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Again I updated the pages concerning The Owl House. Every so oftenn I wrote down my impressions regarding the latest episode of The Owl House on Instagram. Therefore, I am going to collect them here as well.

They are written in the Point of View and with the knowlege of the date they aired, some thoughts turned out to be wrong, others still stand, so enjoy following my way watching these episodes:

S2E1: Seperate Tides
S2E2: Escaping Expulsion
S2E4: Keeping Up A-fear-ances
S2E5: Through the Looking Glass Ruin
S2E9: Eclipse Lake

S2E11: Follies at the Covens Day Parade
S2 E14: Reaching Out
S2 E21: King’s Tide

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 1: Separate Tides


Today, The Owl HouseSeason 2 started. I couldn’t resist to draw a painting of Luz going badass.

Because of lack of time I restrained to my minimalized style which I once planned to use to depict important Lumity moments (but didn’t find the time to do so yet). I should paint it in more details but I had to process this episode somehow very quickly, so, here we go …

Today’s episode was a great start into the second season.

Luz is using her glyph like she never did anything else. She came a long way since she first arrived on the Boiling Isles. Eda speaking out loud what every knows (how Luz changed the life of her friends for the better), Lilith and Hooty are getting along and I really like the Golden Guard. At least he know how to keep his word (Belos, I’m talking to you …) and he seems a really cool guy. I like those things about villains. I even suspect he didn’t check about the sealkie on purpose but it’s to early in the show to be sure. I’m excited to see more of him!

Season 2, Episode 2: Escaping Expulsion


This episode provided us with another epic Lumity moment!

What else?

I loved to see Eda and Lilith in back-to-school mode and Litith and Hooty becoming best friends. I am not surprised from Hootys pov. He already called her and the approaching Emperor’s guards „friends“ in season 1. She just didn’t know it yet.

Amity’s parents: I always suspected it won’t be less about Luz being a human to becoming the problem. After all, they are living in a world with a multitude of multitudes of different species of all forms and sizes. It’s all about power (and business, of course). Odalia seeing Luz, Willow and Gus (but mainly Luz) as a distraction from Amity’s studies and so from becoming the powerful which she wants her to be. She only let go after Alador’s hint that Amity actually became more powerful not despite but because of Luz.

Plus: I loved seeing Ed and Em again. They are doing siblings things (but at the same time being Ed and Em … and Amity being Amity – you know how they are).

Ah, well … and one piece of old fanart turned out of date, if Lilith and Eda are correct about the glyphs (I don’t doubt it).

Oh, and Luz blushing in the face of Amity defending her from the abomination. THAT was one of the most remarkable and important signs that there has to be more than friendship. Not to forget Amity’s „Stay away from my Luz!“.

There is so much more, don’t know where to stop, so I better stop now. I loved this episode even more than episode 1.

Season 2 Episode 4: Keeping Up A-fear-ances


The encounter with the Clawthorne Mum turned out different than I expected. Luckily, she had Luz by her side who was eager to help but always sceptical enough to literally doesn’t fall for three goblins in a coat. Besides, it reminded me of „Witches before Wizards“ but now she is the one who uncovers the scam. The information she gave Luz, however, was thrilling. Titan’s blood? Another human on the Boiling Isles? There is somethin in the library? I got a strong suspicion that the library soon will be looted by Luz and that we will encounter another adventure with her and Amity in the library.

Even more thrilling was the final sequence. Yes, we had a suspicion back in „Enchanting Grom Fright“ but I didn’t know what to make of it back then. Now we can be sure, there is something happening, something deeper than everything I could imagine. Before I thought something like „There is some magic around which sends Luz‘ text messages twisted into the human realm, so her Mum doesn’t get suspicious. But now everything has changed …

Please note: I got the number of the episode in this comic wrong and worse, I overwrote the file on my pc. I probably will fix it some day. Oh, and at this point in time I imagined Titan’s Blood to be read (I also may fix this some day):

Season 2 Episode 5: Through the Looking Glass Ruin


„Wow! Just wow!“ (quote Gus).

