in black & white (or rather a deep purple & transparent parts).

So far I shared three postings on Instagram, feauturing the introduction, a disclaimer, the terminology and some chapters of the main part.

The first part is some kind of introduction and terminology to tell you what the Almanac is talking about when using certain terms. And since there were space left, I also included a disclaimer with copyright information and information about what influenced to this series.

The more interesting information is to be found in the main part which gives an overview over the witches community, social structury, some traditions and general behaviours. It will be continued in the future whenever new information comes to my mind and feels consistent enough to be put into words and sentences.

Arcryla City: Kiss on the Beach

Since my last Crissy painting (as Aquarius) was from January, my last Arcryla City painting (Secret Santa to Eun Bee, depicting her OC) and the last Crissy Arcryla City painting even from end of October (the Midnight Gala piece), I felt the urge to draw a Crissy Paula Arcryla City painting again.

„One advantage of living in a floating city was that you were able to go places. Sandy, warm and splashy places.“ (NSFW version: „One advantage of living in a floating city was that you were able to go places. Sandy, hot and wet places.“)

I felt, they needed some „us“ time and also wanted to took the opportunity to practice anatomy and anatomy poses again (at the same time adding more content to my Patreon account for more explicite poses).

First I thought of depicting them making out under the shower. To get a SFW piece I would’ve tucked them into one big blanket. But this wouldn’t have taken away the N in NSFW at all (even more so, because it would’ve fired the fantasy and got you an even more imaginative picture in you head of what they might be doing there under the blanket).

So, I tried to skip the blanket and just give them swimsuits* for the SFW version and it worked in every way I could imagine. The shower head remained, though, because there are showers on public beaches. The hardest part of this drawing was to draw the kiss, though. If you don’t want to get a nose boop, the heads had to be tilted. Therefore, I looked up references and drew my way pixel for pixel towards the kiss you are able to see now.

The first approach of beach scene already contained Acrcryla City floating in the sky in the background. There were two reasons why I additionally put some leaves in the upper right corner.

1. Because I planned a NSFW version it would’ve looked strange seeing them enjoying each other when a whole city in the background is able to watch them doing so.

2. The city alone won’t have the same effect as the other object in the edges of the painting. There would’ve been some kind of big space, leading the eye away from the important part towards the floating city.

So, I added an extra object to frame the painting properly. In a first attempt, now the city wasn’t to be seen anymore at all, but I erased some of the leaves. Therefore, you now are able to spot the city again (after giving attention to anything else).

*Perhaps you noticed, Crissy’s swimsuit resembles the colours of the Pansexual Pride flag, Paula’s fingers and toes nail polish together with the bikini the one of the Lesbian Pride flag.

From Snow to Space

February is a short month, 3/4 are already gone. I managed to draw five paintings in three weeks. Surprisingly, two of them were fanart or kind of fanart. Still, I only will show you four today to keep the fifth for the next time.

The first one is another tale from the Witchphibians series, not only telling a story but also adding to the lore.The second one is fanart of the Netflix series „Trinkets“.

There won’t be any (heavy) spoilers, although in theory the painting as such may be considered a spoiler (despite not really being one).

Another fanart is the Valentins piece I drew of Sam Uggler, the OC of the Instagram artist AlienPrideArt and last but not least, we entered Pisces season. So, enjoy the addition of two fishy OCs to my ZodiOCs series.

Witchphibians: Warming Thoughts

This piece was inspired by an exchange of thoughts on a Discord server about how Raven and Sam would manage winterly tempertures. While feeling cold easily but managing quite well in their human forms, it could get quite freezily when changing into their amphibian forms at the wrong moment.

So, this image popped up in my mind and it was rather convenient since I regretted that I couldn’t show all the character design changes of Raven in the SFW version of the Witchphibian painting before. Now you will be able to spot the freckles on the shoulder region, the arms, the legs, regions that usually would’de have been covered by her dress (on Instagram and Ko-fi at least, for the NSFW version see Patreon).

There were a lot of things I practiced this time when drawing it: Perspective, pose, anatomy, water in it’s various forms, but it turned out the actually new thing I tried out was the overall lighting of each section of the painting (left, right, front / main characters) to give each of them a specific feeling.

