Linktober 2021

  • Linktober cover page, Digital Painting, blue monochrome ink style, all text in The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild Font: Headline "Linktober 2021", In the upper left corner three blue coloured hearts, below them a gemstone and the number 0; in the lower left corner the text "Quest Calendar", the picture showing a songle light and nothing else, below this light the text "It's dangerous to got alone!"

Every October since 2019 I participate in the inky October challenge. In 2020 I found out about the Linktober prompt list. At this time I already was into two other challenges and it was in the mid of October but I intended to participate the next year – now.

I’m following the Quest Calendar and, more more than less, the Quest Manifesto.

In the course of both I’m not sending an actually new OC on her adventure.

If you follow my art for some time, you already know her: Navarra. Although she got this name only quite recently, I draw her the first time in April 2019 and did a redraw in Mermay 2021. A few days before the beginning of the Linktober, I also depicted her in my Meet my OCs Overview Character Sheet.


The Isles of the Season Faeries

Chapter 1: Spring Island

Chapter 2: Summer Island

Chapter 3: Fall Island

Chapter 4: Winter Island

Chapter 5: Showdown