(K)Nights and Days on the Beach

It’s only two weeks since the February recap, but I already got four new art pieces, so let’s do a mid-March recap!

First of all, Witchphibians series got a new character, Kimeira Wartribe. I actually created here already in February but saved her for the March’s PaintLog.

Creating this character and the accompanying text sheet also made it necessary (or to it felt) to write down all the Witchphibians lore I came up so far in one single work.

At the same time I changed the subpage’s web address from „Raven-Frogfeet“ to „Witchphibians„. The old page still is available, so older links won’t lead into nothingness, but now you will get directly on a page that bears the series name.

Before doing this I also participated in another DTIYS and afterwards I wanted to draw a new Crissy&Paula piece so badly. It turned out not to be done that fast as hoped for (as usual), but I’m quite proud of it (and there again is a not so safe for work version on my special Patreon account*).

*If you are new here:You will get access via a tip in my jar on Ko-fi.

Witchphibians: Kimeira Wartribe

It took me almost a whole year to add another character to the Witchphibians series.

I had this idea of a battle witch riding an axe instead of a broom some time ago. Doing so, I could have stopped by drawing her on an empty canvas, but as usual I got carried away and thought „What if she is some kind of guardian of Witchwood?*“.

I also was struggling a little bit with here name. Initially, I thought of something like „Chimeira“, but this would’ve been shortened to „Chi“ and this name already is taken by another character (in a completely different context) who is really dear to me.

So I got to the „K“ and this way I was able to shorten her name to „Kim“. I also wasn’t sure if she is going to be spelled „Kimeira“ or „Kimera“ but in the end, I kept the „ei“. Additionally, I wanted to call her „Yasha ‚Kimeira‘ Wartribe“.

At the point of time I was drawing her, I read a book about Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, „Yasha“ would’ve been a blending of the name of the security officer „Tasha Yar“. Plus, it resembled the name „Sasha Waybright“ from Disney’s Amphibia series. It wasn’t intended but she even got a scar in her face.

Still, I abandoned „Yasha“ for now since it wouldn’t have fit into the witches name system that I established so far (on the other hand this leading to writing the Almanac (see below) to explain the handling of the witches names (among other things)).

However, you can be asured, the name „Yasha“ connected with Kimeira will pop up again in the future.

Another issue I was struggling with was if she is going to be called a „Battle Witch“ or a „Warrior Mage“. Again, the fist one wouldn’t have fit into the nomenclature system of my witches world where witches with a magical profession are called „mages“ and, well, nobodys stops her (or others) to call „Battle Witch“ in day to day live.

*The not yet mentioned region where the Witchphibians series is taking place.

With this piece I took the opportunity to playing around with blurs again. Sadly, many of the background details I worked on for hours go blurred too and there was no way to de-blur them without crushing the whole painting. But, well it, it wasn’t that of a problem.

A problem was, however, that I added a leafy shadow overlay but I forgot to blur it first round. Therefore, it looked more like Kimeira was covered in mud. The (now) final piece, though, is the corrected version.

Sidenote: Not long after I finished Kimeira, the anime show „Izetta“ on Crunchyroll caught my eye (and I loved to watch it). Seems like there already have been other people around with the idea of a fighting witch riding on a weapon through the air – Izetta even has the same hair colour like Kimeira.

DTIYS: Cactus Knight

I don’t do a lot of DTIYS. Like with fanart, ideas regarding my own OCs are too many and time is rare. Still, this DTIYS of Greenfinch.Garden (Instagram) caught my idea right from the beginning and I wanted to participate. However, it took me until a few days before the deadline before I got any idea how to approach it.

I got the idea of an armor resembling an organic grown plant and its leaves with spikes, like a cactus. Same applies to the sword. Hence the title of my drawing. I even thought of giving her a green skin colour but then I thought brown also will be fit for a cactus.

The armor in the original painting is more silver but to get the cactus, it had to be changed towards green. This had the disadvantage that I had to struggle with the sword not standing out enough. Both had the same colour tone, the one the original painting provided for the plants. So I painted the blade way brighter and the hilt way darker.

I also changed the pose and this resulted in an exercise in shading because now one side of her body lies in shadows, the other one is lightened by the moon. Actually, I’m quiete proud how I managed this.

Witchphibians: The Witches Almanac

As hinted above, when creating Kimeira I noticed there were so many details I until now only kept in my head or hinted at in past posts you would have to search first to get this information. It also may become handy to have something you actually can look minor details up, if they slipped your mind (even as creator of the series).

So, the idea of an almanac to collect all the lore of Witchphibians was born.

I put it in the design of an actual Almanac, using the paper texture as background which I used since the Mermay 2020 entries as background for things written down on pages (may it be Samandra’s Fabric Journal, the Mermaid Squad’s character sheets or the letter Sam received on „Pragmatic Alien Day“).

Right from the beginning I wanted to decorate it with (newly drawn) tiny sketches but it also came handy to just insert old drawings in black & white (or rather a deep purple & transparent parts).

So far I shared three postings on Instagram, feauturing the introduction, a disclaimer, the terminology and some chapters of the main part.

The first part is some kind of introduction and terminology to tell you what the Almanac is talking about when using certain terms. And since there were space left, I also included a disclaimer with copyright information and information about what influenced to this series.

The more interesting information is to be found in the main part which gives an overview over the witches community, social structury, some traditions and general behaviours. It will be continued in the future whenever new information comes to my mind and feels consistent enough to be put into words and sentences.

Arcryla City: Kiss on the Beach

Since my last Crissy painting (as Aquarius) was from January, my last Arcryla City painting (Secret Santa to Eun Bee, depicting her OC) and the last Crissy Arcryla City painting even from end of October (the Midnight Gala piece), I felt the urge to draw a Crissy Paula Arcryla City painting again.

„One advantage of living in a floating city was that you were able to go places. Sandy, warm and splashy places.“ (NSFW version: „One advantage of living in a floating city was that you were able to go places. Sandy, hot and wet places.“)

I felt, they needed some „us“ time and also wanted to took the opportunity to practice anatomy and anatomy poses again (at the same time adding more content to my Patreon account for more explicite poses).

First I thought of depicting them making out under the shower. To get a SFW piece I would’ve tucked them into one big blanket. But this wouldn’t have taken away the N in NSFW at all (even more so, because it would’ve fired the fantasy and got you an even more imaginative picture in you head of what they might be doing there under the blanket).