To this purpose I used overlays and colour gradients. The left side got a blue overlay to give it a cold, wet, muddy feeling, the right one an orange overlay for a warm, dry and clean impression. Finally, I laid a red overlay over the front to make it rosy, cosy, comfortable.

Finally, there is the Spongehole Magic you can read about in slide two. This is an idea I came up with when adding Samandra’s glow to her spots. They glow when she is excited or when she’s doing magic. So, the spongehole magic theory was a handy device to provide her with as much fresh, hot, clean water as she needs to thaw Raven out.

It is inspired by wormholes, of course. When wormholes are holes in space adn time that are connected by tunnels, why shouldn’t the same apply to sponge holes? You would have to have magic abilities to use them, but since sponge tissue technically is nothing different from any other natural fabric materials (animal or plant based), it would be an easy match for Samandra the Fabric Mage to get hold of them.

For everyone who is interested in the drawing process I also created a short video clip made from the drawing steps which I shared earlier with my supporters on Ko-fi.

Ride with Sally

The Netflix show „Trinkets“ is one of my guilty pleasures. I can watch the show again and again and again (and actually, I’m doing this). It’s one of my comfort shows with a great cast, great music, lovely relationships and teenage High School drama with a lot up and downs (most of the time simultanously). It’s already a few years old but Elodie and Jill still make a cute couple.

Is this a spoiler? Not really, not if you already saw the painting. And even regarding the show it’s no real spoiler since the he depicted scene only is inspired, not an actual scene of the show. If you know the show, you surely will recognize the scene, though. If not, see here (Spoiler alert!).

You will notice that I changed Jill’s costume slightly by adding the badge (which also has a special meaning within the show).

It says „I ride with Sally“, hence the title of this piece.

Pragmatic Alien Day

AlienPrideArt‘s drawing and dialogues with his OC Sam Uggler are hilarious. They made me want to draw Sam in my own style and in the forefront of Valentines Day inspiration struck me after seeing this post.

Sam may be a very pragmatic alien, but she asked for Tequilla, so she will get Tequilla and a good old-fashioned Valentines letter.

Happy Pragmatic Alien Day, Sam!

ZodiOC: Pisces

Admittedly, this was an easy one. I remembered Arrivals comic strips that featured two fish last year. Therefore, meet Eusthy and Eusthwo again!

I kept the drawing style of the comics and (of course) the mood of their personalities. In the background you may notice Lilly’s (the dragonfly), Miles (the millipede) and Silvies (the silver fish) accompanying them as constellations in the sky.

Above & Below

Time for the January recap (January already is almost over! O.O). Tbh, I’m quite satisfied with my January work. As usual there were a lot of work to do in my bread and butter job, but at least I was able to paint one new painting per week. Additionally to the Capricorn piece (see last PaintLog), I mean.

In the course of January I also changed the title of my Witch Apprentices subpage.

I finally came up with a title for this series, so it’s now Witchphibians – A Tale of Frog and Salamander. I’m mentioning this because I actually did another piece following Raven’s and Samandra’s adventures.

But before this one, I painted another fairy and of course, it’s Aquarius season now, of course.

Therefore, we got a new ZodiOC.

Skatie Skysurfer

Clip Studio Paint, the company from which is the drawing software that I’m using, launched a drawing contest that ended in the first week of January. The topic of this contest was „Fairies“.

Although I don’t think I will win anything and although I wasn’t even sure if I would make it in time, I therefore created Skatie Skysurfer. I actually made it in time, the winners are announced on 2 February 2023, though, so I still have to wait.

  • Digital painting, comic style: A fairy with pink hair and pink freckles but small wings standing on a leave like on a surfboard, two more leaves are attached to her arms which she spread wide open, she wears a leaflike skirt,d a bellyfree top made by crossing stripes of leaflike fabric and a belt with hooks at the hips; sky with clouds, birds and bright sun flares in the background, leaves and blossoms in the foreground, a radial motion blur effect laid over them, speedlines directing to Skatie.
  • Character sheeet, the original painting slightly faded in the background, text: "Skatie Skysurfer"; "Born with wings too small to fly the usual way, Skatie had to get inventive to keep up with the other fairies. So, she created her own pair of wings and surf gear to plow the skies."; "Natural wings still strong enough to propel her forward"; "Leaf wings designed for uplift and steering, attached to the hooks on her belt when on ground"; Natural fairy dust, weight-reducing to some extent, this way supporting the take-off"; "Riding the Wind: Using winds and aiflow for controlled gliding through the air".

