Call to Fraction

Harp(y)’s Call

Again, this PaintLog that was supposed to be published Sunday’s will be one or two days late. As life changes, so do time schedules. Therefore I may shift the release day slightly but still I plan to keep my pace and to publish in the beginning of each week at the latest.

Recently, I shared the two for now last entries for the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival that ended some weeks ago. But as I did this I also said that there still are ideas coming up to my mind.

Well …

Harp(y)’s Call

Although the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival ended, the prompt „Song/Music“ inspired me to the painting below. There is actually another prompt that inspired me to explain how Paula got the harp in the first place, but I decided to paint the painting that takes less time first (I won’t be able to paint it until next week, though, because I’m preparing another, more important one, at the moment).

Paula playing the harp was an easy decision. As mentioned in the story, it is not much more than a bow with a lot of more strings and I totally can see the Steampunk Paula playing the guitare. However, I wasn’t sure about her surroundings first.

Initially I thought of some nymphs or dryads that Crissy had to fight off and/or to tie up. Then the pune with the harpy came to my mind and I thought of a harpy tied to a tree.

Little is known that Paula was a passionate harpist (well, string instrument player to be honest – but a harp isn’t little more than a bow with a few more strings after all, so it has its very own appeal). However, she didn’t bother to read manuals. So, she didn’t know that this one was supposed to summon a love-crazed and very hungry harpy woman Crissy had to deal with to prevent greater damage.

Still I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t like the sketches. Suddenly the idea struck me to just show the harpy’s shadow.

I still had to show how Crissy steps in, though, but soon remembered the crossbow arrow shot of the comic main challenge of the festival. But I didn’t only wanted to tell the background of what is going on in the painting, I also wanted to show it. So I added the case with the „Instructions“ scroll that Paula only bothered to read the topic (if anything at all).

The last struggle I had was with the foreground and the background. First I didn’t want any at all but I tried out some features like a meadow and plants in the foreground and trees and clouds an birds in the background. It didn’t work, mainly because of the shadows which weren’t clearly visible.

After some try and error with gradient color layers, I tried a subtle and diffuse yellow and orange background. Because of the surely lovely music I wanted to give it a rosy, shimmery and soft look too. Therefore I added a foreground too but with a pinker tone than in the finished piece.

I changed the tone when I got the inspiration to make the dangercoming from the harpy visible in colors. Therefore, I made them more reddish, resembling blood in the corners of the eyes of an approaching harpy.

This piece again was an exercise in practising in poses and anatomy. I saw a reference pic and thought this pose would be great and as for the anatomy … last week I announced my Patreon channel for artistical anatomy and poses. You again will find Paula full frontal there. You can get access by a tiny tip in my jar on Ko-fi and then following the links in the supporters only posts.

The Four Gardens

Birds in the Garden

Apart from my latest painting – although connected to it – there actually is something new about my internet presence. I mentioned before that related to one of my Valentine’s prompt paintings („Daydream“) there also was an alternative version.

Since it features artistic nudity in implying poses, it wasn’t allowed to be posted on this website or pubilcly somewhere else, I couldn’t share it so far. To be able to do this, I now created a Patreon account.

To be able to do this, I now created a Patreon account. For now, it’s for supporters only. You will find the link for a small tip in my coffee jar in my most recent post on Ko-fi. So far I shared only three paintings there, alternative (and the real) versions of past drawings but also several ones of a new one.

As mentioned last week, I planned an aftermath of the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival. Well, I didn’t only plan it, I actually drew it.

Birds in the Garden

In the end of the Summer Festival, our OCs were sent home to their own realm. They woke up again in their rooms in steampunk Arcryla City and didn’t remember what happened in the fantasy world. And, of course, Paula wasn’t able to take Sparrow with her (or to keep the elf’s ears).

All that was left were vague, dreamlike feelings, dejavues at the most. Still, I got this idea to connect Sparrow with the steampunk world. There are no big bird mounts in the steampunk realm, of course, but there is the African secretary bird, a bird that comes next in appearance to Sparrow.

With this piece, I wanted to try out some new things. Again, I managed to do Paula’s updated haircut (although ruffled by the night) but I also found a new way to draw abs. I always wanted her to have visible abs but wasn’t able to sufficiently. I think, I will stick to them the way I did here.

The second goal was to practise anatomy, going into the very details, including full frontal nudity. Yes, in one version of this painting you can see her boobs and then, there is a version in which I cut out one of the plants pots, so you can spot her genital piercing (she always had one, but, well, no nudity on this site, you know). Both are among the paintings you can see on above-mentioned Patreon channel.

