To go where no Eusthenopteron (V2.0) has gone before


After the last weeks‘ fully colored and fully rendered paintings I wanted to do something simple. Luckily, just two weeks ago an idea popped up in my mind that I thought I could do in not time (of course it took me another week …).

Because it didn’t really fit into one of the other pages and because I plan to do more of them, I added another subpage to my website:



I don’t know how I exactly came up with this idea, I think I saw an artwork with a fish and only a few days ago I read one of the comics going around on Instagram.

In my head this comic changed a few times before I did the final version. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure about if doing this comic first or another one (that presumably now will become the second).

Until panel 4, this comic initially was the same in every version. However, I originally just wanted to drop the „EUSTHENOPTERON!“ shout in the end of the comic in panel 4, not showing any other fish. I was struggling with showing it in an extra panel, though, asking „You called?“. I thought this would’ve been a rather lame joke, tought. Therefore I almost skipped it.

In this point of time I still had to look up the name of the fish that first crawled onto land but as I did so, I learned that the only fish with a suitable name and a suitable shape nowadays is considered to have lived strictly aquatic.

Therefore, I thought of Eusthwo answering Eusthy in panel for by adding „thingy“ to his claim being the first Eusthenopteron on land and Eusthy reoeating a resigned „thingy“, accompanyed by the explanatory text in the last panel.

Still, I noticed that this joke won’t work, if you don’t know about the things only explained in the last panel. But a joke that’s explained afterwards isn’t a joke anymore. Therefore, I deleted the „thingy“ thing but only dropping the „EUSTHENOPTERON!“ shout wouldn’t work either (although I initially thought otherwise).

So, I sortof combined both ideas, exchanging the „Your called?“ for a „Hey! What’s up?“ and rubbing Eusthy inte its nose that he technically isn’t even an Eusthenopteron able to walk on land. To be honest … Eusthwo initially said „Hi!“. Since Silvi, the silverfish in panel 3, already greeted with this word, I had to think of something else. This again took me some time because it should be quite collogial and quick to say.

I hope you’ll enjoy this comic as I enjoyed drawing it:

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