Initially I thought of drawing one of my Bicker Fairies (see below) but then I got the idea of a fairy who isn’t able to fly – the usual way, to be precise. So she would have to built her own wings and even a surfboard to surf the skies.

Perhaps you remember this fairy from almost two years ago? I once draw her in the frame of a DTIYS, originally depicting a skateboard girl but altered to a fairy by me. I remembered her only after the concept was clear, or even after the painting process. Still, it’s a nice coincidence.

The goal with this painting was to practice perspective and pose as well as creating an impression of speed. At the same time I had to get the shadows right with the sun right in her back but under a light flooded sky amidst green tree leaves.

Additionally, the POV had to be tilted. With finally leaves all around this was a little bit hard to achieve. There is a landscape, a green field or something, with a horizon but I think the birds in the sky are giving it away a lot better.

ZodiOCs: Aquarius

With January came the next Zodiac sign and so came Aquarius.

To represent this sign, I chose my Arcryla City OC Crissy refilling her waterbearbot in which she keeps her favorite animals and loyal pets you already know from earlier paintings.

An obvious choice for The Water Bearer.

Or so you would think. Truth is, I frist thought of Navarra, my Breath of the Wild Zora OC. Aquarius regularly is depicted as some merperson with trident, too (usually a man with beard but most of my OCs are female and so will be my ZodiOC). Therefore, initially she came to my mind.

But soon I remembered Crissy and her pets. I not only loved the pun, it was also an opportunity to include Crissy in the ZodiOCs. Most ZodiOCs are already settled (not drawn, though) and a ZodiOC series without my favorite OC Crissy? Never!

  • Digital painting, comic style: Crissy Faith (young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, wearing a bellyfree pink pyjama with waterbear embroidery) hunkering down to an eight-legget mechanical robot with the head of a bear and an aquarium on its back, it has a ball in form of algea cells between its foremost paws, the eyes are closed; Crissy is holding a vase with cockwheel decor, the lit opened by cockwheel gear, pouring water into the aquarium from the vase; stars in the night sky in the background as well as the astronomic sign and the letters "Aquarius"; a bunch of stars also forming a pocket watch.
  • Digital painting, comic style, light background: Crissy Faith, a young woman with short purple hair and big round glasses in a pajama embroidered with bears with eight legs, she is seen from the side hunkering down with a box of algae next to a mechanical bear with eight legs, the core of che mechanical bear is an aquarium, a projector throws a picture on the wall showing a water bear approaching towards some green algae, on the ground a pocket watch

Before I started drawing, I searched the internet for poses typically related with Aquarius. You will find the one I used as reference – although changing it a little bit – here.

Again, I was practicing poses and anatomy, an additional challenge was the water pouring into the aquarium. Both of them are semi-transparent and some parts of them cover each other and others don’t. What now looks like being one piece actually is a cut out aquarium glass wall that is pasted under the water layer which itself is located under the aquarium glass layer.

Finally, I would like to add that in the first lineart Crissy’s skirt has been a tad too short. Therefore, I changed it for the sake of dignity.

Witchphibians: Secrets

A new painting of my Witchphibian series featuring my OCs Raven and Samandra. It’s set some time before the „Weaving Magic“ painting from March 2022. As it’s regularly he case, I had this one in my mind for some time.

I not only wanted to practice pose and anatomy, I also wanted to recreate a scene from the Netflix show Arcane (and changed it slightly). If you watched the show, you hopefully will recognize the scene (if not, see this screenshot on the internet). Additionally, I was influenced by some beautiful The Witcher fanart of on Instagram.

As mentioned above, I practiced anatomy and poses. Especially Raven was really hard to draw because she isn’t simply lying on her side, she is lying (partly) on her belly. Additionally I did a small design change. I added freckles to her face and the shoulder region.

