Call to Fraction

Harp(y)’s Call

Again, this PaintLog that was supposed to be published Sunday’s will be one or two days late. As life changes, so do time schedules. Therefore I may shift the release day slightly but still I plan to keep my pace and to publish in the beginning of each week at the latest.

Recently, I shared the two for now last entries for the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival that ended some weeks ago. But as I did this I also said that there still are ideas coming up to my mind.

Well …

Harp(y)’s Call

Although the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival ended, the prompt „Song/Music“ inspired me to the painting below. There is actually another prompt that inspired me to explain how Paula got the harp in the first place, but I decided to paint the painting that takes less time first (I won’t be able to paint it until next week, though, because I’m preparing another, more important one, at the moment).

Paula playing the harp was an easy decision. As mentioned in the story, it is not much more than a bow with a lot of more strings and I totally can see the Steampunk Paula playing the guitare. However, I wasn’t sure about her surroundings first.

Initially I thought of some nymphs or dryads that Crissy had to fight off and/or to tie up. Then the pune with the harpy came to my mind and I thought of a harpy tied to a tree.

Little is known that Paula was a passionate harpist (well, string instrument player to be honest – but a harp isn’t little more than a bow with a few more strings after all, so it has its very own appeal). However, she didn’t bother to read manuals. So, she didn’t know that this one was supposed to summon a love-crazed and very hungry harpy woman Crissy had to deal with to prevent greater damage.

Still I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t like the sketches. Suddenly the idea struck me to just show the harpy’s shadow.

I still had to show how Crissy steps in, though, but soon remembered the crossbow arrow shot of the comic main challenge of the festival. But I didn’t only wanted to tell the background of what is going on in the painting, I also wanted to show it. So I added the case with the „Instructions“ scroll that Paula only bothered to read the topic (if anything at all).

The last struggle I had was with the foreground and the background. First I didn’t want any at all but I tried out some features like a meadow and plants in the foreground and trees and clouds an birds in the background. It didn’t work, mainly because of the shadows which weren’t clearly visible.

After some try and error with gradient color layers, I tried a subtle and diffuse yellow and orange background. Because of the surely lovely music I wanted to give it a rosy, shimmery and soft look too. Therefore I added a foreground too but with a pinker tone than in the finished piece.

I changed the tone when I got the inspiration to make the dangercoming from the harpy visible in colors. Therefore, I made them more reddish, resembling blood in the corners of the eyes of an approaching harpy.

This piece again was an exercise in practising in poses and anatomy. I saw a reference pic and thought this pose would be great and as for the anatomy … last week I announced my Patreon channel for artistical anatomy and poses. You again will find Paula full frontal there. You can get access by a tiny tip in my jar on Ko-fi and then following the links in the supporters only posts.

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