So, I tried to skip the blanket and just give them swimsuits* for the SFW version and it worked in every way I could imagine. The shower head remained, though, because there are showers on public beaches. The hardest part of this drawing was to draw the kiss, though. If you don’t want to get a nose boop, the heads had to be tilted. Therefore, I looked up references and drew my way pixel for pixel towards the kiss you are able to see now.

The first approach of beach scene already contained Acrcryla City floating in the sky in the background. There were two reasons why I additionally put some leaves in the upper right corner.

1. Because I planned a NSFW version it would’ve looked strange seeing them enjoying each other when a whole city in the background is able to watch them doing so.

2. The city alone won’t have the same effect as the other object in the edges of the painting. There would’ve been some kind of big space, leading the eye away from the important part towards the floating city.

So, I added an extra object to frame the painting properly. In a first attempt, now the city wasn’t to be seen anymore at all, but I erased some of the leaves. Therefore, you now are able to spot the city again (after giving attention to anything else).

*Perhaps you noticed, Crissy’s swimsuit resembles the colours of the Pansexual Pride flag, Paula’s fingers and toes nail polish together with the bikini the one of the Lesbian Pride flag.


Let’s prepare another PaintLog entry. With luck it will be finished in 2-3 weeks again.* Perhaps I can call myself lucky because two weeks ago I did my latest piece and then I didn’t find the motivation to do another one. This means that I can present you those 1-2 weeks old pieces today, though.

Both are somewhat unusual compared to my other pieces. The first one (Scorpio) is an attempt of transferring OCs (Paula in this case) into alternative environments, the second one an DTIYS that I joined.

*It actually took only 2 days this time.

ZodiOCs: Scorpio

Every so often I see artwork from brilliant artists depicting the Zodiac signs in one way or the other. Whereas I don’t believe in astrology, star signs, esoterism or similar stuff, I still appreciate a good story or a good motif (like fairy tales or religious stories: You know it’s made-up, but it“s fascinating stuff nontheless).

So, I got inspired to my very own series of depicting the Zodiac signs. To this purpose I’m going to put Original Characters (OCs) into drawing showing the respective Zodiac sign of the year. However, the OCs may not necessarily be born under the sign they depict.

Since I started in the beginning of November, the first sign was Scorpio and my OC Paula from Arcryla City perfectly fit into it. Or rather the other way around: Imaging her as a Zodiac sign created this idea in the first place. The next one (Sagittarius) is already finished and can be found as early access on my Ko-fi account for a tip in my jar.

Her hair already roughly has the shape of a scorpion’s sting and in steampunk version she is known for wearing high heeled boots, so the image of a sharp and thin, sting-like boot’s heel also jumped to my mind, legs and feet being positioned over head.

I also added minor details that aren’t part of her normal design like the tattoos and the ear jewellery. I wasn’t sure if to add the vines, though, but she her hobby is growing carnivorous plants (which have to be trimmed) and this way the scissor gauntlets actually make sense.

DTIYS: Heart Goldwing

Some time ago Instagram user Pocket Andrew started hosting a DTIYS. Although I don’t do DTIYS that regularly (my OCs have got priority), this time I wanted to participate.

Seeing the original painting, I got the idea of a magical girl in a Sailor Moon like pose. With stars and glitter and all. Since 3/4 body made the best impression, the boot and the roller skates weren’t in the picture in the sense the original one shows them.

Therefore I had to change one trinket of the ear jewellery of each ear, so you now find them there. The petals in the foreground are supposed to not only add to the Sailor Moon like scene, they also are suppossed to add depth.

Statues of the Midnight Lights

It’s been a while since my last PaintLog. I just didn’t feel motivated enough in the last few week and whenever I tried, other obligations kicked in and well – if something that is supposed to be fun feels like duty … take a break.

This said, I was writing this PaintLog entry for around three weeks now, the artpieces that I’m sharing today are from the end of October. There are even more, but I will share them with you next time.

The main piece that occupied me three weeks of October was the entry to the Arcryla City Midnight Gala that took place some days before Halloween. As usual, our entries were supposed to be revealed during the showcase. It was a Halloween event with costumes and all.

However, I also finished the Inktober piece, keeping up adding prompts to the Heartbroken Goddess. Those were the prompts „Statue“ and „Light“.

Heartbroken Goddess: Statue + Light

With October Kalisamiii’s Inktober challenge came to an end. I already planted the statue part when drawing the goddess in the first place. I only added some cracks and the smaller statue inside the heart, telling the reason why she is heartbroken.

But this isn’t the end, because where’s light there’s hope:

Initilly, the rays weren’t planned but I figured, this way it makes a greater impression, showing what’s going on.

  • Digital painting made with an ink brush in dark blueish black and light colours: A young woman holding a heart with a darkened area inside in front of herself; she has white short hair, framing her face, the head is lowered, the eyes are closed, tears can be seen; no visible clothes but the heart and the hand covering her breast and shadows around her covering arms and lower body, tiny gleaming stars in the darkness and in the foreground.

Demons, No Angels

The Arcryla City Midnight Gala again was a great spectacle. There were so many amazing entries.

We got our assignment, our „theme“ beforehand and weren’t supposed to tell anyone which costume our OCs got. To everybody’s surprise it turned out that everyone got the same costume: Demon.

There is an additional sheet to my entry with a narrative text and a tiny doodle to explain how Crissy and Paula managed to create all those special effects you can see on the painting. This happens by the  technical capabilities of the steampunk world they are living in. In some cases, like the colored contact lenses, I figured that contact lenses would’ve been around although they were made of glass and not that comfortable (but this wouldn’t have stopped them from wearing them). Moreover, the colored version only came into existence after the need for them arised by the movie industry. Still, this won’t stop Crissy and Paula either to ask one of the ingenius opticians of Arcryla City.

If you look close, you will see several popcultural references from TV shows and video games and of course there are the little statues of the Arcryla City’s Mayor Alexander and Lynette, his assistant.

Last but not least: The Gala also was a drawing contest and guess what? My painting was one of the two winner paintings!!

I was so happy when this was announced!

There even was a price: I could choose one of my OCs to be drawn as an emote for the Discord server (and for any other purpose I’d like to use it for). When I got sent it to me, I will share it here too in my next PaintLog!