But let’s keep speaking about creating the SFW versions of this painting. The original, the most genuine version, the one that I had in mind when drawing the painting, is the one featuring the big plant leaves. It depends on your point of view, if it just doesn’t tell if Paula is wearing anything or if the leaf covers her up.

My intention was, yes, it implies nudity (therefore you won’t find it on Ko-fi) and with „most genuine“ I mean that it fits Paula’s „I don’t give a fucking shit about what other peoples think“ attitude most. So, in the real universe, she is standing in full nuditiy on her balcony, „So what?!“.

First I thought of covering it up by adding another big plant right in front of her but as it came to painting this part, I was too proud of my newly drawn abs and they would’ve been covered as well along with a big part of Paula’s upper body. Besides, it would’ve been to obvious what I was going to hide. Still, I had to add some vines covering her hips, so nobody would be able to tell if she wears some kind of panties.

„Chirp, chirp, chirp …“, the birds outside the windows awakened Paula.

Still dozy she left the bed to look after her plants on the balcony. She felt like she’d had a weird dreams but couldn’t recall anything. She stepped on the balcony and gave herself a good stretch when she heard some flapping sounds.

Opening one eye, the second one still half closed, sleep in the eyes, behind a wall of blurry dream dust, she noticed a big, long-legged, talon-armed and sharp-beaked grey and white bird. She immediately got the feeling of familiarity, although she couldn’t say where this came from and the bird appeared to be docile enough.

Paula didn’t read a lot – in fact she didn’t read at all -, so she didn’t know what a secretary bird is or where they usually live, so she didn’t question it. She also didn’t remember the adventures in some weird fantasy realm, but she knew that she got a new but somehow familiar friend.

She called her „Sparrow“.

  • Digital paintin, comic style: The setting is a warm and bright morning, Paula (young woman, short turqoise hair in sidecut, toe polish in rainbow colors, nail polish in Lesbian Pride colors), standing on her balcony, stretching, one eye closed, the other one opening, the hair messy, she doesn't wear any visible clothes, hips and pelvis are covered by the railing and the pots and plants attached to it, her breast by a big leave of one of the several carnivorous plants of different types around, their twines winding the railing; at the right edge of the painting a big secretary bird is landing, looking towards Paula; in the background an open balcony door with windows, curtains flapping outwards, behind the door a room with a canopy bed, someone with purple hair lying in it, one leg peeking out from under the blanket, pictures on the wall; in the foreground tow blurred birds and flying blossoms; the look is a little bit washy, blurred at the edges.
  • Digital paintinc, comic style: The setting is a warm and bright morning, Paula (young woman, short turqoise hair in sidecut, toe polish in rainbow colors, nail polish in Lesbian Pride colors), standing on her balcony, stretching, one eye closed, the other one opening, the hair messy, she wears a short, thin pink top with the lineart of the head of a bear on it, hips and pelvis are covered by the railing and the pots and plants attached to it; there are several carnivorous plants of different types around, their twines winding the railing; at the right edge of the painting a big secretary bird is landing, looking towards Paula; in the background an open balcony door with windows, curtains flapping outwards, behind the door a room with a canopy bed, someone with purple hair lying in it, one leg peeking out from under the blanket, pictures on the wall; in the foreground tow blurred birds and flying blossoms; the look is a little bit washy, blurred at the edges.

This became important with the full SFW version in which she wears a shirt. Still no hint of panties (and being Paula there won’t be any) but by looking at the painting, you may imagine some. To keep this version SFW, I had to shade Paula’s boobs a little bit darker, so there won’t be any visible nipples.

If you look close, you can see that there is the head of a waterbear on the shirt, indicating that it’s one of Crissy’s. If you look even closer, you will spot her in the background, lying in the bed, there is even a part of her leg sticking out of the blankets. I even put her waterbear plushy into the painting, but this one is fully covered by the bed curtain, I fear. Another detail that details got missed due to the background blur are the two pictures on the wall.

One of them you still may recognzige as the photo taken on the Zeppelin Ride that I presented as Valentine’s entry in the beginning of this year. The second one is a photo taken by a speed trap as they both were riding Paula’s jetbike during last year’s Summer Festival. Since it turned out a nice picture, Paula decided to put it on her wall.

