Since I’m fan of the Disney show The Owl House, I couldn’t help but notice another show closely linked to it: Amphibia!

I watched the whole show aired so far up on one weekend and soon had to paint two of my favorite characters. And even during the hiatus, I left references in other paintings I created during this time. On this webpage you will find them all. And since the third and last season now started again, I every so often may give my 5 cents of what I think of the episodes airing.

Spoilers ahead!

Season 3 Episode 17: Escape to Amphibia

Terri is awesome!


I loved her immediately after her first appereance and now even more! Besides, I wasn’t this wrong with the background of my Terri painting. And the yoghurt covered pretzels gave me a good laugh.

Likewise, I really really are in love with Anne’s partens. They are so awesome, so supportiv. They make me proud of my generation (yes, I already am this old), I’m happy that we are not depicted like some sticks up their butts pricks as usually is tempting to show in a kids show to give the protagonist even more trouble than they already have, but the cheerful nerds we are.

„Space parents are the worst!“ – We grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek after all!

In general it was great to see all the supportive supporting characters again and all in one place. It was awesome to see their interactions and how they all work together to get Anne and the Plantars back to Amphibia.

Finally, I got the impression, Anne’s powers become more steady, it even felt like she could awake them on purpose.

It was one of the best episodes so far – I’m still hooked!