Sadly, you won’t see a lot of it (and a bunch of Samandra’s body spots) because I had to keep it SFW for sharing publicly and her dress covers a lot of her anatomy and the freckles. However, I there luckily is my Patreon account for anatomy studies and poses. You will find the link together with the WIPs for supporters on my Ko-fi account (yes, there is a full nu.dity version that doesn’t reveal much but enough to better be safe than sorry).

Since I elaborated the story a little bit more with this piece, I also had to edit the story accompanying the „Weaving Magic“ painting for the sake of coherent reading:

New Year’s Xmashup

Although I wanted change to a monthly rhythm, it felt like I should publish this PaintLog quite early after Christmas and New Year’s eve.

I already mentioned that there are two more paintings in the queue last time. But they also still fit thematically to the year’s end holidays.

The first one is antoher Secret Santa. This time it’s one we did on the Arcryla City Discord server. Of course, there also is one I got from another artist of this community.

The second painting of the queue is another ZodiOC. We are in the middle of the Capricorn season, so Capricorn it is now.

Secret Santa:


In December 2022 we held a Secret Santa event on the Arcryla City Discord server. I was chosen to draw a painting for catdotbun. We were allowed to announce up to three characters to be drawn*..

I decided to go for her Arcryly City OC Eun, former secretary of the council and aspiring children’s book author. Additionally, I included her other ones, Olive and Rochelle into the painting, as angel on top of the Christmas cactus and as drawing in the opened book and on the back of another one.

The cactus is a reference to a pet showcase we had in September 2021 on the server. Eun’s „pet“ has been a cactus. Therefore, I thought a Christmas Cactus would fit into this piece. There also are other Easter eggs in the painting, on some I hinted already.

This piece was another excercise in shading and lighting, I tried to archieve a warm, cosy Christmas feeling.

*Speaking of: The piece I got from my Secret Santa SketchyGirl perfectly matched my OCs Chrissie and Paula. The Mistletoe headband would be a thing Paula totally would do!

The new Years starts in the middle of the Capricorn season and I’m happy that I finished the referring ZodiOC piece in time..

It wasn’t that easy to decide what OC will fit to represent thsi sign. A long time I thought of Orphelya, my gargoyle OC, but she lacks horns. There are OCs with antlers or rods that could resemble horns, like Cosmothra, one of the bicker fairies, or my mermaid OC Ceratia, even Merdusa’s snake may have met this purpose. I even thought of Nema wearing a coral crown or something (but refrained because she won’t hurt a coral reef deliberately). Long story short: They all didn’t really fit into the picture.

Only the day I actually started drawing this piece I came up with this idea. A mermaid seemed approbriate since Capricorn usually is depicted with a fish tail.

Then this picture of Merindiana finding an emerald capricorn skull mask on the bottom of the sea during one of her treasure hunts struck me.

Fly Catcher

More than one month has passed since my last PaintLog entry. This year was the first one I wasn’t able to maintain my weekly pace. Still, I would like to provide you with a regular PaintLog.

Therefore, I thought of changing the pace to a monthly PaintLog, maybe sometimes more often if motivation, time and content allow. It’s the end of the year now. To this occasion, I did several recaps and I will summarize the year in this month’s PaintLog.

But before I’ll come to this, I’ll present you the art pieces I did since the last PaintLog. They actually were quite a handful:

I did another ZodiOC and one The Owl House fanart Secret Santa as well as another piece showing my OCs Raven and Samandra from my Witch Apprentices universe.

Two more paintings are in the queue which I didn’t find the time to prepare it to show it here (but, as said before, it’s always good to have some paintings as backlog).


Brewing Magic

Last month I started my Zodiac sign series represented by my own OCs. After Scorpio Sagittarius added to the series. This sign is represented by Raven, my witch apprentice OC, and her ability of using light glyph magic.

Every so often she or parts of her turn into frog unintentionally. So does her tongue in this painting. Catching the fly is based on a detail in an early concept of a drawing that I abandoned.

I just felt, it would’ve been too much and saved it for a future painting. Little I knew back then that I would use this concept for the ZodiOCs but it fits perfectly „the Archer“.

I was playing around with light and shadow effects and since the last time I painted Raven I got some nice new brushes to include magic circles and symbols. In the background you also can spot her friend’s Samandra’s amphibian form as star constellation (the meaning is yours to guess).