Where to begin with?! Yes – right at the end: THE great thing!

„You always have a way of sneaking into people’s hearts“ – That’s true in every respect and for Amity the most! I love her new haircut and colour and I really like here siblings „Bold move, sister“ – They know! Persumably I am short of words, I like the way the show takes, although I fear there my be drama at the end (but hope too „… if I showed you around someday“).

Still, the plot around Gus deserves attention, too. He is doubting himself because he hurt Willow but in the end of the episode he gains new self-confidence and starts bonding with Mattholomule.

Besides, we are getting a glimpse how Glandus works. Oh, and we got the see the Slitherbeast again – why is it in the City in the first place? Did something disturb its slumber?

Tiny details: Glandus seems to go with the same colour schemes as Hexside (for example green for plant track, purple for abomination track). I also spotted Tiny Nose again. Ever since „Sense and Insensitivity“ (Season 1 Episode 11) I wondered what happened to her because I didn’t spotted her appearance again (I feared she also might’ve been squared*).

*In the meantime I rewatched the the show and spotted her earlier after S1E11, so I didn’t had to worry at all).

Season 2 Episode 9: Eclipse Lake


Today’s episode was awesome. Now I’m quit sure that GG and Belos indeed are related to each other (calling someone „uncle“ doesn’t necessarily mean that he actually is your uncle, in particular since Belos „found“ GG, this didn’t sound like family bonds in the first instance) and that Belos is related to Wittebane (he has pointed ears, so, if he didnt find a way to hide round ears (illusion magic?), he presumably is not Wittebane himself). We also saw his face: He looks nicer as he is, indeed like the „good, nice uncle“ – but don’t let him deceive you!

There also were some beautiful and funny Luz moments, and Lumity moments, of course. „Of cours. It’s Luz we are talking about“ – every second of this scene was beaming with admiration for her girlfried.

You could hear and see that Luz finally found someone who loves her for what she is! It made me really happy to see this.

Still, what happened to the key make me think. I wonder if Belos still can use it? If no, Amity’s plan came together. Or rather one of her plans? I don’t think she really thought that handing over the key would take future threats away from the Owl House. Still worth a try and since she damaged the key, there is some probability that it won’t be of use for Belos anymore and at the same time she brought titan blood back to the Owl House. – This of course I only realised in the very last scene of the episode.

Season 2 Episode 11: Follies at the Covens Day Parade


We saw some nice interactions between the characters, Amity Luz, Willow Luz, Eda Raine, Luz Kiki.

Amity making Willow braids – new hair style, new step in a life.

We saw some awesome girlfriends‘ actions. They fought together before, now again, they are getting better at this every time.

Althought first (but not to much surprise) problems sneaking into the realionship, awesome girlfriends being awesome girlfriends (Amity doesn’t watching the video, doing the right thing, respecting Luz‘ privacy means REAL love!).

Still, Luz is too nice but the episode hinted that it’s a substitute action – and Kiki an asshole after all. So whatever happens to her now, it serves her right.

Speaking of … I loved to meet another coven leader! It’s always great to see, what the different kinds of magic are capable of peak performance. It still didn’t feel like these „Oh, gosh, wow!!“ moments I felt when watching Raine, Darius or Eberwolf (but there may come more!).

Season 2 Episode 14: Reaching Out


There was a lot of stuff in this episode worth talking about, Reaching out in so many aspects:

Some sidenotes up front, so they won’t remain unnotices among the more epic stuff: Eda literally calling Luz „Her child“ and yes, their relationship has this quality, it’s interesting, how Luz „borrows“ more and more of Eda’s stuff, not only the Penstagram, also the watch and the jacket (as someone on Instagram pointed out). Also I wonder whom Hunter intended to send his penstagram message „Let me alone“ with a picture of his sleeping Palisman. Willow, I guess? So they already are quite good chums? Plus: Hunter’s nick on Penstagram is „RulerzReachFan“, as someone on Instagram pointed out (yep, there are one thing or the other I don’t notice immediately), that’s the title of the book Luz and King wrote in season 1.