Spaces and Times

Zeppelin Light Ride

This time I postponed the PaintLog release on purpose because I prepared a special piece of art that took until Monday to finish it.

Technically, last weekend it was my OCs Crissy’s and Paula’s anniversary. So, I prepared their anniversary piece.

Zeppelin Light Ride

Last year, my Arcryla City OC Crissy, her friend Potato, her boyfriend Conway (both OCs of Potato_Beta) and Crissy’s crush Paula went on a Zeppelin Night Ride. As (intended) result Crissy and Paula left the ride as girlfriends. This ride took place one day after the Sleepover painting although it wasn’t before December as we could share the artwork.

Digital Painting, a collaboration project in comic/anime style: The Arcryla City OCs Potato Delta, Conway, Crissy and Paula on the dancefloor, Crissy/Paula to the left, Potato/Conway to the right; Conway is a huge guy in a blute coat and a dark tophat with white-blonde hair, holding Potato tight who is leaning against him with closed eyes, Potato is wearing a golden and blue shoulder free dress with golden frills, she has orange short hair, two long strains falling down her cheeks; Paula has short, light green hair as side fringe, purple lips and is wearing a bellyfree button-down shirt without sleeves, platform boots and a skirt with frills, all clothes are green, she also wears black bands around neck and wrists; she is holding Crissy tight and leaning over her while Crissy is leaning backwards; Crissy has short purple hair and big round glasses, she wears a bellyfree corsagelike purple top, a short light purple skirt and purple toefree boots, she is blushing; in the backgrpund people at tables and a big window with flying glowing fish; to the right there are mechanical music instruments which are playing themselves, a pipe, a saxiphone, a cello and a violin; in the foreground two chanedeliers and the contours of people

So, the flight started on 18 September and so the anniversary date has been set.

Again I wanted to practice anatomy and yet unfamiliar poses. Since I also wanted to show you my anatomical studies, right from the beginning I was drawing three paintings in one. This is the reason it took almost a full week to finish the two characters. It was quite time consuming but it helped a lot to switch between the different versions in the end, so all three of them could be shared more or less simultanously (the only reason I didn’t was because I just was too sleepy when they were finished).

As usual, the two other versions are too fleshy to be shown on this website. Therefore, I shared them on my Patreon NSFW that you can enter by tipping my jar on my Ko-fi account.

As Crissy’s and Paula’s anniversary approached, Crissy got the idea to repeat their last year’s zeppelin ride together. After an eventful evening and as highlight the flying fish showing up again, she and Paula enjoyed the rest of the night together in their cabin under the lights of Arcryla City’s unique skylife.

If you follow my art for a while, you soon will spot several references to earlier paintings:.

  • Digital paintin, comic style: The setting is a warm and bright morning, Paula (young woman, short turqoise hair in sidecut, toe polish in rainbow colors, nail polish in Lesbian Pride colors), standing on her balcony, stretching, one eye closed, the other one opening, the hair messy, she doesn't wear any visible clothes, hips and pelvis are covered by the railing and the pots and plants attached to it, her breast by a big leave of one of the several carnivorous plants of different types around, their twines winding the railing; at the right edge of the painting a big secretary bird is landing, looking towards Paula; in the background an open balcony door with windows, curtains flapping outwards, behind the door a room with a canopy bed, someone with purple hair lying in it, one leg peeking out from under the blanket, pictures on the wall; in the foreground tow blurred birds and flying blossoms; the look is a little bit washy, blurred at the edges.
  • Digital painting, comic style: Crissy Faith (young woman, big round glasses, purple hair) in the centre of the painting, standing on a step stool, her right arm raised, wearing a black bellyfree leather suite with golden zippers and long leather gloves; next to her Potato (young woman, ginger neck long hair, two long bangs falling down the side, boots, kneelong skirt, brown leather corset, shoulder free blouse) in sideview, tailoring Crissy's suit; in the right edge of the painting Paula (young woman, short light turqoise hair, wearing plaided toefree boots, a plaided skirt and a bellyfree purple leather shirt) in sideview leaning with her butt against a shelf, amused facial expression, holding the fist in front of her mouth, grinning; in the left edge Conway's head (white hair, ponytail consisting of several streaks), impatient facial expression; Text: Conway "You still not ready?!", Potato, Crissy and Paula: "No!"; small oblong text box with an arrow towards Conway saying "Waiting for hours", decorated by Crissy's pocket watch.
  • Digital painting, comic style: A photograph in sepia colours slightly askrew showing a ballroom inside of a Zeppelin with Paula and Crissy in it; Crissy: young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, skirt, bellyfree top, toefree kneeboots; Paula: young woman, light green hair, a big bang combed to the left side, knee long dress, parted at the front, many frills, bellyfree shirt, plateau kneeboots, holding a bottle of wine to hide it behind her back; they are standing close together, Crissy looking blushing to Paula, Paula looking to the wine bottle out of the corners of her eyes; chairs, a table and a window showing a star filled night sky in the background; the photo is laid centrally over the (coloured) version of the Zeppelin's ballroom.
  • Digital painting, comic style: Crissy (young woman, purple hair, big round glasses, wearing yellow and black striped trousers and a short-legged dark violet mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling out of the back pocket) in side view, sitting in the squat watching a robot labelled "Steamomix 2000", a roughly egg form on three wheels with several hoses, cogwheels and cylinders, on top a funnel with a red arrow facing downwards, there also is a small open oven's door and a conveyor band with a black burnt cake on it, covered in black smoke; a thick black cloud of smoke is emerging from a small exhaust pipe, hitting Crissy straight in the face.

The Steamomix 2000 by now obviously is able to bake cakes without burning them, though. And of course, Sparrow this time is with them. It perhaps won’t be readable but the last painting of above-mentioned paintings also shows that pets are allowed on board.

Apropos on board. My collab partner Potato and I talked about that Crissy told about her plans with Potato in advance and that she and Conway again were joining the ride with Crissy and Paula together. This painting takes place after they retreated to their respective cabins.

To indicate that they are on a zeppelin ride and not for example in Crissy’s appartment, I added a big rotor in the background. In my first attempt, the flying fish were flying in the opposite direction, but this had the effect that the eye would’ve been drawn out of the picture, away from the two protagonists. Now they are leading towards them.

Still, I was struggling with the right bottom corner. The space appeared quite empty here. I thought of drawing some curtains in the background but this looked like they were caught in a big glass case. Another option would’ve been some clothes lying around on the bench but this didn’t work either.