The next part of Raven’s and Samandra’s story. I feel like this piece I wanted to draw since ever (since I created Sam as companion to Raven at least). Still, the Weaving Magic piece (see slide show slide 3) hat to be done first because Sam had to enchant Raven’s amulet so it won’t be lost in their magic soup. Then Mermay hit and several other assignments that kept me busy for the rest of the year.

All in all this painting took me two weeks to finish. It was an exercise in lighting, dynamic poses and perspective, trying to leave my comfort zone some tiny steps more.

As usual I hid several Easter eggs in this painting which you can spot in the background. Perhaps you even recognise them from past paintings. If not directly, just swipe to slides 4 and further.

  • Digital painting, comic style: Crissy in her fantasy design in the foreground (young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, bellyfree leather top, blue cape, braces, fingerfree gloves, girdle, bags, knife and pocket watch attached to it), holding a pastry in the right hand and some kind of mango in the left hand, long, thin natural grown sticks attached to it, one resembling a nose, dark spots giving the impression of two eyes, the tip of the "nose" is cut, a drop of yellow juice dropping from it, Crissy is looking at this "mangogo" with disbelief; two more of them in different shapes (some kind of devil and some kind of water brear) standing in front of her on a customer's board of a stall, to her left a whole basket with them, to her right one labelled "TomaToes", containing big tomatoes with tiny red toes; in the background several stalls (1. bakery, 2. "Joe's Wineyard", 3. pottery, 4. "Catch the Frog" game stall, 5. "Hex'R'us") with 1. cake, bread, 2. wine barrels, bottles 3. pottery ware 4. prices 5. magical items; Paula and Sparrow sitting in front ofr "Joe's Wineyard", Paula pointing to the salesman, hiding to bottles behind her back; in front of the game stall two young woman, one brown-red hair, one white hair, the brown haired one catching a wooden frog with a fishing-rod, splashing water; several girlands and pennants on poles and lines above the stalls.
  • Digital painting, comic style: A black unicorn with yellow spots, eyes, horn, mane and tail are made of fire, the hooves are red, fire around them; burning coal falling from its mouth; it's standing above as stream of lava, volcanoes, a castle ruin and a dark blu night sky in the background; sparks in the foreground; in the right upper corner a rock, a frog (labelled "Raven") and a salamander (labelled "Me") doodled on it with pink crayon, the frog is falling from the rock, the salamander is holding it by grabbing it feet; text: "Samandra's Fabric Journal"; "The Pyrocorn"; "Eternal Fire (Horn + mane); Flintstones"; "Fireproof fabric (Fur + skin)"; "Inflammable acid (Salamander spots); Burnt coal dust (Digested coal)".

However, one Easter egg I have to point out separately. A week before I finished this work, (Instagram) asked for book titles in the background of one of his paintings. In April of this year I read his novel „The Deepest Shore“. It featured a blob creature called „Bob“ that met a gruesome fate. Back in April I even did a fanart about it titled „Remember Bob“ and now I suggested this title for Nick’s background bookshelf (where you actually will find it).

At the same time it inspired me to put another edition of the book on Samandra’s secret potion brewing shack’s shelf. We can’t remember Bob enough!

I hope you can spot it in the background together with the other references.

Don’t Ask

This is a Secret Santa I did for another Discord server. I drew it for apricotmayzel (Instagram). It refers to a comic she drew in which – purely by coincidence – Raine’s violin got smashed. Since The Owl House was one of the topics I was allowed to draw for her, I decided to refer to this special comic.

It was the first time I drew Raine (or, speaking of, Eda). If you know the show, you will recognize several details I put into the painting. The wrapping of the present has Hootie stickers, the mittens are made by Blight Textiles and the cushion Eda puts under her Santa costume has Luz‘ hoodie colour.

Furthermore, you will recognise the fur part of Eda’s hat from episodes playing in the colder parts of the Boiling Isles and the hair combed forward to show the face of an old man Santa, of course, is taken from „Eclipse Lake“.

Within a few hours after sharing on Instagram this painting almost passed the „Reaching Out“ fanart from April as new top post (current score 120 likes vs. 107).

