Inspired by several artists on Instagram who regularly are posting paintings depicting the Western Zodiac signs, I got inspired to do the same by using my own OCs. I don’t believe in astrology, esoterism and simimlar kind of stuff, but I appreciate a good story and a good motif. It’s like with fairy tales and bible stories: You know it’s made up but it’s still pretty exciting stuff to read about.

The featured OCs are not necessarily born under the sign they depict, I just drew the OC who popped up in my mind when I thought of it. Plus, I think this goes without saying, the Zodiac versions of the OCs are not canon regarding their respective universes.

Since I started in November, the first sign was Scorpio, but I’m going to go through the full Zodiac circle. So, the rest will be added month by month.

Scorpio SagittariusCapricornAquarius
Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

The Scorpion

Paula Lucre – Arcryla City

The Archer

Raven – Witchphibians

The Sea Goat
(aka Merindiana Jane and the Emerald Skull Mask)

Merindiana Jane – Mermaid

The Water Bearer

Crissy Faith – Arcryla City


Eusthy and Eusthwoo – Arrivals

The Ram

Samandra Elvennewt – Witchphibians

The Bull
aka Luca facing the Demise of a Kingdom

Princess Guard’s Guardwoman Luca
Tale of Cedrakon

The Twins
aka Double Trouble Redraw

Engineeriel the inventor mermaid