Luckily, I hadn’t decide where to put Crissy’s glasses yet (she won’t be wearing them while making out with Paula) and the pocket watch still had been missing. I put the glasses in the bottom right corner, then I put the watch to the left side, I switched them, I switched them back and finally the watch ended behind Crissy.

One small background detail is different in the more fleshy paintings that you’ll find on Patreon, though.

Call to Fraction

Harp(y)’s Call

Again, this PaintLog that was supposed to be published Sunday’s will be one or two days late. As life changes, so do time schedules. Therefore I may shift the release day slightly but still I plan to keep my pace and to publish in the beginning of each week at the latest.

Recently, I shared the two for now last entries for the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival that ended some weeks ago. But as I did this I also said that there still are ideas coming up to my mind.

Well …

Harp(y)’s Call

Although the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival ended, the prompt „Song/Music“ inspired me to the painting below. There is actually another prompt that inspired me to explain how Paula got the harp in the first place, but I decided to paint the painting that takes less time first (I won’t be able to paint it until next week, though, because I’m preparing another, more important one, at the moment).

Paula playing the harp was an easy decision. As mentioned in the story, it is not much more than a bow with a lot of more strings and I totally can see the Steampunk Paula playing the guitare. However, I wasn’t sure about her surroundings first.

Initially I thought of some nymphs or dryads that Crissy had to fight off and/or to tie up. Then the pune with the harpy came to my mind and I thought of a harpy tied to a tree.

Little is known that Paula was a passionate harpist (well, string instrument player to be honest – but a harp isn’t little more than a bow with a few more strings after all, so it has its very own appeal). However, she didn’t bother to read manuals. So, she didn’t know that this one was supposed to summon a love-crazed and very hungry harpy woman Crissy had to deal with to prevent greater damage.

Still I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t like the sketches. Suddenly the idea struck me to just show the harpy’s shadow.

I still had to show how Crissy steps in, though, but soon remembered the crossbow arrow shot of the comic main challenge of the festival. But I didn’t only wanted to tell the background of what is going on in the painting, I also wanted to show it. So I added the case with the „Instructions“ scroll that Paula only bothered to read the topic (if anything at all).

The last struggle I had was with the foreground and the background. First I didn’t want any at all but I tried out some features like a meadow and plants in the foreground and trees and clouds an birds in the background. It didn’t work, mainly because of the shadows which weren’t clearly visible.

After some try and error with gradient color layers, I tried a subtle and diffuse yellow and orange background. Because of the surely lovely music I wanted to give it a rosy, shimmery and soft look too. Therefore I added a foreground too but with a pinker tone than in the finished piece.

I changed the tone when I got the inspiration to make the dangercoming from the harpy visible in colors. Therefore, I made them more reddish, resembling blood in the corners of the eyes of an approaching harpy.

This piece again was an exercise in practising in poses and anatomy. I saw a reference pic and thought this pose would be great and as for the anatomy … last week I announced my Patreon channel for artistical anatomy and poses. You again will find Paula full frontal there. You can get access by a tiny tip in my jar on Ko-fi and then following the links in the supporters only posts.

The Four Gardens

Birds in the Garden

Apart from my latest painting – although connected to it – there actually is something new about my internet presence. I mentioned before that related to one of my Valentine’s prompt paintings („Daydream“) there also was an alternative version.

Since it features artistic nudity in implying poses, it wasn’t allowed to be posted on this website or pubilcly somewhere else, I couldn’t share it so far. To be able to do this, I now created a Patreon account.

To be able to do this, I now created a Patreon account. For now, it’s for supporters only. You will find the link for a small tip in my coffee jar in my most recent post on Ko-fi. So far I shared only three paintings there, alternative (and the real) versions of past drawings but also several ones of a new one.

As mentioned last week, I planned an aftermath of the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival. Well, I didn’t only plan it, I actually drew it.

Birds in the Garden

In the end of the Summer Festival, our OCs were sent home to their own realm. They woke up again in their rooms in steampunk Arcryla City and didn’t remember what happened in the fantasy world. And, of course, Paula wasn’t able to take Sparrow with her (or to keep the elf’s ears).

All that was left were vague, dreamlike feelings, dejavues at the most. Still, I got this idea to connect Sparrow with the steampunk world. There are no big bird mounts in the steampunk realm, of course, but there is the African secretary bird, a bird that comes next in appearance to Sparrow.

With this piece, I wanted to try out some new things. Again, I managed to do Paula’s updated haircut (although ruffled by the night) but I also found a new way to draw abs. I always wanted her to have visible abs but wasn’t able to sufficiently. I think, I will stick to them the way I did here.

The second goal was to practise anatomy, going into the very details, including full frontal nudity. Yes, in one version of this painting you can see her boobs and then, there is a version in which I cut out one of the plants pots, so you can spot her genital piercing (she always had one, but, well, no nudity on this site, you know). Both are among the paintings you can see on above-mentioned Patreon channel.

But let’s keep speaking about creating the SFW versions of this painting. The original, the most genuine version, the one that I had in mind when drawing the painting, is the one featuring the big plant leaves. It depends on your point of view, if it just doesn’t tell if Paula is wearing anything or if the leaf covers her up.

My intention was, yes, it implies nudity (therefore you won’t find it on Ko-fi) and with „most genuine“ I mean that it fits Paula’s „I don’t give a fucking shit about what other peoples think“ attitude most. So, in the real universe, she is standing in full nuditiy on her balcony, „So what?!“.

First I thought of covering it up by adding another big plant right in front of her but as it came to painting this part, I was too proud of my newly drawn abs and they would’ve been covered as well along with a big part of Paula’s upper body. Besides, it would’ve been to obvious what I was going to hide. Still, I had to add some vines covering her hips, so nobody would be able to tell if she wears some kind of panties.

„Chirp, chirp, chirp …“, the birds outside the windows awakened Paula.

Still dozy she left the bed to look after her plants on the balcony. She felt like she’d had a weird dreams but couldn’t recall anything. She stepped on the balcony and gave herself a good stretch when she heard some flapping sounds.

Opening one eye, the second one still half closed, sleep in the eyes, behind a wall of blurry dream dust, she noticed a big, long-legged, talon-armed and sharp-beaked grey and white bird. She immediately got the feeling of familiarity, although she couldn’t say where this came from and the bird appeared to be docile enough.