2022 Recap

As every year I do a recap of my art that I drew throughout the year. I summarise them in collages separated by topics. In the following slides you will find the collages

Summary of Art
Kritz‘ Choice (aka Best of 2022)
Best of Fanart 2022
Face Your Art
Face Your Art Mermaid Edition

In 2022 my job kept me even busier than 2021, so I had to do some compromised and I couldn’t nearly as much as I intended. A lot of projects just didn’t were to be in this time, including the weekly pace of this PaintLog.

Still, I had a lot of fund and I still have on the Arcryla City Discord server and the people there. I also joined some more Discord servers to get into contact with even more other artists.

I also shifted from Patreon to Ko-fi. Patreon is merely an archive and the space for paintings Ko-fi or wordpress wouldn’t allow to share publicy or at all, including artistic nudity or pose studies (see my Ko-fi account, for a tip in my jar you will find the link).

This said, I also got my first supporter. Thank you! This means a lot to me and helpf me to keep this website and to share my art for free.

On the artistic level I tried some new things, new poses, new techniques but also stuck to old ways and even more to my OCs.

Raven and Samandra were an addition to these. Raven was an output of the this year’s School of Games Moodboard Challenge in March. This one takes place every year and it was my second participation. This time I not only drew Raven, I added Samandra to this new OC universe later, I started to develop a lore and I put them as cameos into other paintings. There even were challenges that I concepted as spin-off of this duo‘ doings.

The Mermay was the next highlight, this year hosted together with Potato_Beta (Instagram) with whom I already did other collab projects. Soon after this the Arcryla City Discord server again hosted a Summer Festival, this time in form of a Fantasy Festival, and in October a Halloween event when at the same time I followed a weekly inky October challenge with my Heartbroken Goddess.

To my surprise (that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise at all), the most liked paintinsg were The Owl House fanart. I’m still very proud of the „Reaching Out“ piece, so it certainly deserves this much love. I’m also happy that I obviously met Raine and Eda this good that they almost got the same amounf of love within a few hours.

Well … Love is a good final word:

I wish you all a Happy New Year, thank you for staying around, have a wonderful year 2023!

See you next year!


Let’s prepare another PaintLog entry. With luck it will be finished in 2-3 weeks again.* Perhaps I can call myself lucky because two weeks ago I did my latest piece and then I didn’t find the motivation to do another one. This means that I can present you those 1-2 weeks old pieces today, though.

Both are somewhat unusual compared to my other pieces. The first one (Scorpio) is an attempt of transferring OCs (Paula in this case) into alternative environments, the second one an DTIYS that I joined.

*It actually took only 2 days this time.

ZodiOCs: Scorpio

Every so often I see artwork from brilliant artists depicting the Zodiac signs in one way or the other. Whereas I don’t believe in astrology, star signs, esoterism or similar stuff, I still appreciate a good story or a good motif (like fairy tales or religious stories: You know it’s made-up, but it“s fascinating stuff nontheless).

So, I got inspired to my very own series of depicting the Zodiac signs. To this purpose I’m going to put Original Characters (OCs) into drawing showing the respective Zodiac sign of the year. However, the OCs may not necessarily be born under the sign they depict.

Since I started in the beginning of November, the first sign was Scorpio and my OC Paula from Arcryla City perfectly fit into it. Or rather the other way around: Imaging her as a Zodiac sign created this idea in the first place. The next one (Sagittarius) is already finished and can be found as early access on my Ko-fi account for a tip in my jar.

Her hair already roughly has the shape of a scorpion’s sting and in steampunk version she is known for wearing high heeled boots, so the image of a sharp and thin, sting-like boot’s heel also jumped to my mind, legs and feet being positioned over head.

I also added minor details that aren’t part of her normal design like the tattoos and the ear jewellery. I wasn’t sure if to add the vines, though, but she her hobby is growing carnivorous plants (which have to be trimmed) and this way the scissor gauntlets actually make sense.

DTIYS: Heart Goldwing

Some time ago Instagram user Pocket Andrew started hosting a DTIYS. Although I don’t do DTIYS that regularly (my OCs have got priority), this time I wanted to participate.