  • Digital painting, comic style: A photograph in sepia colours slightly askrew showing a ballroom inside of a Zeppelin with Paula and Crissy in it; Crissy: young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, skirt, bellyfree top, toefree kneeboots; Paula: young woman, light green hair, a big bang combed to the left side, knee long dress, parted at the front, many frills, bellyfree shirt, plateau kneeboots, holding a bottle of wine to hide it behind her back; they are standing close together, Crissy looking blushing to Paula, Paula looking to the wine bottle out of the corners of her eyes; chairs, a table and a window showing a star filled night sky in the background; the photo is laid centrally over the (coloured) version of the Zeppelin's ballroom.
  • Digital Painting, comic style: My OC Crissy Faith (young woman, short, purpley hair, big round glasses, blue overall, green and yellow striped leggings, a pocket watch dangling from one pocket, toe-free boots) sitting on a flying steam and jet propulsed bike behind a young woman (short, light green hair, safety glasses, black neckband, black wristbands, brown belly free leather top, brown tigh leather trousers, brown toe free laced boots) who is laughing and stretching the arms to the sides. In the left bottom corner is a gloved hand which tries to grab a tophat, in the foreground petals which are blown up by the slipstream, a sheet of paper likewise flying in the wind, text: "Arcryla City Summer Festival"

In my first approach to the background, I didn’t want to bother with it a lot. Therefore, I tried some lineless airbrush … well … you have to call it „diffuse airbrush blobs“. It didn’t really work out without lineart, so I skipped the seemingly „fast and easy“ attempt and drew the lines.

I often got asked, if it’s Crissy’s appartment or Paula’s. Admittedly, it’s not that obvious. Still, I already mentioned Paula’s carnivorous plants and here they are. I exaggerated a lot and played arount with my fantasy rather than taking references of real carnivorous plants in their actual form or sizes.

They are taken from several popcultural sources like Little Shop of Horror (the small Audrey like plants) or Pokémon (there is a Victreebel-like plant hanging around), inspired by real plants (like the sundew or the „cactus“) or just made up as I went along (the big one on the balcony’s railing). And as often this days I also hid a tiny but happy frog in this painting.

Another detail that got invisible are the reflections in the door’s glass. I actually did some, I really did. I didn’t want to bother with them a lot, but I did. They basically were parts of the painting put on an extra (clipping) layer above the door’s glass and lowering the opacitiy really low.

Because this way it never would’ve been an accurate way of reflecting this was an advantage on my side and well, I just wanted to to hint at them, not get them recognizable. However, the other background details are covering most of them anyways, not to speak of the reflection of the morning sun (and the whole morning sky) in one of the glass tiles.

Btw, I’m really proud that I managed to get this bright morning feeling and the dizziness after waking up after deep dreams, when there still is sleep in your eyes and a blur in the corners of your field of vision.

A Mango, an Elf and a Wyvern Rider go into a Bar

Rise of the MamangogoRider’s Talk

Two weeks of vacation are coming to their end. On Monday I will be back at work again. Therefore, it’s time to show the so far last two of my Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival entries.

I still have plans for more, I even already created an aftermath that I’ll show you next week, but since there are also other projects and ideas around for now, here they are.

Rise of the Mamangogo
(The Mother of all Mangogoes)

Some weeks ago, Crissy discovered in one of the festival stalls some weird fruits called „Mangogoes„. After sharing this painting, I joked around with my best friend via Whatsapp about scary mangoes and „Mama Mango“.

This led to the idea of Paula and Crissy fleeing from a giant mamangogo.

Here the potions prompt of the general prompt list came in handy and for the general scene I remembered an approach that came to my mind when I planned the Lanterns prompt but that I abandoned back then.

Now it seemed to be perfect to my purpose. At the same time, the intended perspective was an excercise in its own right. Furthermore, Crisssy should be looking scaryfied backwards. This meant there had to be an unfamiliar pose, too.

The hardest part was to get her legs right, though. While Paula’s ones were directed forward, representing her wild ride attitude, Crissy’s should be clinged to the mount, representing her need for security. But this meant to draw them seen from front and above – you easily can get this wrong.

The attempt for lineart saw Paula looking straight forward, concentrated on the flight. However, at one point in time I thought it would be a good idea to also visualize the magic potion that brought us the Mamangogo in the first place. Enter a second unfamiliar pose, the upper body turned back, the arm stretched out to the flying potion flask.

To get all those things right took 2-3 days just for the lineart and even more problems occured during the coloring process. Sparrow’s saddle has a pommel and a hook up front. But since I colored the saddle red, initially the colored pommel and the colored saddle looked like something you got to see only in movies for adults above 18 years old. Therefore, I had to change the lineart to keep it SFW.

Also, I didn’t plan to draw Paula’s bow but the space in front of the saddle appeared to be quite empty and, well, although I always painted this hook, even in the one painting he came to its purpose, it wasn’t this visible that the hook is there to hold the bow.

So, I finally got an opportunity to make it clear. Luckily, I happily could skip many of the other details due to the perspective. Still, I again had a hard time to achieve an impression of movement but motion blur saved the day (again).

The last struggle I had was to get the painting in suitable proportions. I actually wanted to focus more on Crissy and Paula, to have them bigger in size but I already made the Mamangogo too big, so I stayed with the one you can see below in the end.

