Due to my first 100 followers and my first Instagram anniversary I started a Do This In Your Style on Instagram.

You will find all the entries on Instagram by following this link.

The challenge Entry’s Shoutout

The Challenge

I’d like to encourage you to do a #DTIYS of my OC Crissy Faith (created for the Arcrly City Discord server).

You can look into my gallery or on my website to learn more about her but you actually can change almost everything in this picture: The style, the pose, the setting, the amusement ride, what she is holding in her hand(s), background, no background. Still, she has to be recognizable and there are only three things you should keep (but not necessarily in the given form, you can change them too):

Glasses – She won’t be able to see anything without them, so please keep them. They do not have to be made from glass or the be round but there has to be something visible to correct her eye-sight.

The watch – She inherited the watch from her grandmother, so some kind of watch has to be around

Dedication to technology – If there is something to be fixed, she won’t rest until it is fixed

🔧 Please tag me in your post

🔧 Use the hashtag #KritzDTIYS1y100 so I can find you

🔧 Use thir DTIYS announcement as second slide

🔧 No deadline

There are no prices, just for fun. I’ll try to mention every of your entries in my story, though.

Entry’s Shotout:

A cute first entry by Et_Meli, I was enchanted by the single screw an Crissy’s expression.

I love how xeunbeex included Crissy‘s stuffed Water Bear!

And the design of the glasses, the pendants and the haircut drawn by xoxotoki.

Perfectly depicted by Pocket_Andrew: Crissy is ready to work!