Seeing the original painting, I got the idea of a magical girl in a Sailor Moon like pose. With stars and glitter and all. Since 3/4 body made the best impression, the boot and the roller skates weren’t in the picture in the sense the original one shows them.

Therefore I had to change one trinket of the ear jewellery of each ear, so you now find them there. The petals in the foreground are supposed to not only add to the Sailor Moon like scene, they also are suppossed to add depth.

Statues of the Midnight Lights

It’s been a while since my last PaintLog. I just didn’t feel motivated enough in the last few week and whenever I tried, other obligations kicked in and well – if something that is supposed to be fun feels like duty … take a break.

This said, I was writing this PaintLog entry for around three weeks now, the artpieces that I’m sharing today are from the end of October. There are even more, but I will share them with you next time.

The main piece that occupied me three weeks of October was the entry to the Arcryla City Midnight Gala that took place some days before Halloween. As usual, our entries were supposed to be revealed during the showcase. It was a Halloween event with costumes and all.

However, I also finished the Inktober piece, keeping up adding prompts to the Heartbroken Goddess. Those were the prompts „Statue“ and „Light“.

Heartbroken Goddess: Statue + Light

With October Kalisamiii’s Inktober challenge came to an end. I already planted the statue part when drawing the goddess in the first place. I only added some cracks and the smaller statue inside the heart, telling the reason why she is heartbroken.

But this isn’t the end, because where’s light there’s hope:

Initilly, the rays weren’t planned but I figured, this way it makes a greater impression, showing what’s going on.

  • Digital painting made with an ink brush in dark blueish black and light colours: A young woman holding a heart with a darkened area inside in front of herself; she has white short hair, framing her face, the head is lowered, the eyes are closed, tears can be seen; no visible clothes but the heart and the hand covering her breast and shadows around her covering arms and lower body, tiny gleaming stars in the darkness and in the foreground.

Demons, No Angels

The Arcryla City Midnight Gala again was a great spectacle. There were so many amazing entries.

We got our assignment, our „theme“ beforehand and weren’t supposed to tell anyone which costume our OCs got. To everybody’s surprise it turned out that everyone got the same costume: Demon.

There is an additional sheet to my entry with a narrative text and a tiny doodle to explain how Crissy and Paula managed to create all those special effects you can see on the painting. This happens by the  technical capabilities of the steampunk world they are living in. In some cases, like the colored contact lenses, I figured that contact lenses would’ve been around although they were made of glass and not that comfortable (but this wouldn’t have stopped them from wearing them). Moreover, the colored version only came into existence after the need for them arised by the movie industry. Still, this won’t stop Crissy and Paula either to ask one of the ingenius opticians of Arcryla City.

If you look close, you will see several popcultural references from TV shows and video games and of course there are the little statues of the Arcryla City’s Mayor Alexander and Lynette, his assistant.

Last but not least: The Gala also was a drawing contest and guess what? My painting was one of the two winner paintings!!

I was so happy when this was announced!

There even was a price: I could choose one of my OCs to be drawn as an emote for the Discord server (and for any other purpose I’d like to use it for). When I got sent it to me, I will share it here too in my next PaintLog!

The Dragon Flower of Milk and Honey

It’s been a while since my last PaintLog. I just didn’t feel motivated enough in the last week and whenever I tried, other obligations kicked in and well – if something that is supposed to be fun feels like duty … take a break.

Tbh, there wasn’t a lot of art so far in October. Not that I was able to share, I mean. The past three weeks I was working on an entry to the Arcryla City Midnight Gala that takes place next Friday evening / Saturday morning. As usual, our entries are supposed to be revealed during the showcase. It’s going to be a Halloween event with costumes and all. So stay tuned!

What I was able to share were the second and third Inktober piece, keeping up adding prompts to the Heartbroken Goddess. As mentioned before, I was working on the Halloween piece and after finishing this, I just wanted to do some low-key just for fun piece. Therefore, I again went back to Eusthy.

However, I will not do an elaborated description and explanations into the drawing process of these pieces this time, but I’ll leave it with short thoughts and comments.

Heartbroken Goddess:
White Flower + Dragon Skull

The continuation of Kalisamiii’s Inktober challenge. As mentioned before, I added the next two prompts.