Rise of the Mamangogo
(The Mother of all Mangogoes)

– General prompt No. 1: Potions –

To tend her carnivorous plants back home more effectively, Paula bought a growth potion at one of the stalls of the ongoing Summer Festival (she would’ve nicked one, but … well … never mess with someone who creates potions). She didn’t waste time and tried it out with one of the Mangogoes that she has nicked from „Wyrd’s Fruits and Vegetables“ stall.

It actually worked.

Well, she must have remembered the dose wrong, but it worked …

Rider’s Talk

As the end of the festival came near, the main challenge for the last showcase emphasized again that we can draw other artist’s OCs and/or Sir Alexander and/or Lynette into our paintings. Therefore, I asked vitranas_art (Instagram) if I could take her Archie for a painting corresponding to one she was working on.

She depicted a scene showing Archie with my OCs Crissy and Paula in a tavern that inspired me to the painting below.

There were only a few days left and I managed just in time – except that I didn’t bother with a detailed background. Still, I like the lights giving this dim tavern atmosphere. To be perfect I perhaps shpuld’ve added some tavern sign (the tavern is called „The Golden Hoof“), but I think it’s good as it is.

Paula by default is an extroverted and Archie also always curious and eager to get to know new people while Crissy is an introverted and her social batteries will come to an end quick. Plus, Archie is a Wyvern Rider and Paula got to love her giant bird mount Sparrow. So they naturally had a common topic.

This automatically led to the following scene: Paula and Archie still talking while Crissy slumbering away. However, I wanted to show that Paula cares about her girlfried. Therefore, she is holding her in her arm, the arm lying around her shoulders with a hint of leaving with her any moment now.

I also wanted to include one of the mangogoes (the waterbear shaped) to indeed appearing to have gotten drunk. Originally, I draw a toppled wine bottle to this purpose but since it would’ve been somewhat in front of Crissy too this would’ve looked as if Crissy had too much wine and got drunk. Well, she had too much, but it was only the wine in her actual cup (she doesn’t tolerate that much alcohol before getting tipsy).

Therefore, instead of a toppled wine bottle I just drew an additional toppled cup. To fill up the space and to indicate that there also were other guests around at some point in time and it is not one of Crissy’s cup toppled on the counter, I also draw a second cup in front of Archie.

Perhaps you also see the difference of the volume of wine already consumed in the two opened bottles. Here I wanted to show that Paula could drink (and tolerate) a good amount of alcohol. Apropos wine bottles – you also can spot that Paula nicked one again.

And perhaps you can see that I changed her hairstyle, too. Well, not really changed, I finally managed to paint it the way I always wanted to. I’ll elaborate this further in my future drawings (in the one I already did I, well, I already did).

Regarding Archie, I fear I drew him a little bit too bulky. I think he was supposed (and is depicted by others) to be more slender. This way he reminds me a tiny bit too much of Mario (Mario Brothers). The ponytail is too shot, too. But may it as it be, they indeed have a good time.

If you look close, you perhaps will spot the two details I took kind of a shortcut. The waterbear shaped mangogo is taken from the first mangogo painting, I just added the „X X“ as eyes and the red nose. The second one is the counter. It’s the same counter like in the above-mentioned piece, more shadows added and a little bit of structure in the front side.

Last but not least, I wasn’t that unlucky that because of the setting I didn’t have to draw too many of the details of Crissy’s (and Archie’s and Paula’s) clothes. Because they were inside, I even could skip Crissy’s cape.

Rider’s Talk

– General Prompt No. 10: Tavern –

After an exhausting day at the Summer Festival in this weird fantasy realm, Paula found a tavern and talked Crissy into stopping by to finish the day. They both got something to drink and they met Archibald Featherstone, a Wyvern Rider of the Kingdom’s Wyvern Riders Guild. Paula asked a lot about Fortuna and in turn was eager to talk about Sparrow. However, as the evening continued, Crissy slowly dozed off.

Paint me Home

Spelling Backwards

The Arcryla City Fantasy Summer Festival officially is over now. In the course of the last one and a half weeks I finished three more prompts before the final showcase and I still have got ideas for more of them.

Howerver, I only will share them on social media one after another and same applies to present them on my website and in my PaintLog. So, today I will start with the painting that sort of concludes the comic from the previous main challenge.

Spelling Backwards

The admins of the Arcryla City Discord server announced another, a fifth main challenge added to the initially four ones. In the end it narrowed down to hand in all the other prompts we still were working on but there was a story to conclude the festival, too.

In the end of the fight Lynette, the kingdom’s princess in the fantasy realm, intervened and sent our OCs back to their own world.

