Best of 2022

As usual, I also did several art summaries in the end of 2022.

Summary of Art 2022:

Jan: Blowing Up
February: Photograph
March: Weaving Magic
April: Reaching Out
May: The Heart inside our Caves
June: The Floodycorn

July: Moonlight Magic
August: Rise of the Mamangogo
September: Birds in the Garden
October: Demons, no Angels
November: Scorpio
December: Brewing Magic

Art vs Pfp (aka Kritzel’s Choice 2022) + Best of Fanart

Art vs. PfP

1. Raven and the Chamber of Witchcraft
2. Campfire Queens
3.Demons, No Angels
4.Wytch on Vakation
5. Moonlight Magic DTIYS
6. The Heart inside our Caves
7. Birds in the Garden
8. Reaching Out
9. Brewing magic

  • A collage (3x3) of 9 2022's paintings of mine (left to right): 1. Raven and the Chamber of Witchcraft (Witch Apprentice universe); 2. Campfire Queens (Carles Dalmay fanart featuring Emma and Kopi at a campfire; 3. Demons, no Angels (Arcryla City OCs Crissy and Paula dressed up as demons); 4. Wytch on Vakation (Mermay OC The Little Sea Witch at a Spa resort); 5. Moonlight Magic DTIYS (Witch apprentices Raven and Samandra doing magic in front of a fullmoon); 6. The Heart inside our Caves (Axolotl Mermay cuddling Nessie in a cave lake); 7. Birds in the Garden (Arcryla City OC Paula stretching idly on her balcony with carnivouros plants, being visited by a secretery bird she called Sparrow); 8. Reaching Out (The Owl House fanart, floating flowers on a goo balloon and a flower in a vase); 9. Brewing Magic (Raven and Sam brewing a potion, Sam almost falling into the cauldron after she turned into a frog, Sam saving her).

Best of Fanart

1. Remember Bob – fanart
2. Campfire queens, combined – Carles Dalmau fanart
3. Liritha on Yamur’s Hill –
4. Campfire Queens, Day (Kopi)
5. Reaching Out – The Owl House fanart
6. Campfire Queens, Night (Emma)
7. Blowing up – Arcane fanart
8. Crissy Tales – ArcrylaCity X ChrisTales
9. Don’t ask – Secret Santa TOH fanart

Face your Art and Face your Art Mermaid Edition 2022:

Face your Art

1. Heart Goldwing

2. + 3. Blowing Up
4. + 5. Weaving Magic
6. Campfire Queens
7. Heartbroken Goddess – Love
8. Zeppelin Light Ride
9. Liritha on Yamur’s Hill

  • Face your Art 2022, digital painting, comic style, a collage of 9 close-ups of faces from my paintings, square (3x3), left to right, top to bottom: 1. Heart Goldwing (magic girl with blue and white hair and clothes); 2. + 3. Blowing Up (Vi + Caithlyn (both Arcane (Netflix show) fanart); 4. + 5. Weaving magic (my OCs Samandra + Raven leaning towards each other, Samandra doing some magic); 6. Campfire Queens (The characters Kopi + Emma merged into one picture, left half Kopi, a red-orange mermaid with tentacles instead of hair, right half a orange haired girl); 7. Heartbroken Goddess - Love (young woman with short white hair holding heart with a darkened area inside); 8. Zeppeling Light Ride (my OCs Paula + Crissy kissing and holding each other); 9. Liritha on Yamur's Hill (young woman with blue skin and antlers and long purple hair).
  • A collage of faces of mermaids I drew in 2022, all paintings digital paintings, comic style, square 3x3, left to right, top to bottom: 1. Engineeriel in sideview, goggles down; 2. Ceratia (anglerfish mermaid wit a rod with a light buld); 3. Axola (pink mermaid resembling an axolotl); 4. Nema (clownfish mermaid, short orange hair); 5. Merindiana Jane (a mermaid resembling Indiana Jones); 6. Merdusa (pale blue skinned mermaid with white snakes instead of hair); 7. The Little Sea Witch (dark hair, a mud mask in her face, lifting a slice of cucumber from her right eye); 8. Crissy as Mermaid (young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses); 9. Paula as Mermaid (young woman, turqoise hair in side cut).

Mermaid Edition

1. Engineeriel
(„A Bridge between Worlds“, Mermay week 2)
2. Ceratia
(„The Return of the Merindiana Jane“, Mermay week 1)
3. Axola
(„The Heart inside our Caves“, Mermay week 3)
4., 5. + 6. Nema, Merindiana Jane, Merdusa
(„The Mermay Squad“)
7. The Little Sea Witch
(from „Wytch on Vakation“, Mermay week 4)
8. + 9. Crissy and Paula as mermaids