  • Digital painting made with an ink brush in dark blueish black and light colours: A young woman holding a heart with a darkened area inside in front of herself; she has white short hair, framing her face, the head is lowered, the eyes are closed, tears can be seen; no visible clothes but the heart and the hand covering her breast and shadows around her covering arms and lower body, tiny gleaming stars in the darkness and in the foreground.

While the Flower actually was a new-drawn piece, I already prepared the Dragon Skull when creating the basic painting. Admittedly, I was a little bit lazy and it perhaps wasn’t the initial purpose of the prompt, but I still was tempted to try it this way.

Milk & Honey

This Arrivals comic was actually one of the first I came up with. Originally, I intended to make it the second episode, but somehow, the other attempts to crawl onto land were fitting better into order.

Meet Silvie the silverfish-like apterygota (again). This time, she got a bigger role. Most fun, of course, was to think of the plot twist with the point in the end.

The Goddess Next Door

Neighbours Heartbroken Goddess: Love

October has arrived and with it several Inktober challenges. Ever since I started digital drawing seriously, I participated. Last year I did the Linktober challenge and I thought to take part again this year. However, I was without inspiration, I wasn’t in the mood and I probably won’t have the time to do daily drawings, so I skipped.

Instead I found inspiration in another (a weekly challenge) that I will present you below.

Before doing this, you also will find episode 2 of my primeval fish comic, this time dealing with its neighbours – and some old friends.


Last week I started the Arrivals comic series. Right from the beginning I had some comic ideas in my mind (and I still have). The initial ideas often sounded funnier in my head than the actual carrying out.

Not only that I had to find different words for „neighbours“, „friend“, „fellows“ etc., originally the comic lacked a real final punch line. There even wasn’t Lil’Scor raspberrying on the table in this point of time and Eusthy just would say something like „Perhaps I should crawl back into the sea“.

Then the picture of the extra panel popped up in my mind. Because Eusthy’s mood didn’t get damped until panel 4, I had to draw a panel different to the one originally intended to get him crawl back into the sea.

Enter Eusthwo:

If you look close, you also will see that I now added the names of my animal protagonists and as for the sea creatures … all but for the guy in the right bottom corner were in my mind right from the beginning. Initially I thought of some kind of big jellyfish, but I wanted to have something typical devonian.

Therefore, I roamed paintings of the devonian seas. Since I already draw a fish, I didn’t want to draw another one like an early shark, but finally, I found those … devonian sea things with those petal like arms and included it into the comic.

Heartbroken Goddess: Love

As explained above, this year I got inspired by a weekly Inktober challenge. This year it’s Kalisamiii’s Heartbroken Goddess prompt list.

So far I did the „basis“ painting with this week’s prompt „Love“. I plan to add the other prompts in the course of the next week, so the painting will change step by step.

As usual, I drew the inktober painting with „inky“ brushes and in inky colours. This time, I started with a blue tone. After „finishing“ the heart, I did the outlines of the hands but then switched to the body (body, head + hair) of the goddess herself.

Because I only had a vague image of her in my mind, I started with my usual non-inky brushes to get the lines right. Only when those seemed right, I started the inky brush on a new layer. Initially, I imagined her pose / the perspective a little bit different but the good thing with something this new, I can adjust it as I go along and this way I liked it even better.

I drew the heart with a hatching and as I now started „colouring“ the body and the head, I wanted to do likewise, but processing showed that the hatching would be too rough. However, I noticed two things. About the first one I will tell you in a few weeks (it has something to do with one of the other prompts), the second thing was the colour of the hair. Originally, I planned her to be dark haired but then I noticed how well the white hair suits her.

Finally, as I went to render her, I switched from the initial blue to a bluish black tone. Furthermore, I changed the center of the heart to black, indicating the broken and therefore darkened heart.

Before I could colour in the hands, I had to draw their lines anew. I resized them to better fit to the body and I mirrored the right hand before drawing the body to get be able to adjust it correctly. Now I had to fix this so they would look naturally.

Regarding the arms, I admittedly cheated a little bit. Since I planned to get them hidden in the shadows, I went lazy and didn’t do them at all. Apropos shadows, the stars in them were another last-minute idea and even more to put some of them into the foreground with a more intense blur than the ones in the rest of the shadows.