I took the opportunity to paint an entry for the general prompt Spell. At the same time it concludes the comic from two weeks before. It’s the final page of the comic, if you’d like to say. To this purpose I even kept the exact size of the comic pages.

  • Digital painted comic, cover page "A Mayoral Fight": The black silhouette of Crissy (young woman, short hair, big round glasses, cape) in front of a perspectively enlarged Mayor Alexander; the Mayor is ripping his shirt off, beneath there is a big muscular chest and abs; white hair pointing upwards, he is wearing a striped skirt, dark trousers and a striped tophat; gleaming green-yellow light covering wide parts of his body (marked with "Mayical Armor") and coming out of his eyes; action lines focussing on the Mayor, blue sky and blurry cylindrical objects in the background, Mayor: "Are you ready?!", Chrissy: "no?".
  • Digital painted comic page, 3 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs): 1) front view, Crissy almost gotten hit by a fireball (Crissy: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!"), 2) side view Crissy (a black silhouette) jumping around the arena, dodging fireballs, cannons in the background (marked "! Fireworks"), 3) side view, clos-up of Paula, legs resting on the railing of the audience area, holding a bag wih nuts, nail polish in the colors of the Lesbian Pride flag ("Ah. She'll manage" - "Dang.").
  • Digital painted comic page, 6 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs/fireworks and the Mayor's Mayical armor): 1) front view, Crissy hiding behind a cannon, eyes closed, 2) Cannon going off ("BAAMM!!!"), spewing fireworks (marked "Magical Fireworks"), 3) Crissy with open eyes, 4) silhouette of Crissy running ("huff huff huff") towards another cannon (marked "! Fireworks"), 5 using a wrench to loosen a screw of the cannon, 6) mouth of the cannon rotating ("*squeeeeeek*, Crissy: "Ooof!") and facing the Mayor who is casting another fireball spell towards Crissy and the cannon.
  • Digital painted comic page, 6 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs/fireworks and the Mayor's Mayical armor): 1) sideview Mayor holding his tophat and facing a wave of fireworks ("BAAAMM!!!") with his mayical Armor, 2) the way of an arrow (Crissy: "Hey!") shooting the tophat from the Mayor's head ("Ziiiiiiing!!"), the Mayor shaking; 3) close-up of Crissy's arm-mounted crossbow with a loaded arrow 4) view from ground level, Crissy ("Let me out!") from behind, running towards a door marked "EXIT", next to the door a female guardian with a curved staff ("No!"), a shaken "THUMP" indicating something landing, 5) Paula (young woman, short hair, barefoot, only wearing some bellyfree bands as top and leaf-like loinclothes, "Care for a ride?") on the back of her big bird "Sparrow", tossing a rope ladder towards the silhouette of Crissy ("Of course!"), 6) the Mayor ("Not so fast!!") landing on the ground, smashing ("SMASH") the right fist in the ground, in the foreground his torn, burnt and smoking tophat, he also is smoking and charred, a few strokes of fireworks still leaping of his hair and ears.

But, as you easily can spot, I also took the silhouette of Crissy that’s in the foreground (and added a silhouette of Paula). To hint at the cover page of the comic I even took the same background, the same clouds minus the cannons and plus some more clouds to fill the gap in the bottom right corner.

Lynette’s design and color palette is derived from the general prompt list and the Fantasy Festival announcement sheets. As those were published, the fantasy AU design of Lynette wasn’t finished yet but we got the information about the fairy wings on the Discord server, so I added them too.

The candied apple is depicted in both of above-mentioned announcement sheets. Therefore, I included it into this painting and even made it a magical artefact. Right from the beginning I thought of something like a Sailor Moon like pose and the apple even looks like the stick she changes with into Sailor Moon.

A running gag on the Discord server is the phrase „With the power of friendship“. Candied apples in Germany are called, literally translated, „Love apples“ (not to be confused with the old term for „tomatoes“). Now, it’s „the power of friendship“ and not „the power of love“ but „it’s“apple of friendship“ still is near enough to be a reference to this local name for candied apples.

Still, something else was missing. The rays are reference back to the ones of the cover page of the comic. Then I remembered that I love to add glitter and blossoms to my paintings. In this case I painted the latter one spiralling through the air towards the apple, this way giving the apple a moving look.

Last but not least I added those „chirp“ sound words. The narration of the summer event started and ended with birds chirping outside the window, the first time when our OC awakes in the fantasy realm, the second time when they awake back home.

You could say, we now have come full chirple.

The Fight against Sir Alexander went better than expected but worse than desired. But before every hope of returning home flew away (literally, Paula was just about to carry Crissy away on her giant bird mount Sparrow), Lynette intervened.