Paula didn’t read a lot – in fact she didn’t read at all -, so she didn’t know what a secretary bird is or where they usually live, so she didn’t question it. She also didn’t remember the adventures in some weird fantasy realm, but she knew that she got a new but somehow familiar friend.

She called her „Sparrow“.

  • Digital paintin, comic style: The setting is a warm and bright morning, Paula (young woman, short turqoise hair in sidecut, toe polish in rainbow colors, nail polish in Lesbian Pride colors), standing on her balcony, stretching, one eye closed, the other one opening, the hair messy, she doesn't wear any visible clothes, hips and pelvis are covered by the railing and the pots and plants attached to it, her breast by a big leave of one of the several carnivorous plants of different types around, their twines winding the railing; at the right edge of the painting a big secretary bird is landing, looking towards Paula; in the background an open balcony door with windows, curtains flapping outwards, behind the door a room with a canopy bed, someone with purple hair lying in it, one leg peeking out from under the blanket, pictures on the wall; in the foreground tow blurred birds and flying blossoms; the look is a little bit washy, blurred at the edges.
  • Digital paintinc, comic style: The setting is a warm and bright morning, Paula (young woman, short turqoise hair in sidecut, toe polish in rainbow colors, nail polish in Lesbian Pride colors), standing on her balcony, stretching, one eye closed, the other one opening, the hair messy, she wears a short, thin pink top with the lineart of the head of a bear on it, hips and pelvis are covered by the railing and the pots and plants attached to it; there are several carnivorous plants of different types around, their twines winding the railing; at the right edge of the painting a big secretary bird is landing, looking towards Paula; in the background an open balcony door with windows, curtains flapping outwards, behind the door a room with a canopy bed, someone with purple hair lying in it, one leg peeking out from under the blanket, pictures on the wall; in the foreground tow blurred birds and flying blossoms; the look is a little bit washy, blurred at the edges.

This became important with the full SFW version in which she wears a shirt. Still no hint of panties (and being Paula there won’t be any) but by looking at the painting, you may imagine some. To keep this version SFW, I had to shade Paula’s boobs a little bit darker, so there won’t be any visible nipples.

If you look close, you can see that there is the head of a waterbear on the shirt, indicating that it’s one of Crissy’s. If you look even closer, you will spot her in the background, lying in the bed, there is even a part of her leg sticking out of the blankets. I even put her waterbear plushy into the painting, but this one is fully covered by the bed curtain, I fear. Another detail that details got missed due to the background blur are the two pictures on the wall.

One of them you still may recognzige as the photo taken on the Zeppelin Ride that I presented as Valentine’s entry in the beginning of this year. The second one is a photo taken by a speed trap as they both were riding Paula’s jetbike during last year’s Summer Festival. Since it turned out a nice picture, Paula decided to put it on her wall.

  • Digital painting, comic style: A photograph in sepia colours slightly askrew showing a ballroom inside of a Zeppelin with Paula and Crissy in it; Crissy: young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, skirt, bellyfree top, toefree kneeboots; Paula: young woman, light green hair, a big bang combed to the left side, knee long dress, parted at the front, many frills, bellyfree shirt, plateau kneeboots, holding a bottle of wine to hide it behind her back; they are standing close together, Crissy looking blushing to Paula, Paula looking to the wine bottle out of the corners of her eyes; chairs, a table and a window showing a star filled night sky in the background; the photo is laid centrally over the (coloured) version of the Zeppelin's ballroom.
  • Digital Painting, comic style: My OC Crissy Faith (young woman, short, purpley hair, big round glasses, blue overall, green and yellow striped leggings, a pocket watch dangling from one pocket, toe-free boots) sitting on a flying steam and jet propulsed bike behind a young woman (short, light green hair, safety glasses, black neckband, black wristbands, brown belly free leather top, brown tigh leather trousers, brown toe free laced boots) who is laughing and stretching the arms to the sides. In the left bottom corner is a gloved hand which tries to grab a tophat, in the foreground petals which are blown up by the slipstream, a sheet of paper likewise flying in the wind, text: "Arcryla City Summer Festival"

In my first approach to the background, I didn’t want to bother with it a lot. Therefore, I tried some lineless airbrush … well … you have to call it „diffuse airbrush blobs“. It didn’t really work out without lineart, so I skipped the seemingly „fast and easy“ attempt and drew the lines.

I often got asked, if it’s Crissy’s appartment or Paula’s. Admittedly, it’s not that obvious. Still, I already mentioned Paula’s carnivorous plants and here they are. I exaggerated a lot and played arount with my fantasy rather than taking references of real carnivorous plants in their actual form or sizes.

They are taken from several popcultural sources like Little Shop of Horror (the small Audrey like plants) or Pokémon (there is a Victreebel-like plant hanging around), inspired by real plants (like the sundew or the „cactus“) or just made up as I went along (the big one on the balcony’s railing). And as often this days I also hid a tiny but happy frog in this painting.

Another detail that got invisible are the reflections in the door’s glass. I actually did some, I really did. I didn’t want to bother with them a lot, but I did. They basically were parts of the painting put on an extra (clipping) layer above the door’s glass and lowering the opacitiy really low.

Because this way it never would’ve been an accurate way of reflecting this was an advantage on my side and well, I just wanted to to hint at them, not get them recognizable. However, the other background details are covering most of them anyways, not to speak of the reflection of the morning sun (and the whole morning sky) in one of the glass tiles.

Btw, I’m really proud that I managed to get this bright morning feeling and the dizziness after waking up after deep dreams, when there still is sleep in your eyes and a blur in the corners of your field of vision.

A Mango, an Elf and a Wyvern Rider go into a Bar

Rise of the MamangogoRider’s Talk

Two weeks of vacation are coming to their end. On Monday I will be back at work again. Therefore, it’s time to show the so far last two of my Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival entries.

I still have plans for more, I even already created an aftermath that I’ll show you next week, but since there are also other projects and ideas around for now, here they are.

Rise of the Mamangogo
(The Mother of all Mangogoes)

Some weeks ago, Crissy discovered in one of the festival stalls some weird fruits called „Mangogoes„. After sharing this painting, I joked around with my best friend via Whatsapp about scary mangoes and „Mama Mango“.

This led to the idea of Paula and Crissy fleeing from a giant mamangogo.