The Blight siblings are drifting away form the coven system. Not only that Amity doesn’t want to join a coven anymore, Edric gets acquainted with beast keeping and potion magic, too, and even Emira turns out to be good at healing magic. Apropos Blight siblings … Did they just establish that the twins are wearing gems to disguis their true appereances? I first thought they got gems to appear like the forms we saw throughout the episode but after rewatching and seeing a posting on Instagram just mention this, I seems like it took 33 episodes to saw their true forms?

Amity … wow … obviously, it bothers her a lot that her father barely notice her and just goes along with his wives actions. Well, not only going along, he also actively took part of it in the past (remember the „Willow was not on the invitation list“ flashback in „Understanding Willow“, it was him speaking). Amity’s new hair colour, he likes it because it’s abomination colour. Does this mean, Amity chose this colour to reach out to her dad? Thinking further:

Does this mean Amity chose abomination magic to reach out to her dad in the first place? And still … this episode she emphasizes that from now on she will make her own choices – our candycottoned hair goddess has come so far!

But, comíng near the scene I did this fanart about, Amity also reaching out to Luz. Luz is acting strange the whole episode, Amity noticing this of course, but in the beginning not being able to reach her, breaking through these insivible walls, even worse, Luz lied to her (again). My heart froze watching this. And still, they managed in the end. Luz opened her heart, they both notice that being in a relationship isn’t pink clouds and love tunnels all the time, relationships have ups and downs, you have to work on it and they did. I love how this relationship is depicted so … yes, so real!

Then, the final minutes were some of the most intense ones of the whole show. It was no big fight scene, it was no epic Grom dance, their peak doesn’t even took a few seconds, half a minute at the maximum, but they were full emotion and bittersweetness. The symbolism, sitting under the Grom tree which took them finally to the path to where they are now, Luz reaching out again, to Amity, to her Mum, to her dead dad, Amity really being most awesome girlfriend ever. And then the epic words:

„Probably doesn’t work that way.
But it’s a nice thought, right?“

Next scene: Camila placing the flower by the window.

Well … you noticed? Surely you noticed?!

This kind of symbolism is the kind which is able to put tears in my eyes, giving this scene this intensity, this bittersweetness. It’s already one of my favourite scenes along with the Grom dance and the fight scene from Eclipse Lake.

Season 2 Episode 21: King’s Tide


Still processing the The Owl House season 2’s finale „King’s Tide“. It was a breathtaking ride. At the same time I felt robbed of all what we would might have seen in season 3 if it wasn’t going to be cropped. This way, I fear, we only will see 1st episode findign a way back to the Boiling Isles, 2nd episode finding a way to defeat the Collector and 3rd episode actually defeating them in one way or the other. Such a waste of potential! Still I’m sure Dana & Co will make the best of it.

There was one detail that immediately caught my eyes: The picture of Anne Boonchuy (Amphibia) in the newspaper on Camila’s tablet. This not only confirms (again) that both shows play in the same universe, at this very moment my head also created this picture of Camila contacting the Boonchuys for some kind of self-help group or similar and how this way Luz and Anne finally meet to share their experiences.

Addendum: I added another cartoon later, again playing with the anticipations the fandom came up with.

Addendum: I also watched Gravity Falls last week. Since all three shows almost canonically take place in the same uni/multiverse, the idea of Dipper commenting the conversation (and Mabel talking back to him) seemed the obvious thing.

I had to paint them a little bit older than in the show because they would be almost 23 years old by now and of course I painted them in my own style. Still, I tried to keep them recognizable by keeping the „Disney roundness“.

As with Anne before too, I had to search the internet for their eye colours because in the show the eyes are only small black dots. They are brown but it isn’t mentioned which brown. So I simply chose the same brown as Anne’s hair colour. Luckily, Dipper’s and Mabel’s skin and hair colours are the same, so I could stick to the same colour palette.

You also will spot a Waddles ear pendant, a little Easter egg I gave Mabels to underline the weirdness she still maintains even as an adult.