With the words „Please, travelers. Close your eyes“ and with the power of the apple of friendship she reversed the spell that brought them here in the first place.

Crissy x 5

🇩🇪 Die Preise sind da!

Hatte ich euch letzte Woche nur ein Bild präsentieren können, ist es heute gleich eine ganze Galerie Crissys.

Crissy 1: Letzte Woch hatte ich euch mitteilen können, dass ich beim Arcryla City Summer Festival (🇬🇧) den dritten Platz gemacht habe! Für diesen gab es natürlich auch einen Preis. Unser Council-Mitglied Vannie Ven hat einen Emote erstellt, den ich auf dem Arcryla-City-Discord-Server benutzen kann, und der meinen Originalcharakter Crissy (🇬🇧) abbildet. Ebenso habe ich die Erlaubnis, dieses zu posten wo immer ich möchte:

🇬🇧 Prices incoming!

Last week I worried to present only one painting, today it is a whole galery Crissies.

Crissy 1: Last week I told you that I made the third place at the Arcryla City Summer Festival. And there were a price! Council Member Vannie Ven created an emote which I can use on the Arcryla City Discord Server and which shows my original character Crissy. Of course I am also allowed to post it wherever I like:

Crissy 2: Seit einiger Zeit verfolge ich die Simply Silly Comics und unterstütze diese ebenso auf Patreon. Eine der Vorteile, die man erhalten kann, wenn man diese auf Patreon unterstützt, ist, dass man monatlich eine freie Commission hat und diese auch dazu genutzt werden kann, eine Zeichnung zu erhalten, auf dem der eigene Charakter mit jenen aus dem Comics interagiert. Diese Belohnung habe ich nun eingelöst.

Bekanntermaßen hat Crissy einen Crush, die dessen aber offenbar vollkommen ahnungslos ist. Silvia, der Hauptfigur der Simply Silly Comics geht es genauso. Während Crissy aber zu introvertiert ist, um überhaupt auch nur einen Versuch der Annäherung zu unternehmen, ist Silvia da zumindest in der Theorie zielstrebiger (scheitert in der Praxis aber ständig). Deshalb formte sich das folgende Bild in meinem Kopf, das die Zeichner im Simply-Silly-Team dann auch umgesetzt haben:

Crissy 2: Some time ago I started following the Simply Simply Silly and I am also supporting them on Patreon. One benefit of supporting them on Patreon is the reward in the form of a monthly free commission. This comission can be used to get a painting in which an own character interacts with one of the Simply Silly characters. I chose to go for this kind of commission.

As a well known fact Crissy has a crush one someone who doesn’t even seem to know about it. Likewise Silvia, the main character of the Simply Silly comics. But as Crissy is to introvert to even try an approach, Silvia is more determined, in theory at least (in practice she is failing constantly). So I got this picture in my head which the Simply Silly artists painted for me:

Crissy 3 + 4: Einmal mehr habe ich den Charakterbogen (🇬🇧) aktualisiert. Mehr noch, Potato Beta, ein Mitglied auf dem Arcryla City Discord-Server, hatte ein eigenes Template zur Verfügung gestellt, das wir ausfüllen durften. Ich habe so ausgefüllt, als würde Crissy selber die Fragen beantworten:

Crissy 3 + 4: One more time I updated Crissy’s Charakterbogen. Moreover: Potato Beta, a citizen of the Arcryla City Discord Server created a template to use by us for free. I filled it in as if Crissy herself answered the questions:

Crissy 5: Es ist vollbracht! Ursprünglich hatte ich diese Bild als Beitrag zu den allgemeinen Prompts (🇬🇧) des Summer Festvials geplant, jedoch recht bald gemerkt, dass ich es nicht mehr vor der Deadline fertigstellen würde können, sodass ich das nun bekannte „Fairy Dreams„-Bild (🇬🇧) eingereicht hatte. Nun ist dieses dann also zum „High T“ (🇬🇧) geworden.

Erinnert ihr euch noch an meinen Beitrag zum Mayor (🇬🇧)? Hier findet ihr die Ursache für den Wind, der uns den Blick auf seine Bauchmuskeln gegönnt hat:

Finally! Initially I planned it as entry for the Summer Festival’s General Prompts but I noticed that I won’t make it before the deadline. So I changed it to the already known “ Fairy Dreams “ painting. Now, this one became „High T„.

Do you remembwer the Mayor prompt? Now you can see the cause for the wind which presented us a peek on his abs:

„High T“

Crissy taking a ride home – she should’ve kown better.


Back to Work

🇩🇪 Die Frohe Kunde vorneweg: Beim Arcryla City Summer Festival (🇬🇧) haben meine Beiträge und ich den dritten Platz belegt! Eine vollständige Übersicht meiner Beiträge findet ihr an oben verlinkter Stelle und auch noch einmal gebündelt auf meinem Instagram-Account.

