Summer Festival 2021

Main challenge prompts

Persona | Masquerade party | The Spirit of Collaboration | Lynette

General prompts

High Tea | Leisure Time | Carousel | Ring Toss | Heirloom | Fireworks | Fairy Floss | Balloons | Mayor Alexander

In summer 2021 there was a Summer Festival (Instagram-Link) with prices going on. There were 9 general art prompts and 4 bi-weekly art prompt challenges. Paintings referring to the general art prompts could be submitted any time before the end of the festival, the bi-weekly prompts had to be submitted within two weeks, ready for the showcases where they were presented.

Myself, I participated in the four main challenge prompts and in six of the general prompts until the Festival ended. In the end I made third place (there was a price, happy me!) and I am quite happy that I were able to do so many entries whereas before all of this started I even wasn’t sure if I would be able to participate at all.

Bi-weekly art prompts (Main challenges)

1) Persona
2) Masquerade party
3) The Spirit of Collaboration
4) Lynette

1) Paint a persona, its occupation has to be shown but it does not have to resemble yourself in real life

I got inspired by the character Lucca of the video game „Chrono Trigger“ and created Crissy Faith. She is a steam engine mechanic who is familiar with everything that ticks, rotates, steams and moves. She is dedicated to keep things running – mechanical things, that is, she doesn’t have quite a grasp of how human(oids) work but she loves the fish cocktails and mango pizzas available in Arcryla City.

This is my original entry, the second one it’s her without the helmet.

2) Paint your persona preparing for, on the way to or attending the Arcryla City’s Summer Festival Masquerade Party with the condition to use at least two visibly different art mediums/textures.

The Masked Mechanic

Crissy is a person who doesn’t socialize much (or easy), she just doesn’t have quite a grasp of how humans (and humanoids) work. While clockwork runs like … well … clockwork people don’t – they always have unpredictable issues. So, she feels uncomfortable in (non-mechanic) company.

She even had to be talked into actually attending the Arcryla City’s first big social event, the Summer Festival’s Masquerade Party. Normally, she never wears fancy clothes, not to mention dresses, so she had to borrow one and she does not even know why there were this costume and these boots in her closet – though they look suspiciously like the kind a former flatmate would have bought.

Unluckily, the person who talked her into attending the party didn’t show up and so she now stands near the balcony, watching the wonderfully reliable rotating cogwheel outside the building.

3) A collaboration project. We where drawn into groupes of twos and had to paint one (or two) paintings showing our personas interacting on the Summer Festivals‘ activities. They also had to have several elements in common. This one is a collab with F1nn (Instagram). We agreed that we can share it here, on Twitter and on Instagram.

Getting bumped

Before Crissy went to the festival, a friend of hers (yes, the same as who didn’t turn up at the Masquerade Party) talked her into going to the tailor with her to get „some more modern clothes“ and ended buying some quite popular ones and with a pony tail in her hair. While waiting to meet her on the festival, Crissy spottet the Bumper Cars and since she already waited a whole hour she decided to investigate them further. She still was admiring all the rotating, steaming and moving parts as another Citizen, Lilo, bumped into hers.

4) Last bi-weekly prompt of the Summer Festival


Draw the Mayor’s new assistant on the basis of the information already provided on the Discord server.

General prompts (6 out of 9)

The 8 general prompts are:

1) High Tea
2) Leisure Time
3) Carousel
4) Ring Toss
5) Heirloom
6) Fireworks
7) Fairy Floss
8) Balloons
9) Mayor Alexander

1) High Tea

Finished after the end of the Summer Festival

„High T“

Crissy taking a ride home – she should’ve known better.


This painting is connected to the entry 9) Mayor Alexander:

2) Leisure Time

„Heading into Leisure Time“

Crissy Faith coming home from work. At home she is a little bit chaotic, though.


My persona Crissy Faith in her casual dress. She doesn’t socialize much but went to the festivities in a quite hour to appreciate the engines driving the fun. Since „a quite hour“ still means to be quite bustling she took shelter in the back of the big Carousel.

6) Fireworks

This is a collaboration work with hyeonnart (Instagram). Each one of us did their own painting but if you put them next to each other they will become a new painting, a bigger picture (I’ve got permission to share it too):


Crissy went to the lake in the park to watch the upcoming fireworks. This time she even did not had to be talked into it. Looking out for a spot aside from the big crowds she met Lynux, a tailor (as she learned to know), and they had a lot of fun.

7) Fairy Floss

„Fairy Tales“

Whenever Crissy gets used to the thought to forget about her crush she turns up at unexpected times in unexpected places and does things to raise hope again.

8) Balloons

„Chasing Rainbows“

Going on a balloon ride with the person who is able to talk you into literally anything didn’t went as expected for Crissy. She is (slightly) afraid of heights but if your crush suggests to take a ride in this big, colourful balloons, you don’t say „no“.

9) Mayor Alexander

„A Mayoral Wind“

The Mayor strolling around the festivities, getting caught by a sudden wind gust – what may have caused it?

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