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Spelling Backwards

The Arcryla City Fantasy Summer Festival officially is over now. In the course of the last one and a half weeks I finished three more prompts before the final showcase and I still have got ideas for more of them.

Howerver, I only will share them on social media one after another and same applies to present them on my website and in my PaintLog. So, today I will start with the painting that sort of concludes the comic from the previous main challenge.

Spelling Backwards

The admins of the Arcryla City Discord server announced another, a fifth main challenge added to the initially four ones. In the end it narrowed down to hand in all the other prompts we still were working on but there was a story to conclude the festival, too.

In the end of the fight Lynette, the kingdom’s princess in the fantasy realm, intervened and sent our OCs back to their own world.

I took the opportunity to paint an entry for the general prompt Spell. At the same time it concludes the comic from two weeks before. It’s the final page of the comic, if you’d like to say. To this purpose I even kept the exact size of the comic pages.

  • Digital painted comic, cover page "A Mayoral Fight": The black silhouette of Crissy (young woman, short hair, big round glasses, cape) in front of a perspectively enlarged Mayor Alexander; the Mayor is ripping his shirt off, beneath there is a big muscular chest and abs; white hair pointing upwards, he is wearing a striped skirt, dark trousers and a striped tophat; gleaming green-yellow light covering wide parts of his body (marked with "Mayical Armor") and coming out of his eyes; action lines focussing on the Mayor, blue sky and blurry cylindrical objects in the background, Mayor: "Are you ready?!", Chrissy: "no?".
  • Digital painted comic page, 3 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs): 1) front view, Crissy almost gotten hit by a fireball (Crissy: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!"), 2) side view Crissy (a black silhouette) jumping around the arena, dodging fireballs, cannons in the background (marked "! Fireworks"), 3) side view, clos-up of Paula, legs resting on the railing of the audience area, holding a bag wih nuts, nail polish in the colors of the Lesbian Pride flag ("Ah. She'll manage" - "Dang.").
  • Digital painted comic page, 6 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs/fireworks and the Mayor's Mayical armor): 1) front view, Crissy hiding behind a cannon, eyes closed, 2) Cannon going off ("BAAMM!!!"), spewing fireworks (marked "Magical Fireworks"), 3) Crissy with open eyes, 4) silhouette of Crissy running ("huff huff huff") towards another cannon (marked "! Fireworks"), 5 using a wrench to loosen a screw of the cannon, 6) mouth of the cannon rotating ("*squeeeeeek*, Crissy: "Ooof!") and facing the Mayor who is casting another fireball spell towards Crissy and the cannon.
  • Digital painted comic page, 6 panels divided by angled white bars, mostly black and white (except fireballs/fireworks and the Mayor's Mayical armor): 1) sideview Mayor holding his tophat and facing a wave of fireworks ("BAAAMM!!!") with his mayical Armor, 2) the way of an arrow (Crissy: "Hey!") shooting the tophat from the Mayor's head ("Ziiiiiiing!!"), the Mayor shaking; 3) close-up of Crissy's arm-mounted crossbow with a loaded arrow 4) view from ground level, Crissy ("Let me out!") from behind, running towards a door marked "EXIT", next to the door a female guardian with a curved staff ("No!"), a shaken "THUMP" indicating something landing, 5) Paula (young woman, short hair, barefoot, only wearing some bellyfree bands as top and leaf-like loinclothes, "Care for a ride?") on the back of her big bird "Sparrow", tossing a rope ladder towards the silhouette of Crissy ("Of course!"), 6) the Mayor ("Not so fast!!") landing on the ground, smashing ("SMASH") the right fist in the ground, in the foreground his torn, burnt and smoking tophat, he also is smoking and charred, a few strokes of fireworks still leaping of his hair and ears.

But, as you easily can spot, I also took the silhouette of Crissy that’s in the foreground (and added a silhouette of Paula). To hint at the cover page of the comic I even took the same background, the same clouds minus the cannons and plus some more clouds to fill the gap in the bottom right corner.

Lynette’s design and color palette is derived from the general prompt list and the Fantasy Festival announcement sheets. As those were published, the fantasy AU design of Lynette wasn’t finished yet but we got the information about the fairy wings on the Discord server, so I added them too.

The candied apple is depicted in both of above-mentioned announcement sheets. Therefore, I included it into this painting and even made it a magical artefact. Right from the beginning I thought of something like a Sailor Moon like pose and the apple even looks like the stick she changes with into Sailor Moon.

A running gag on the Discord server is the phrase „With the power of friendship“. Candied apples in Germany are called, literally translated, „Love apples“ (not to be confused with the old term for „tomatoes“). Now, it’s „the power of friendship“ and not „the power of love“ but „it’s“apple of friendship“ still is near enough to be a reference to this local name for candied apples.

Still, something else was missing. The rays are reference back to the ones of the cover page of the comic. Then I remembered that I love to add glitter and blossoms to my paintings. In this case I painted the latter one spiralling through the air towards the apple, this way giving the apple a moving look.

Last but not least I added those „chirp“ sound words. The narration of the summer event started and ended with birds chirping outside the window, the first time when our OC awakes in the fantasy realm, the second time when they awake back home.

You could say, we now have come full chirple.

The Fight against Sir Alexander went better than expected but worse than desired. But before every hope of returning home flew away (literally, Paula was just about to carry Crissy away on her giant bird mount Sparrow), Lynette intervened.

With the words „Please, travelers. Close your eyes“ and with the power of the apple of friendship she reversed the spell that brought them here in the first place.

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