Da das harte Arbeitsleben in der letzten Woche wieder so richtig einkickte, bin ich zeichnerisch in der vergangenen Woche ansonsten aber nicht zu sonderlich viel gekommen. In Arbeit sind noch zwei weitere Bilder zu Crissy Faith in Arcryla City (🇬🇧), über das am weitesten fortgeschrittene halte ich euch regelmäßig auf Patreon und Ko-fi auf dem Laufenden. Zu dem anderen darf und will ich noch nicht zu viel verraten, aber es handelt sich erneut um ein Kollaborationsprojekt, das sich aber erst in der Anfangsphase der Planung befindet.

Apropos Ko-fi: Eine weitere Änderung hat sich ergeben. Dort sind nun auch Mitgliedschaften möglich. Diese orientieren sich an den Mitfgliedschaftsstufen auf Patreon und bieten dieselben Arten von Inhalten (Early Access, Work in Progress etc.). Solltet ihr nur einmal spenden wollen, gilt nach wie vor, dass ihr ein Werk dieser exklusiven Inhalte bei einer Spende ebenso erhalten könnt, wenn ihr mir beim Spenden dazu eine Notiz hinterlasst.

Ein Bild habe ich diese Woche dann aber doch zustande gebracht: Den zweiten Teil meines MeetMyOCs-Charakterbogens (🇬🇧) .

Und nun … back to drawing work!

🇬🇧 Good news first: My entries and me made the third place at the Arcryla City Summer Festival! You will find all of my entries by following the above-mentioned links and of course as an overview on my Instagram-Account

Because hard daily work took me quite offguard, I didn’t draw much in the past week. There are two works in progress featuring Crissy Faith. in Arcryla City. You will be updated about the most elaborated on Patreon and Ko-fi. It’s too early to talk about the second one but it again will be a collab project which only is in the planning phase right now.

Apropos Ko-fi: You now can subscribe for membership. The membership levels are similar to the ones on Patreon and provide the same kind of content (Early Access, Work in Progress etc.). If you would like to tip me a coffee only once, you still can notify my when tipping, so I can submit you one piece of those exclusive contend, too.

Last but not least, there actually is one painting I finished this week: The MeetMyOCs character sheet part 2.

And now … back to drawing work!


🇩🇪 Gestern endete die Frist zur Einreichung der Beiträge für die general prompts des Arcryla City Summer Festival (🇬🇧). Unglaublich, dass das doch ganze 9 Wochen waren, in denen ich fast durchgehend für diese Festivität gezeichnet hatte.

Als einen letzten Beitrag hatte ich kurz vor dem Ende der Frist noch einen Beitrag zum Stichwort „Fairy Floss“ eingereicht. Die Geschichte ist jedoch noch nicht zu Ende geschrieben und es werden sicherlich noch weitere Bilder folgen, seien es weitere Prompts, seien sie von diesen unabhängig.

🇬🇧 Yesterday, was the deadline to submit the entries for the Arcryla City Summer Festival’s general prompts. Amazingly, full 9 weeks of painting almost permanently for these festivities.

As last entry before the deadline I submitted one for the prompt „Fairy Floss“. Still, the story didn’t come to an end, there will be more paintings in the future, prompt related or of an independent nature.

„Fairy Tale“

Whenever Crissy gets used to the thought to forget about her crush she turns up at unexpected times in unexpected places and does things to raise hope again.

Einige befinden sich schon in Planung, doch auch darüber hinaus gehen meine selbige weiter:

Bevor ich diese jedoch angehe, habe ich auf Instagram ein DTIYS gestartet, um dort sowohl 100 Follower wie auch mein Einjähriges zu begehen. Hierzu habe ich extra eine Unterseite (🇬🇧) angelegt, auf der ihr, solltet ihr nicht auf Instagram sein, die Details ebenfalls nachlesen könnt. Gerne dürft ihr ebenso teilnehmen, am einfachsten auf Instagram oder Twitter, prinzipiell jedoch über jede Plattform eurer Wahl, über die ihr mich erreichen könnt. Auch hier noch einmal mein Dank an alle 100 Follower!

Some already are in the making but there will be other ones too:

Before doing all of this I started an own DTIYS on Instagram to celebrate 100 followers as well as my first Instagram anniversary. You will find the details on the page I created for this occasion. You are invited to participate, of course. The easiest way being via Instagram or Twitter but in general, via any platform I am available at. Thank you again to all of my 100 followers!

