Inspired by several artists on Instagram who regularly are posting paintings depicting the Western Zodiac signs, I got inspired to do the same by using my own OCs. I don’t believe in astrology, esoterism and simimlar kind of stuff, but I appreciate a good story and a good motif. It’s like with fairy tales and bible stories: You know it’s made up but it’s still pretty exciting stuff to read about.

The featured OCs are not necessarily born under the sign they depict, I just drew the OC who popped up in my mind when I thought of it. Plus, I think this goes without saying, the Zodiac versions of the OCs are not canon regarding their respective universes.

Since I started in November, the first sign was Scorpio, but I’m going to go through the full Zodiac circle. So, the rest wil be added month by month.


Paula Lucre – Acryla City