Summary of Art 2021 🇬🇧

2021 was a year with a lot of changes for me as artist in terms of drawing style, drawing techniques, subjects, grafic app and, of course, I learned to use Instagram for the better. The year didn’t start well, though. The first two weeks I had to stay in hospital, so the painting I started in the end of November 2020 actually got finished in January 2021.

In April 2021 I joinded the @ArcrylaCity Discord server and enjoyed to talk with the people there and the support in so many respects as well as handy hints how to improve my art. The first highlight was the Summer Festival which not only brought me the third place but also a new OC I love dearly, Crissy, the character I chose as my then new avatar. There were alson my first collaborations, collabs with @byeolnine, @_cyb3r.f1nn_ and @Potato_Beta (Instagram-Accounts). Each one was a lot of fun and the outcomes were paintings I am still proud of and happy to have worked (and still are working) with such talented artists.

A major big change happened in June 2021 as I got Clip Studio Paint (EX). It was on sale, it was my birthday and I already read about many features this app was equipped with. Until this point in time I was working with Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s a great app for beginners, avoiding the overwhelming feeling other apps (like CSP) can give you if you are not accostumated to them and still being more than good old MS Paint. CSP now had features I dearly would have missed in Sketchbook if I would have known about them at this time (above all of them the feature to change the colour of a layer by just pressing a shortcut). They clearly improved my workflow. Choosing the paintings for this art summary gave me proof: Now I was painting significantly faster and more easily, I got more shit done in less time.

It also showed me a change in subjects. May 2021 was under the sign of the Mermay and October an inky one, of course, but with entering Arcryla City and creating Crissy, I drew a lot of Crissy content (see „Best of Crissy“). The second major change in subject was fanart. Until 2020 I as good as never drew fanart. With new TV shows I started to watch, The Owl House season 2, Amphibia, Arcane, the number of fanart increased in the second half of the year (see „Best of Fanart“).

But also my drawing techniques changed. Until recently I removed the lineart as soon as I started colouring. This not only was a loss of time, I by far feel more comfortable with the (blurry) lineart I am using now. I also use more effects than previously, especially the blur effect. I never had imagined that this can add so much more to a painting. Probably, there are more techniques I am still not aware of.

So, I am looking forward to see what changes and improvements 2022 will bring to me.

Following the trend for every month of 2021 I chose a particular characteristic of my favorite paintings:

January: Cyclops (OCs, Tale of Cedrakon)
February: Berries (OC, Tale of Cedrakon)
March: Grom Dance (Fanart, The Owl House, Season 1)
April: The Couple Liz and Jacky Hill (OCs, Jack’Hill’n’Haid)
May: Love Letters (Mermay Day 1: Bottle)
June: Swamp Fight (OCs, Tale of Cedrakon)
July: Heading into Leisure Time (Arcryla City OC, Crissy Faith)
August: Amity Knight (Fanart, The Owl House, Season 2)
September: Sleepover (Arcryla City OCs, Collaboration with @Potato_Beta)
October: Ganon (Day 30 Linktober Quest Calendar)
November: Lunchtime – Pinup version (Arcryla City OC, Crissy Faith)
December: Zeppelin Night Ride (Arcryla City, Collaboration with @Potato_Beta)