Here the potions prompt of the general prompt list came in handy and for the general scene I remembered an approach that came to my mind when I planned the Lanterns prompt but that I abandoned back then.

Now it seemed to be perfect to my purpose. At the same time, the intended perspective was an excercise in its own right. Furthermore, Crisssy should be looking scaryfied backwards. This meant there had to be an unfamiliar pose, too.

The hardest part was to get her legs right, though. While Paula’s ones were directed forward, representing her wild ride attitude, Crissy’s should be clinged to the mount, representing her need for security. But this meant to draw them seen from front and above – you easily can get this wrong.

The attempt for lineart saw Paula looking straight forward, concentrated on the flight. However, at one point in time I thought it would be a good idea to also visualize the magic potion that brought us the Mamangogo in the first place. Enter a second unfamiliar pose, the upper body turned back, the arm stretched out to the flying potion flask.

To get all those things right took 2-3 days just for the lineart and even more problems occured during the coloring process. Sparrow’s saddle has a pommel and a hook up front. But since I colored the saddle red, initially the colored pommel and the colored saddle looked like something you got to see only in movies for adults above 18 years old. Therefore, I had to change the lineart to keep it SFW.

Also, I didn’t plan to draw Paula’s bow but the space in front of the saddle appeared to be quite empty and, well, although I always painted this hook, even in the one painting he came to its purpose, it wasn’t this visible that the hook is there to hold the bow.

So, I finally got an opportunity to make it clear. Luckily, I happily could skip many of the other details due to the perspective. Still, I again had a hard time to achieve an impression of movement but motion blur saved the day (again).

The last struggle I had was to get the painting in suitable proportions. I actually wanted to focus more on Crissy and Paula, to have them bigger in size but I already made the Mamangogo too big, so I stayed with the one you can see below in the end.

Rise of the Mamangogo
(The Mother of all Mangogoes)

– General prompt No. 1: Potions –

To tend her carnivorous plants back home more effectively, Paula bought a growth potion at one of the stalls of the ongoing Summer Festival (she would’ve nicked one, but … well … never mess with someone who creates potions). She didn’t waste time and tried it out with one of the Mangogoes that she has nicked from „Wyrd’s Fruits and Vegetables“ stall.

It actually worked.

Well, she must have remembered the dose wrong, but it worked …

Rider’s Talk

As the end of the festival came near, the main challenge for the last showcase emphasized again that we can draw other artist’s OCs and/or Sir Alexander and/or Lynette into our paintings. Therefore, I asked vitranas_art (Instagram) if I could take her Archie for a painting corresponding to one she was working on.

She depicted a scene showing Archie with my OCs Crissy and Paula in a tavern that inspired me to the painting below.

There were only a few days left and I managed just in time – except that I didn’t bother with a detailed background. Still, I like the lights giving this dim tavern atmosphere. To be perfect I perhaps shpuld’ve added some tavern sign (the tavern is called „The Golden Hoof“), but I think it’s good as it is.

Paula by default is an extroverted and Archie also always curious and eager to get to know new people while Crissy is an introverted and her social batteries will come to an end quick. Plus, Archie is a Wyvern Rider and Paula got to love her giant bird mount Sparrow. So they naturally had a common topic.

This automatically led to the following scene: Paula and Archie still talking while Crissy slumbering away. However, I wanted to show that Paula cares about her girlfried. Therefore, she is holding her in her arm, the arm lying around her shoulders with a hint of leaving with her any moment now.

I also wanted to include one of the mangogoes (the waterbear shaped) to indeed appearing to have gotten drunk. Originally, I draw a toppled wine bottle to this purpose but since it would’ve been somewhat in front of Crissy too this would’ve looked as if Crissy had too much wine and got drunk. Well, she had too much, but it was only the wine in her actual cup (she doesn’t tolerate that much alcohol before getting tipsy).

Therefore, instead of a toppled wine bottle I just drew an additional toppled cup. To fill up the space and to indicate that there also were other guests around at some point in time and it is not one of Crissy’s cup toppled on the counter, I also draw a second cup in front of Archie.

Perhaps you also see the difference of the volume of wine already consumed in the two opened bottles. Here I wanted to show that Paula could drink (and tolerate) a good amount of alcohol. Apropos wine bottles – you also can spot that Paula nicked one again.

And perhaps you can see that I changed her hairstyle, too. Well, not really changed, I finally managed to paint it the way I always wanted to. I’ll elaborate this further in my future drawings (in the one I already did I, well, I already did).

Regarding Archie, I fear I drew him a little bit too bulky. I think he was supposed (and is depicted by others) to be more slender. This way he reminds me a tiny bit too much of Mario (Mario Brothers). The ponytail is too shot, too. But may it as it be, they indeed have a good time.

If you look close, you perhaps will spot the two details I took kind of a shortcut. The waterbear shaped mangogo is taken from the first mangogo painting, I just added the „X X“ as eyes and the red nose. The second one is the counter. It’s the same counter like in the above-mentioned piece, more shadows added and a little bit of structure in the front side.

Last but not least, I wasn’t that unlucky that because of the setting I didn’t have to draw too many of the details of Crissy’s (and Archie’s and Paula’s) clothes. Because they were inside, I even could skip Crissy’s cape.

Rider’s Talk

– General Prompt No. 10: Tavern –

After an exhausting day at the Summer Festival in this weird fantasy realm, Paula found a tavern and talked Crissy into stopping by to finish the day. They both got something to drink and they met Archibald Featherstone, a Wyvern Rider of the Kingdom’s Wyvern Riders Guild. Paula asked a lot about Fortuna and in turn was eager to talk about Sparrow. However, as the evening continued, Crissy slowly dozed off.

Paint me Home

Spelling Backwards

The Arcryla City Fantasy Summer Festival officially is over now. In the course of the last one and a half weeks I finished three more prompts before the final showcase and I still have got ideas for more of them.

Howerver, I only will share them on social media one after another and same applies to present them on my website and in my PaintLog. So, today I will start with the painting that sort of concludes the comic from the previous main challenge.

Spelling Backwards

The admins of the Arcryla City Discord server announced another, a fifth main challenge added to the initially four ones. In the end it narrowed down to hand in all the other prompts we still were working on but there was a story to conclude the festival, too.

In the end of the fight Lynette, the kingdom’s princess in the fantasy realm, intervened and sent our OCs back to their own world.

