Dr. Jacqueline Kiefer-Hill (né Kiefer), called „Jacky Hill“, a biochemist who came from Germany as an exchange student to gain her Ph.D.

At university she met doctoral candidate of the Medical Sciences Eliza Hill, now Dr. Eliza Kiefer-Hill, fell in love with her, married her – and stayed.

She loves her wife and she loves bad punes and play on words. She also loves to watch movies, going to the theatre whenever possible. Though, she usually skips her maiden name since English speakers never get it right. Still, she never gets tired to tell her wife, that „Kiefer“ is the German word for „Jaws“ who in return made this Jacky’s nickname.

Jacky now is working at BigPharma Labs (BPL), a big research institute in the heart of the city. Her main research project is wrapped around the topic of defeating diseases like cancer by using the DNA of sharks. She is very focussed on this goal but after one evening in the labs which she doesn’t remember at all, she sometimes doesn’t feel the same as before …


Dr. Eliza Kiefer-Hill (né Hill), called „Liz“. She is fromthe westcoast and moved to the eastcoast to get her doctoral grade.

She gained it at the same time as Jacky and as soon as they met, they got on like a house on fire.

Sometimes she is missing the warm weather of the westcoast and in particula the sea. There is sea here too – but it’s a cold, unfriendly sea, nothing like the sea she learned to love at home.

She is working as an emergency doctor at the local district’s general hospital. Her thinking is a very straightforward one and her approach to the job differs from the one of her wife. She doesn’t aim on the good of the whole world, she simply wants to save the lives of the badly injured at hand.