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Collage (3x3) of paintings featuring my OC Crissy Faith, a young female steam engine mechanic with short purple hair, all paintings digital paintings, comic style: 1) Crissy with cotton candy resting in front of a carousel 2) Crissy coming home, heading towards her couch 3) Crissy in night dress (bellyfree top, long pants) feeding a water bear like robot with an aquarium in the centre, throwing an image of an eating water bear onto the wall 4) Crissy with her crush Paula (young woman, short light green hair) sitting on a park bench 5) Crissy sitting sweating in front of a big cogwheel, reparing something above her head 6) Crissy fearfully holding tight to paula on a flying jet bike 6) Sleepover, Crissy and her friend Potato (young woman, orange hair) in Crissy's appartment at night 7) Crissy sitting amused on the shores of a sea at night, fireworks in the sky 8) Crissy/Paula and Potato/Conway (her boyfriend) on the dancefloor of a Zeppelin ride

Background Story

Part 1 – A New Life

Cristallina Coralia Faith – „Crissy“ – is from an average middle class family from a town not that far away from Arcryla City and the only child of Cedrik and Cirilia Faith.

Although Crissy’s mother didn’t get along well with her mother (Crissy’s grandma), this didn’t apply to Crissy. In later years Crissy suspected this being due to her mother preferring an administrative office job instead of following the steps of Granny who has been one of the first steam engine mechanics in the Age of Steam. Despite these squarrel, her mother didn’t mind that Crissy hung around a lot in Granny’s workshop. She loved to watch her at work and to try out all the mechanical parts and gadgets which she could find there.

However, Crissy was still too young to become a apprentice before her granny died. Her family couldn’t keep the workshop by themselves and all that was left was the pocket watch which once belonged to Crissy’s grandpa she never met. It watch stopped working the day he died in an accident (it’s an interesting side note that her parents actually never really told her the actual circumstances under which both of her grandparents died). Crissy’s grandma always refused to repair the watch, so did Crissy.

The fire of machines still burned in Crissy, though. So, she had to look for another teacher as the time came. She heard a lot about Arcryla City, City of the arts but also of the machines – with excellent engineers. This was really intriguing and exciting (and she got full support from her family). The point Crissy dedicatedly continued to ignore was the point that Arcryla City was a flying city, high above the ground. The time she realized it, it was too late and Crissy, despite her fear of heights, on her way into a new life.

Digital Painting, comic style: My OC Crissy Faith seen in 3/4 front view, a young woman with short purple hair an big round glasses sitting and repairing something above her head, she is sitting on her mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling from her hip, to her side a handkerchief with a cheese, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise sandwich which she already had started to eat; the upper body is free except for the top which only covers chest, breasts and the back below her shoulders, hear skin is glaring due to the sweat covering hair, face and body, there are dirt and oil spots on these as well, so are on her coat, in the background a big grey cogwheel.

Part 2 – Change

Though new and exciting, life wasn’t easy as an apprentice. In the beginning Crissy didn’t have to pay for food and lodging and she even got a small apprentice salary in addition to some pocket money from her parents. Still, she moved into a new flat together with a fellow apprentice as soon as this salary increased sufficiently to afford this. Besides, she did extra hours to fulfill the wishes of their customers and already began to construct small devices to sell by herself.

However, although learning fast and blessed with talent and great curiosity as Crissy was, her master wasn’t willing to pay for another full trained steam engine mechanic. So, she would have worked selling herself short if it wouldn’t have been for her fellow apprentice who soon after finishing the apprenticeship found a new employer and pushed her to also doing so – for Crissy’s own goddamn sake (their words!).

Crissy would’ve wished otherwise at this point in time but some time after her flatmate moved out to live together with their girlfriend who showed up recently in their life. Like Crissy they loved to augment the flat with technical enhancements (don’t tell the landlord!) and she still sometimes gets surprised when she discovered one of them she until then didn’t know about. Same applies to other stuff they left behind (like the pair of boots which came handy for the Summer Festival’s Masquerade Party). Since Crissy now got a decent salary and she actually liked the solitary and to have more space to her own, she simply stayed and didn’t even look for a new flatmate.

Digital painting, comic style, light background: Crissy Faith, a young woman with short purple hair and big round glasses in a pajama embroidered with bears with eight legs, she is seen from the side hunkering down with a box of algae next to a mechanical bear with eight legs, the core of che mechanical bear is an aquarium, a projector throws a picture on the wall showing a water bear approaching towards some green algae, on the ground a pocket watch

Questions to our OCs
(asked on the Acryla City Discord Server)

Hobbies and Interests

Let’s answer those questions by Crissy and her girlfriend Paula by themselves:

Crissy: „Tending my water bears, feeding them, playing with them, going on walkies with them. And reading, non-fictional stuff about technology, natural sciences, history. Since I’ve been dating Paula about carnivorous plants, too. I mean … Paula knows a lot about them, more than you can ever know from books, but I have to try to keep up. And feeding my baking machine, of course, it’s quite matured now, I just have to figure out the ingredients for baking cakes and I’m already thinking of upgrading it to a full baking and cooking machine.“

Paula: „Jetbike riding, I even take part in races. I’m also playing the steam guitar and already played the Steam&Roll in the dear old Steam Tiger music shack. Then, there are my carnivorous plants, of course. I don’t know their scientififi…raspberry sound…fic names – you have to ask Crissy about that, she knows those things from books, even more than I know – for me they are just Samantha, Deborah, Audrey … Oh, and recently Sparrow came to me, I only know from Crissy that she’s a secretarybird, but I only call her a „long legged sharp beaked bird“, that’s shorter. And where she usually lives, perhaps she fled from a zoo or likewise, but there would’ve something in the newspaper, right? … Perhaps sometimes it’s not too bad to not reading the newspaper …“

Ambitions & Life Goals

Crissy: Following the path of my grandmother. Back in the early days of steampower she was one of the first steam engine mechanics. She did some small but big improvements to steam enigneering, I want to do the same. My family wasn’t able to keep her workshop after she died, but I built up my own here in Arcryla City and I’m going to make it even bigger!

Paula: Having fun.

Character Sheets

Since the first presentation (see the 1st main prompt) there has been some development and new ideas about her. Therefore I decided to elaborate her charactersheet and to add one showing her as person, not only her doing her job. Additionally, Potato Beta, a member of the Arcryla City Discord Server created a template for free use. So I filled it in as if Crissy herself filled it in and did the same with her girlfriend Paula:

CrissyTales – Crissy x CrisTales crossover

In spring 2022 I started playing „CrisTales“ on the Nintendo Switch. I have a lot of fun with it and I really love its art style ever since I first watched it in a Twitch stream. Then I realized the main character’s name is similar to the one of Crissy – Crisbell.

So, my mind came up with this Crissy x CrisTales crossover, depicting one of the dialogs which very very fast sticks in your head once you started to play (by now I can recite it by heart). I tried to meet the art style of the game but I also allowed me some artistic license, obviously, and instead of Matias the frog you get Crissy’s Water Bear Bot (you will find two screenshots I took on see the last slide for reference):

Designs from other artists

Additionally to my own designs, there are two from other artists created for me to my own use wherever I feel like to use them.

The first one is the price of the third place in the Arcryla City Summer Festival, a happy Crissy used as an emoji.

The second one is a special commission from the Simply Silly webcomic creators, featuring the idea of their main character „Silly Silvia“ and Crissy sitting on the same bench brooding over their crushes (Crissy) or making plans to engage them (Silly).

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Designs from other artists

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