I took the opportunity to paint an entry for the general prompt Spell. At the same time it concludes the comic from two weeks before. It’s the final page of the comic, if you’d like to say. To this purpose I even kept the exact size of the comic pages.

  • Digital painted comic, cover page "A Mayoral Fight": The black silhouette of Crissy (young woman, short hair, big round glasses, cape) in front of a perspectively enlarged Mayor Alexander; the Mayor is ripping his shirt off, beneath there is a big muscular chest and abs; white hair pointing upwards, he is wearing a striped skirt, dark trousers and a striped tophat; gleaming green-yellow light covering wide parts of his body (marked with "Mayical Armor") and coming out of his eyes; action lines focussing on the Mayor, blue sky and blurry cylindrical objects in the background, Mayor: "Are you ready?!", Chrissy: "no?".
  • Digital painted comic page, 3 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs): 1) front view, Crissy almost gotten hit by a fireball (Crissy: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!"), 2) side view Crissy (a black silhouette) jumping around the arena, dodging fireballs, cannons in the background (marked "! Fireworks"), 3) side view, clos-up of Paula, legs resting on the railing of the audience area, holding a bag wih nuts, nail polish in the colors of the Lesbian Pride flag ("Ah. She'll manage" - "Dang.").
  • Digital painted comic page, 6 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs/fireworks and the Mayor's Mayical armor): 1) front view, Crissy hiding behind a cannon, eyes closed, 2) Cannon going off ("BAAMM!!!"), spewing fireworks (marked "Magical Fireworks"), 3) Crissy with open eyes, 4) silhouette of Crissy running ("huff huff huff") towards another cannon (marked "! Fireworks"), 5 using a wrench to loosen a screw of the cannon, 6) mouth of the cannon rotating ("*squeeeeeek*, Crissy: "Ooof!") and facing the Mayor who is casting another fireball spell towards Crissy and the cannon.
  • Digital painted comic page, 6 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs/fireworks and the Mayor's Mayical armor): 1) sideview Mayor holding his tophat and facing a wave of fireworks ("BAAAMM!!!") with his mayical Armor, 2) the way of an arrow (Crissy: "Hey!") shooting the tophat from the Mayor's head ("Ziiiiiiing!!"), the Mayor shaking; 3) close-up of Crissy's arm-mounted crossbow with a loaded arrow 4) view from ground level, Crissy ("Let me out!") from behind, running towards a door marked "EXIT", next to the door a female guardian with a curved staff ("No!"), a shaken "THUMP" indicating something landing, 5) Paula (young woman, short hair, barefoot, only wearing some bellyfree bands as top and leaf-like loinclothes, "Care for a ride?") on the back of her big bird "Sparrow", tossing a rope ladder towards the silhouette of Crissy ("Of course!"), 6) the Mayor ("Not so fast!!") landing on the ground, smashing ("SMASH") the right fist in the ground, in the foreground his torn, burnt and smoking tophat, he also is smoking and charred, a few strokes of fireworks still leaping of his hair and ears.

But, as you easily can spot, I also took the silhouette of Crissy that’s in the foreground (and added a silhouette of Paula). To hint at the cover page of the comic I even took the same background, the same clouds minus the cannons and plus some more clouds to fill the gap in the bottom right corner.

Lynette’s design and color palette is derived from the general prompt list and the Fantasy Festival announcement sheets. As those were published, the fantasy AU design of Lynette wasn’t finished yet but we got the information about the fairy wings on the Discord server, so I added them too.

The candied apple is depicted in both of above-mentioned announcement sheets. Therefore, I included it into this painting and even made it a magical artefact. Right from the beginning I thought of something like a Sailor Moon like pose and the apple even looks like the stick she changes with into Sailor Moon.

A running gag on the Discord server is the phrase „With the power of friendship“. Candied apples in Germany are called, literally translated, „Love apples“ (not to be confused with the old term for „tomatoes“). Now, it’s „the power of friendship“ and not „the power of love“ but „it’s“apple of friendship“ still is near enough to be a reference to this local name for candied apples.

Still, something else was missing. The rays are reference back to the ones of the cover page of the comic. Then I remembered that I love to add glitter and blossoms to my paintings. In this case I painted the latter one spiralling through the air towards the apple, this way giving the apple a moving look.

Last but not least I added those „chirp“ sound words. The narration of the summer event started and ended with birds chirping outside the window, the first time when our OC awakes in the fantasy realm, the second time when they awake back home.

You could say, we now have come full chirple.

The Fight against Sir Alexander went better than expected but worse than desired. But before every hope of returning home flew away (literally, Paula was just about to carry Crissy away on her giant bird mount Sparrow), Lynette intervened.

With the words „Please, travelers. Close your eyes“ and with the power of the apple of friendship she reversed the spell that brought them here in the first place.

Wyrd Food

Wyrd’s Fruits and Vegetables

Another busy week ended, although not that busy and the next one hopefully will be more relaxced. The reason that I managed finishing only one artpiece was to an equal part that I got carried away.

The approaching deadline for the second Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival main challenge prompt may have been a cause to focus on this one, too.

Wyrd’s Fruits and Vegetables

Yesterday the second of the biweekly showcases of the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival took place. Since I needed such an unusual big amount of time to finish my last week’s painting, I was worried to make it in time for this one. Luckily I made it one day before the deadline. So, yeah, I could relax more on Saturday.

The prompt was „Magical Foodie“. Our OC’s got hungry and were roaming the festival for food that we should put into pictures. Since „mangoes“ have been present in Arcryla City since last Summer Festival, I gave them a magical makeover (and invented the „TomatToes“ at the same time). You can read the narrative text on the text sheet in the next column.

The reason I almost went out of time (see above) was, quite obviously, the background.

Paula should be in there plus a wine salesman and I planned to give my OCs Raven and Samandra a cameo too, right from the beginning. But after putting the characters and the stalls in places, I got carried away with the inventory. More and more ideas popped up in my mind that wanted to include, including Perry the Platypus and his hat.

Things you probably recognised from my OC’s universes or from my fanart: As prices of the Catch the Frog game a „Raven in frog form“ plushy, the water lily blossom she and Samandra exchanged this year’s Mermay and which Swampgirl and Amphimaid exchanged in Mermay 2020, Hooty (The Owl House), Perry (plushy) and his hat, the waterbear plushy in the steampunk Arcryla City realm owned by Crissy* (just without the mechanic’s overall). As sales article at „Hex’R’Us“ a deck of Hexes Hold’em cards (The Owl House) and the Amphibia Calamity Box.

