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Zeppelin Light Ride

This time I postponed the PaintLog release on purpose because I prepared a special piece of art that took until Monday to finish it.

Technically, last weekend it was my OCs Crissy’s and Paula’s anniversary. So, I prepared their anniversary piece.

Zeppelin Light Ride

Last year, my Arcryla City OC Crissy, her friend Potato, her boyfriend Conway (both OCs of Potato_Beta) and Crissy’s crush Paula went on a Zeppelin Night Ride. As (intended) result Crissy and Paula left the ride as girlfriends. This ride took place one day after the Sleepover painting although it wasn’t before December as we could share the artwork.

Digital Painting, a collaboration project in comic/anime style: The Arcryla City OCs Potato Delta, Conway, Crissy and Paula on the dancefloor, Crissy/Paula to the left, Potato/Conway to the right; Conway is a huge guy in a blute coat and a dark tophat with white-blonde hair, holding Potato tight who is leaning against him with closed eyes, Potato is wearing a golden and blue shoulder free dress with golden frills, she has orange short hair, two long strains falling down her cheeks; Paula has short, light green hair as side fringe, purple lips and is wearing a bellyfree button-down shirt without sleeves, platform boots and a skirt with frills, all clothes are green, she also wears black bands around neck and wrists; she is holding Crissy tight and leaning over her while Crissy is leaning backwards; Crissy has short purple hair and big round glasses, she wears a bellyfree corsagelike purple top, a short light purple skirt and purple toefree boots, she is blushing; in the backgrpund people at tables and a big window with flying glowing fish; to the right there are mechanical music instruments which are playing themselves, a pipe, a saxiphone, a cello and a violin; in the foreground two chanedeliers and the contours of people

So, the flight started on 18 September and so the anniversary date has been set.

Again I wanted to practice anatomy and yet unfamiliar poses. Since I also wanted to show you my anatomical studies, right from the beginning I was drawing three paintings in one. This is the reason it took almost a full week to finish the two characters. It was quite time consuming but it helped a lot to switch between the different versions in the end, so all three of them could be shared more or less simultanously (the only reason I didn’t was because I just was too sleepy when they were finished).

As usual, the two other versions are too fleshy to be shown on this website. Therefore, I shared them on my Patreon NSFW that you can enter by tipping my jar on my Ko-fi account.

As Crissy’s and Paula’s anniversary approached, Crissy got the idea to repeat their last year’s zeppelin ride together. After an eventful evening and as highlight the flying fish showing up again, she and Paula enjoyed the rest of the night together in their cabin under the lights of Arcryla City’s unique skylife.

If you follow my art for a while, you soon will spot several references to earlier paintings:.

  • Digital paintin, comic style: The setting is a warm and bright morning, Paula (young woman, short turqoise hair in sidecut, toe polish in rainbow colors, nail polish in Lesbian Pride colors), standing on her balcony, stretching, one eye closed, the other one opening, the hair messy, she doesn't wear any visible clothes, hips and pelvis are covered by the railing and the pots and plants attached to it, her breast by a big leave of one of the several carnivorous plants of different types around, their twines winding the railing; at the right edge of the painting a big secretary bird is landing, looking towards Paula; in the background an open balcony door with windows, curtains flapping outwards, behind the door a room with a canopy bed, someone with purple hair lying in it, one leg peeking out from under the blanket, pictures on the wall; in the foreground tow blurred birds and flying blossoms; the look is a little bit washy, blurred at the edges.
  • Digital painting, comic style: Crissy Faith (young woman, big round glasses, purple hair) in the centre of the painting, standing on a step stool, her right arm raised, wearing a black bellyfree leather suite with golden zippers and long leather gloves; next to her Potato (young woman, ginger neck long hair, two long bangs falling down the side, boots, kneelong skirt, brown leather corset, shoulder free blouse) in sideview, tailoring Crissy's suit; in the right edge of the painting Paula (young woman, short light turqoise hair, wearing plaided toefree boots, a plaided skirt and a bellyfree purple leather shirt) in sideview leaning with her butt against a shelf, amused facial expression, holding the fist in front of her mouth, grinning; in the left edge Conway's head (white hair, ponytail consisting of several streaks), impatient facial expression; Text: Conway "You still not ready?!", Potato, Crissy and Paula: "No!"; small oblong text box with an arrow towards Conway saying "Waiting for hours", decorated by Crissy's pocket watch.
  • Digital painting, comic style: A photograph in sepia colours slightly askrew showing a ballroom inside of a Zeppelin with Paula and Crissy in it; Crissy: young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, skirt, bellyfree top, toefree kneeboots; Paula: young woman, light green hair, a big bang combed to the left side, knee long dress, parted at the front, many frills, bellyfree shirt, plateau kneeboots, holding a bottle of wine to hide it behind her back; they are standing close together, Crissy looking blushing to Paula, Paula looking to the wine bottle out of the corners of her eyes; chairs, a table and a window showing a star filled night sky in the background; the photo is laid centrally over the (coloured) version of the Zeppelin's ballroom.
  • Digital painting, comic style: Crissy (young woman, purple hair, big round glasses, wearing yellow and black striped trousers and a short-legged dark violet mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling out of the back pocket) in side view, sitting in the squat watching a robot labelled "Steamomix 2000", a roughly egg form on three wheels with several hoses, cogwheels and cylinders, on top a funnel with a red arrow facing downwards, there also is a small open oven's door and a conveyor band with a black burnt cake on it, covered in black smoke; a thick black cloud of smoke is emerging from a small exhaust pipe, hitting Crissy straight in the face.

The Steamomix 2000 by now obviously is able to bake cakes without burning them, though. And of course, Sparrow this time is with them. It perhaps won’t be readable but the last painting of above-mentioned paintings also shows that pets are allowed on board.

Apropos on board. My collab partner Potato and I talked about that Crissy told about her plans with Potato in advance and that she and Conway again were joining the ride with Crissy and Paula together. This painting takes place after they retreated to their respective cabins.

To indicate that they are on a zeppelin ride and not for example in Crissy’s appartment, I added a big rotor in the background. In my first attempt, the flying fish were flying in the opposite direction, but this had the effect that the eye would’ve been drawn out of the picture, away from the two protagonists. Now they are leading towards them.

Still, I was struggling with the right bottom corner. The space appeared quite empty here. I thought of drawing some curtains in the background but this looked like they were caught in a big glass case. Another option would’ve been some clothes lying around on the bench but this didn’t work either.

Luckily, I hadn’t decide where to put Crissy’s glasses yet (she won’t be wearing them while making out with Paula) and the pocket watch still had been missing. I put the glasses in the bottom right corner, then I put the watch to the left side, I switched them, I switched them back and finally the watch ended behind Crissy.

One small background detail is different in the more fleshy paintings that you’ll find on Patreon, though.

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