🎶 Toss a coin to your artist 🎶

🇩🇪 Ich habe erneut an der Seite gebastelt (mehr dazu in wenigen Augenblicken). Wer genau hinschaut, kann oben in der Leiste direkt über diesem PaintLog nun auch einen Link zu meiner Ko-fi-Seite entdecken. Wenn ihr mich unterstützen wollt, könnte ihr mir ab nun also auch hin und wieder einfach ein bisschen etwas in die Kaffeetasse tun. Gerne könnt ihr dies auch auf regelmäßiger Basis tun, die Preisstufen sind dieselben wie auf Patreon (mit denselben Benefits).

Die zweite Neuerung ist die englische Version (🇬🇧) der OC-Unterseite. Zur Zeit arbeite ich an einem Redraw einer meiner Charaktere (you will see) und habe alleine dadurch recht häufig über meine OCs nachgedacht. In dessen Zuge kam mir dann die Idee zu einem Übersichts-Blatt. Die Platz dort ist begrenzt, doch lassen sich einige OCs darauf unterbringen.

Neben meinem Übersichtsblatt findt ihr außerdem eine Blanko-Version zum Selberausfüllen. Oben links ist zudem Platz für eure persönlichen Kontaktinformationen oder Ähnliches. Für Unterstützer auf Patreon oder Ko-fi, gleich welchen Levels, ist außerdem ein Template mit transpartendem Hintergrund verfügbar, um euch das Zeichnen noch weiter zu vereinfachen.

Für welche Version ihr euch auch entscheidet, beide stehen zur freien Nutzung zur Verfügung. Ihr könnt sogar die Kategorien auf eure OCs zuschneiden. Zögert also nicht, eure OCs wo auch immer auf diese Weise zu präsentieren!

🇬🇧 Again I worked on this website (you’ll see in one moment). Who looks closely will discover in the band right above this PaintLog a link to my Ko-fi site. If you’d like to support me, from now you also can tip my coffee jar. Of course, I’d also appreciate if you’d like to do this on a regular basis. The price levels (and benefits) are the same as on Patreon.

Secondly, I created an English version of the OC page (🇩🇪). At the moment I’m working on a redraw of one of my original characters (you will see) and therefore I’m thinking a lot about them recently. So, I got this idea of this OC overview sheet. The space is limited but you can present several OCs in it.

There is also a blank sheet which you can use for yourself and for your OCs. In the upper left corner is space for personal contact information or likewise. Supporters on Parteon or Ko-fi (regardless the level) also will find a template with transparent backgrpund to make it easier to complete it and present your OCs.

Whatever version you’ll choose, both are free to use. You even can change the topics to suit them your OCs best. So, don’t hesitate to present your OCs wherever you’d like to do this!

Das Arcryla City (🇬🇧) Sommerfestival war in der vergangenen Woche wieder einmal für eine Überraschung gut: Aufgrund vielfachen Wunsches, unseren Mayor 🇬🇧 (oben ohne) zeichnen zu können, wurde ein neuntes General Prompt hinzugenommen. Nein, nicht den Mayor oben ohne, sondern ganz allgemein gehalten, den Mayour zu zeichnen. Ein bisschen Einblick auf seinen Body konnte ich mir mit meiner Zeichnung aber dann doch nicht verkneifen:

The Arcryla City was good for a surprise again last week: Due to several request to draw our Mayer (topless) a ninth general prompt has been announced. No, it’s not the Mayor to be painted topless but to draw him in general. I couldn’t refrain from giving a view on his body in my painting, though:

„A Mayoral Wind“

The Mayor strolling around the festivities, getting caught by a sudden wind gust – what may have caused it?

Da dieses Prompt allerdings erst nachträglich verlautbart wurde, wurde die Deadline zur Einreichung der Beiträge um eine Woche nach hinten verschoben, auf den 21.08.2021. Ich werde mich voraussichtlich also noch an mindestens ein Arcryla-City-Bild setzen (aber danach ebenfalls noch weitere Bilder featuring Crissy (🇬🇧) zeichnen).

Nichtsdestotrotz fand der letzte Showcase gestern statt. Aufgabe war, Lynette (🇬🇧), die neue Assistentin des Bürgermeisters, anhand der Infos, derer wir auf dem Discord Server bisher habhaft werden konnten, zu zeichnen:

Because this prompt has been announced subsequently, the deadline to hand in the entries for the general prompts (and to get points for them) has been postponed to 21 August 2021. Presumably I will start to work on another Arcryla City paintin, too (but also continuing drawing paintings featuring Crissy afterwards).

However, the last showcase took place yesterday, challenge being to depict Lynette, the Mayor’s new assistant with the help of the information already given on the Discord server:


Not so much depicting a specific scene but an accumulation of the events described in the Mayor’s and Lynette’s journal antries.