*Apropos: Crissy loves water bears, for sure she took the water bear shaped mangogo with her, although not for eating/drinking – probably.

By the way, it is no coincidence that Raven and Samandra are playing „Catch the Frog“ and that Samandra indeed catches the frog.

If you look close you will see the glitter around the fishing line which is a thread and therefore, technically fabric. I don’t have to remind you that Samandra is a fabric witch, right?

„Hex’R’Us“ of course is a reference to „Toys’R’Us“ but even „Joe’s Wineyard“ is inspired by a real wine seller. I don’t know the situation outside of Germany, but here „Jacques‘ Wein-Depot“ („Jacques‘ wine depot“) is a well-known wine selling company. The name inspired me to „Joe’s Wineyard“ for the Magical Foodie prompt (this by itself being a pun since you only have to change a few characters to change the wineyard into vinegar).

If you look close, you will be able to spot Paula nicking some bottles (that are missing in the stall). Seems familiar? Just take another look on the Photograph prompt of the Arcryla City Valentine’s event.

And then, there are the pennants and flags, of course. The colors are Pride flags‘ colors honoring the orientations of my OCs. The colours of the Lesbian and the Pan Pride flags are interwoven since Paula and Crissy are a couple but you also will spot the colors of the polysexual Pride flag – although I won’t reveal whom’s flag this one is yet (but remember: None of my OCs is straight). Plus above them all the colors of the Progress Pride flag, the last two colours not unintentionally being the same like in the Bi Pride flag (plus the petal’s colors creating this one too).

Do I have to emphasize how tricky it was to render the background? I put this lot of details in it but I also had to blur it. It’s hard to achieve this without getting all these details beyond recognisation, you still should be able to spot them.

Hot Weeks

The PyrocornSparrow on Fire

Not that much in terms of weather (although there were some hot days too), in retrospective it indeed was a hot week in more than one aspect. It was a very busy and exhausting week that prevented me from keeping my drawing time schedule (see below).

On the other hand, I managed to finish two paintings, both more or less under the topic „fire“. Firstly, the last of vitranas_arts‘ Junicorns, secondly my second entry to the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival general prompt list.

The Pyrocorn

The last one. The fourth week of the vitranas_arts Junicorn challenge stood under the topic of the element of Fire. One more time I included it into Samandra’s Fabric journal.

Right from the beginning I got the idea of something resembling a fire salamander, this way honouring Samandra’s very own existence too. Fiery mane and tail and finally the horn also popped into my mind quite soon as well as the background.

Since the prompts for the fire theme also contained „Coal“, the rocks at the lower left edge of the painting were supposed to be coal, but then I got the idea of the Pyrocorn feeding on coal, so some were falling out of its mouth.

I thought of adding flying sparks where the hooves touches the ground but didn’t really manag that. Instead I quite like the small flames in the foreground.

Btw, the scene doodled in the upper right corner is a similar scene I thought of for the very first Junicorn painting, there Raven hanging off a branch, trying to cut some vines from the tail, Samandra holding her.

Both would’ve been in amphibian form, though. You can read my struggle with the first Junicorn painting in the respective paintlog but apart from that, this way is more dramatic, so I kept it for the fire theme.

„In the middle of the now burnt lands the Pyrocorn emerged, bringing fire, flames and fear.“

Not intended, but perhaps you registered a „growing“ of the background in every of the Junicorn pantings, from a minimum of grass and a tree to an image filling background:

Sparrow on Fire

This week I posted my second entry to the Arcryla City Fantasy Festival, my first fully rendered entry. The server community suggested this scene of Paula and Crissy riding Sparrow and Crissy screaming in the back – and I loved the idea. Still, since I plan to serve the general prompt list, I had to think of which prompt would fit best this scene.

It was a great opportunity 1) to paint Sparrow and 2) to show what those protection sigils on Paula’s braces are all about.

1) was a little bit tricky and I sat several days to get the lineart right. Sparrow shouldn’t be that big but big enough to carry them both. But simply drawing the bird looked kind of boring, so I thought of this perspective with the blurry wing in the foreground.

Paula and Crissy being late for a lantern festival and this way getting into a main bunch of sky lanterns while Paula’s braces‘ protection sigils proving that hey didn’t have their name for nothing.

Another challenge was to create the impression of speed. Thanks to whoever is in charge of the universe, CSP comes with a motion blur effect and the by now well known blossom brushes. Together with the Gaussian blur effect I got a nice result.

The lanterns in the foreground, however, were a last minute idea to create more depth, the smaller one even more since I came up with it only after the final blur and everything already had been finished. It also fit in nicely with the other lanterns, beginning with the big one in the lower right corner building kind of a helix.

At some point in time painting this got really frustrating, though. Not because I didn’t love this idea anymore, it just was a rough and exhausting week with appointments every day that lasted from the morning into the afternoon hours. I thought „well, there is a new main challenge going on but I could do this one first, it won’t take longer than 2 or 3 days“ and, well, in the end it took a whole week.

So, it was a relief that it finally turned out so nicely and I loved to write the narrative text again:

  • Digital painting, comic style: 1) Crissy and 2) Paula (fantasy versions) in the saddle of sparrow, a big brown-orange bird with a sharp beak; 1) young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, bellyfree leather top, leather skirt, purse and quiver with arrows on her girdle, orange-brown striped trousers, toefree boots, blue cape, 2) young woman, short turqoise hair; toe nails painted in rainbow colour, finger nails in lesbian Pride flag colour; she's wearing some kind of green leaf-like loincloth that only covers breasts, lap and butt, green braces, a knife in a sheath of leaf optic, a bag also in leaf optic, turqoise wrist bands, a pink shell band at her left ankle and a golden neck band; Sparrow is nosediving fast into a school of sky lanterns, fending them off with her wings and the beak; 2) is holding her reins with the left hand, raising the right arm into the air, her braces a illuminated green, creating a green shield-like light in front of her wrist, bashing a sky lantern into pieces; 1) is sitting behind her, holding fast on her belly, eyes closed, screaming; more sky lanterns and blossoms in foreground and background, washy in their movements, a likewise washy night sky with stars in the background.