Arcryla City

Arcryla City is the name of a very supportive Discord server, a safe space for artists to share their designs, their work, advices, help in any aspect of painting, traditional, digital, 2D, 3D, in which style ever and just for fun talk, of course. It has established a nice and bustling community (to get further information, please see the Instagram account of „our“ Mayor).

In summer 2021 a Summer Festival (Instagram-Link) took place in which I participated. How its started and how it was going you will see by following the link to the Arcryla City Summer Festival 2021.

Digital Painting, comic style: Crissy Faith, A young woman who has got short purple hair and is wearing big round glasses. She is also wearing a grey short-legged overall, green and purple striped leggins and toe free boots. She is leaning with her back against the technical equipment encircling a carousel. In her right hand she is holding candy floss. There is also a small wall on which is attached a poster saying "Arcryla City Summer Festival" with drawings of balloons, rings, masks, candyfloss and carousel horses on it. In the inner part of the carousel you can see three horses or parts thereof, glitter, pennants, flowers and flying blossoms. Crissy's eyes are catching an open hatch in the encompassing machine covering with view on the cogweehls within and a screw lying outside in the grass

Even after the ending of the festival, I’m painting more paintings, mostly featuring my persona/OC Crissy Faith. Actually, this OC gained a life ot its own, so there already has been several character sheets, a commissioned panel from the creators of the Simply Silly webcomics, a written background story and a bunch of paintings continuing her tale.

Digital Painting, comic style: A painting of a poster of my OC Crissy Faith seen in 3/4 front view, a young woman with short purple hair an big round glasses sitting and repairing something above her head, she is sitting on her mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling from her hip, to her side a handkerchief with a cheese, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise sandwich which she already had started to eat; the upper body is free except for the top which only covers chest, breasts and the back below her shoulders, hear skin is glaring due to the sweat covering hair, face and body, there are dirt and oil spots on these as well, so are on her coat, in the background a big grey cogwheel.

Arcryla City

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