  • Digitalzeichnung, Comicstile: Rechts vorne im Vordergrund die Prinzessin, sie schaut mit großen Augen in die Kamera. In ihrem Ausschnitt ist der Kopf einer gelben Ente zu sehen, links im Bild hinter ihr stehen Oprhelya (ganz links) und Luca (rechts daneben), Orphelyas Augenlider und auch die Schwingen hängen recht kraftlos herab, an den Krallen der rechten Hand hat sie mehrere rot-rosane Beeren, die sie gerade isst, einen Kern hat sie ausgespuckt, der sich noch auf dem Weg zu den Kernen in ihrer linken Hand befindet. Diese reicht sie Luca, die wiederum die Kerne in ihrem Beutel zu verstauen versucht, einen skeptischen Seitenblick jedoch Richtung Prinzssin wirft. Alle drei Charektere sind noch mit dem Dreck des Sumpes auf Haut, Kleidung und Haar gezeichnet. Im Hintergrund ist eine Reihe Büsche mit eben diesen Beeren zu sehen, dahinter Bäume und hinter diesen ein verwaschener Grün-Himmelblauer Hintergrund.
  • Digitalzeichnung, minimalistischer Comicstil, Fanart: Luz Noceda (braunes Haar) und Amity Blight (grünes Haar mit einem Stück Braun am Stirnhaar), Protagonistinnen der Zeichentrickserie "The Owl House", Hände haltend vor einem leuchtenden Sichelmond tanzend, Luz trägt sowohl Anzug wie auch einen rosanen und einen violetten Rock, dazu braune Stiefel, Amity ein dunkelrosanes Kleid mit einem dunklen Oberteil und Halbschuhe mit dunkelvioletten spitzen und Absätzen, der Hintergrund ist ein leuchtendes vor einem dunklen Violett auf hellem Grund
  • Digitalzeichnung, Comicstil, heller Grund: Eine Frau mit dunkler Haut und dunklem Haar (Stirnhaare dunkelrot). Poloshirt, Jogginghose und Schlupfschuhe weiß, Brile mit runden Gläsern und dunkelblauem Rand. Auf der Brusttasche die Kontur eines roten Kreuzes. Sie zieht gerade ihren Doktorkittel aus. Sie schaut zu einer Frau an ihrer Seite in der Mitte des im Bildes ("Dr. Jacky Hill") in weißem Tanktop, Jeansshorts und Sneakern, einem Namensschild an der Brust und eine Brille mit rechteckigen Brillengläsern, die Haare rot und kinnlang, ein Reagenzglas betrachtend, aus dem lila Schaum quillt.
  • Mermay1, "Bottle", digital painting, comic style: A mermaid with the tail of an electric eel sitting on a little isle in a swamp, putting a paper slip in a bottle with the left hand, in the right hand she is holding a reed stalk with ink on its tip, ob her tail there is a letter signed with a heart and a tiny blue octopus. Her hair is dark green and she wears water lily's leaves as bikini top, title: "Love Letters"
  • Digitalzeichnung, Comicstil: Szenerie ist der Rand eines Sees, helles Tageslicht, verschwommene Schemen von Bäumen im Hintergrund: Luca (junge Frau, schwarze, kurze Haare) in ihrer Gardistinnenuniform (weiß mit goldenen verzierungen, an der linken Schulter jedoch zerrissen, sie hat dort auch einen blauen Fleck) von hinten gesehen. Sie schwingt den Säbel von links nach rechts oben, Haare, Körper und der Beutel am Gürtel schwingen mit der Körperdrehung mit, die Säbelspitze zeigt auf ein dinosaurierähnliches Wesen (Typ Raptor) mit rot-violett-blauer Befiederung und orangenem Federflaum am Körper, der sich im Sprung auf sie befindet. Auf dessen Rücken sitzt eine humanoide Echse, die einen Holzspeer schwingt. Links von Luca die Prinzessin im orangenen Unterkleid, einen Dolch in ihrer linken Hand haltend, in ihrer rechten die gelbe Holzente Emil zum Wurf gehoben, zielend auf einen weiteren Raptor im Sprung kurz vor der Landung
  • Digital Painting, comic style: A young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, black/orange striped trousers, leather jacket, orange strapless bellytop beneath, taking off the jacket, a pocket watch dangling from the left sleeve, slipping off boots and purple socks, stumbling over her own boots while standing with the right foot on the left boot's tip, spots of oil and dirt on the clothing and the cheeks. In the background a door with gear and cogwheels and a big lock, on the left a device and a pipe leading to a lamp above the door and a pneumatic post delivery device. On the right on the wall her helmet and belts, on the ground below two pizza boxes and a tool box, covered by her tool belt. Foreground to the left a couch with pillow, the "Arcryla City Steam Magazine" and a purple plush water bear mechanic, to the right an oval desk with a plate of mangoes, an invitation letter, a slate and a piece of chalk. Couch, desk and ground are lightened by three windows.
  • Digital painting, comic style: Amity Blight, character of the tv show The owl house, purple, hair, black dress, red trousers, seen from the front, a medallion with a descending moon's sickle, holding her staff in the air. She is wearing a round bottle at her belt. On her right side ist floating the form of a sword, purple striped and glowing, lilewise a form of a shield on her left side. Staff and Amity also are glowing. A darker shadow and sparkles hint the way from the bottle to the sword and the shield. The background is of tones from green and dark green
  • Digital Painting, Comic style: Two young woman, Crissy Faith (short purple hair, big round glasses) and Potato Delta (long brownish red hair) in Crissy's flat in pajamas on a couch which has been transformed into a bed, sitting on rose, and brown blankets and cushions, Potato holding a glass, Crissy looking sideways down, pressing her stuffed water bear towards her belly, blushing, bowles and bottles around them, pizza boxes on the floor, a table with more bowles, an aquarium, a slate, a notebook, light bubls hanging from the ceiling; huge, wide windows in the background, the scenery showing zeppelins, clouds and a huge building with a blue glowing clock tower in front of a night sky
  • Digital Painting, comic style: A painting of a poster of my OC Crissy Faith seen in 3/4 front view, a young woman with short purple hair an big round glasses sitting and repairing something above her head, she is sitting on her mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling from her hip, to her side a handkerchief with a cheese, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise sandwich which she already had started to eat; the upper body is free except for the top which only covers chest, breasts and the back below her shoulders, hear skin is glaring due to the sweat covering hair, face and body, there are dirt and oil spots on these as well, so are on her coat, in the background a big grey cogwheel.
  • Digital Painting, a collaboration project in comic/anime style: The Arcryla City OCs Potato Delta, Conway, Crissy and Paula on the dancefloor, Crissy/Paula to the left, Potato/Conway to the right; Conway is a huge guy in a blute coat and a dark tophat with white-blonde hair, holding Potato tight who is leaning against him with closed eyes, Potato is wearing a golden and blue shoulder free dress with golden frills, she has orange short hair, two long strains falling down her cheeks; Paula has short, light green hair as side fringe, purple lips and is wearing a bellyfree button-down shirt without sleeves, platform boots and a skirt with frills, all clothes are green, she also wears black bands around neck and wrists; she is holding Crissy tight and leaning over her while Crissy is leaning backwards; Crissy has short purple hair and big round glasses, she wears a bellyfree corsagelike purple top, a short light purple skirt and purple toefree boots, she is blushing; in the backgrpund people at tables and a big window with flying glowing fish; to the right there are mechanical music instruments which are playing themselves, a pipe, a saxiphone, a cello and a violin; in the foreground two chanedeliers and the contours of people