„Draw This In Your Style“ is a challenge to draw someone else’s painting in your own style. The rules may vary but in general changes and new interpretations are allowed. I also already hosted one myself with my OC Crissy Faith. You will find it on a separate subpage.

I can’t show here the original paintings (because they aren’t mine) but if possible, I will provide a weblink to them.

Star Girl und Water Lily
by DjamilaKnopf


My very first DTIYS painting was in April 2020 with Star Girl of whom I also painted a fairy version. Subsequently, I’d to admit that they changes may have been quite sever, still I like both paintings:

by odnatamyara

The challenge was to put the youn woman seen below into a square. No simple task.

Digitalzeichnung, Comicstyle: Eine junge Frau mit dunkelbraunen Haaren in einem Quadrat. Sie trägt einen Nasenring und Ohranhänger, die an Erde und Mond erinnern. Auf ihrem rechten Arm hat sie eine Schlange tätowiert. Als Oberteil, trägt sie ein weißes, bauchfreies Top, die Hose ist dreiviertel lang und im Leopardenfell-Style gehalten. Sie passt kaum in der Quadrat und schaut genervt. Der Hintergrund besteht aus hellgrünen Wolken vor helltürkisem Grund.

Skater Fairy
by marinthedrawer

Again, I took some liberties and made her a fairy with wings. I also changed the hair style. Additionally, being a fairy she doesn’t have got a skateboard, she is skating on leaves and fairy dust. You also will see a close-up below.:

Horn Glow Girl
by marcyzu.art

Digitalzeichnung, Comicstil vor einem dunkelrot gefüllten Kreis auf einem roten/pinken Hintergrund: Eine Frau mit langem, dunkelblau schimmerndem Haar, mit einem Pappbecher in der rechten Hand posierend, mit der linken Hand das V-Zeichen machend. Sie trägt ein rotes, bauchfreies Oberteil mit dünnen Trägern (schwarz, weiße Punkte darauf) und einen roten Rock, der in ihrer Bewegung mitschwingt. Die Kleidung ist ebenso von schwarzem Band mit weißen Punkten eingerahmt und ebensolche Bänder laufen an ihren Armen entlang und um ihren Hals. Unter jedem Auge ist je ein pinker Punkt, sie trägt pinken Lidschatten und pinken Nagellack. Auf ihrem Kopf sitzen zwei blau-grün leuchtende Hörner. Das Leuchten spiegelt sich in ihren Haaren wider.

Meike’s Mermay
by meikearts

Digital painting, comic style: A mermaid with turqoise tail and a long, bifurcated fin, there is also a smaller fin at her hip, the bra are two blue mussels. She's got red hair which is styled in a sidecut, falling straight from her right side of the head and winding along her belly to me meet likewise bifurcated with the tips of the tail fin. She is wearing a starfish, a shell and a sea snail's shell in her hair, the starfish fixed with a headband made of algae. The left hand touches her left ear, the right hand is flat under her chin, her left eye is winking to the viewer

Et_Meli’s milestones
by Et_Meli

Winter Elf
100 Follower DTIYS challenge

Sunset Girl
300 Follower DTIYS challenge

The Girl in the Glass Box
by Potato_Beta for Dysautonomia Awareness Month

Heart Goldwing
by Pocket_Andrew

Digital painting, comic style: A young girl in front view, brown skin, blue hair, blus nail polish, blue lipstick, blue eyes with heartshaped pupils, the wrists are crossed above the position of her heart, she's wearing gloves with sparkling heartspaded diamonds, there is a heartshaped boob windows in her top, she is wearing blue skirts, blue leggings and a semi-transparant blue cape, golden pendands hanging from ear piercings, two golden hearts on ech leg of the leggings; blue background, a big white empty heart with a smaller white empty heart in it behind her, sparkles building a track from her fingertips along the outer heart; blue and white petals in the foreground.

Cactus Knight
by Greenfinch Garden