(K)Nights and Days on the Beach

It’s only two weeks since the February recap, but I already got four new art pieces, so let’s do a mid-March recap!

First of all, Witchphibians series got a new character, Kimeira Wartribe. I actually created here already in February but saved her for the March’s PaintLog.

Creating this character and the accompanying text sheet also made it necessary (or to it felt) to write down all the Witchphibians lore I came up so far in one single work.

At the same time I changed the subpage’s web address from „Raven-Frogfeet“ to „Witchphibians„. The old page still is available, so older links won’t lead into nothingness, but now you will get directly on a page that bears the series name.

Before doing this I also participated in another DTIYS and afterwards I wanted to draw a new Crissy&Paula piece so badly. It turned out not to be done that fast as hoped for (as usual), but I’m quite proud of it (and there again is a not so safe for work version on my special Patreon account*).

*If you are new here:You will get access via a tip in my jar on Ko-fi.

Witchphibians: Kimeira Wartribe

It took me almost a whole year to add another character to the Witchphibians series.

I had this idea of a battle witch riding an axe instead of a broom some time ago. Doing so, I could have stopped by drawing her on an empty canvas, but as usual I got carried away and thought „What if she is some kind of guardian of Witchwood?*“.

I also was struggling a little bit with here name. Initially, I thought of something like „Chimeira“, but this would’ve been shortened to „Chi“ and this name already is taken by another character (in a completely different context) who is really dear to me.

So I got to the „K“ and this way I was able to shorten her name to „Kim“. I also wasn’t sure if she is going to be spelled „Kimeira“ or „Kimera“ but in the end, I kept the „ei“. Additionally, I wanted to call her „Yasha ‚Kimeira‘ Wartribe“.

At the point of time I was drawing her, I read a book about Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, „Yasha“ would’ve been a blending of the name of the security officer „Tasha Yar“. Plus, it resembled the name „Sasha Waybright“ from Disney’s Amphibia series. It wasn’t intended but she even got a scar in her face.

Still, I abandoned „Yasha“ for now since it wouldn’t have fit into the witches name system that I established so far (on the other hand this leading to writing the Almanac (see below) to explain the handling of the witches names (among other things)).

However, you can be asured, the name „Yasha“ connected with Kimeira will pop up again in the future.

Another issue I was struggling with was if she is going to be called a „Battle Witch“ or a „Warrior Mage“. Again, the fist one wouldn’t have fit into the nomenclature system of my witches world where witches with a magical profession are called „mages“ and, well, nobodys stops her (or others) to call „Battle Witch“ in day to day live.

*The not yet mentioned region where the Witchphibians series is taking place.

With this piece I took the opportunity to playing around with blurs again. Sadly, many of the background details I worked on for hours go blurred too and there was no way to de-blur them without crushing the whole painting. But, well it, it wasn’t that of a problem.

A problem was, however, that I added a leafy shadow overlay but I forgot to blur it first round. Therefore, it looked more like Kimeira was covered in mud. The (now) final piece, though, is the corrected version.

Sidenote: Not long after I finished Kimeira, the anime show „Izetta“ on Crunchyroll caught my eye (and I loved to watch it). Seems like there already have been other people around with the idea of a fighting witch riding on a weapon through the air – Izetta even has the same hair colour like Kimeira.

DTIYS: Cactus Knight

I don’t do a lot of DTIYS. Like with fanart, ideas regarding my own OCs are too many and time is rare. Still, this DTIYS of Greenfinch.Garden (Instagram) caught my idea right from the beginning and I wanted to participate. However, it took me until a few days before the deadline before I got any idea how to approach it.

I got the idea of an armor resembling an organic grown plant and its leaves with spikes, like a cactus. Same applies to the sword. Hence the title of my drawing. I even thought of giving her a green skin colour but then I thought brown also will be fit for a cactus.

The armor in the original painting is more silver but to get the cactus, it had to be changed towards green. This had the disadvantage that I had to struggle with the sword not standing out enough. Both had the same colour tone, the one the original painting provided for the plants. So I painted the blade way brighter and the hilt way darker.

I also changed the pose and this resulted in an exercise in shading because now one side of her body lies in shadows, the other one is lightened by the moon. Actually, I’m quiete proud how I managed this.

Witchphibians: The Witches Almanac

As hinted above, when creating Kimeira I noticed there were so many details I until now only kept in my head or hinted at in past posts you would have to search first to get this information. It also may become handy to have something you actually can look minor details up, if they slipped your mind (even as creator of the series).

So, the idea of an almanac to collect all the lore of Witchphibians was born.

I put it in the design of an actual Almanac, using the paper texture as background which I used since the Mermay 2020 entries as background for things written down on pages (may it be Samandra’s Fabric Journal, the Mermaid Squad’s character sheets or the letter Sam received on „Pragmatic Alien Day“).

Right from the beginning I wanted to decorate it with (newly drawn) tiny sketches but it also came handy to just insert old drawings in black & white (or rather a deep purple & transparent parts).

So far I shared three postings on Instagram, feauturing the introduction, a disclaimer, the terminology and some chapters of the main part.

The first part is some kind of introduction and terminology to tell you what the Almanac is talking about when using certain terms. And since there were space left, I also included a disclaimer with copyright information and information about what influenced to this series.

The more interesting information is to be found in the main part which gives an overview over the witches community, social structury, some traditions and general behaviours. It will be continued in the future whenever new information comes to my mind and feels consistent enough to be put into words and sentences.

Arcryla City: Kiss on the Beach

Since my last Crissy painting (as Aquarius) was from January, my last Arcryla City painting (Secret Santa to Eun Bee, depicting her OC) and the last Crissy Arcryla City painting even from end of October (the Midnight Gala piece), I felt the urge to draw a Crissy Paula Arcryla City painting again.

„One advantage of living in a floating city was that you were able to go places. Sandy, warm and splashy places.“ (NSFW version: „One advantage of living in a floating city was that you were able to go places. Sandy, hot and wet places.“)

I felt, they needed some „us“ time and also wanted to took the opportunity to practice anatomy and anatomy poses again (at the same time adding more content to my Patreon account for more explicite poses).

First I thought of depicting them making out under the shower. To get a SFW piece I would’ve tucked them into one big blanket. But this wouldn’t have taken away the N in NSFW at all (even more so, because it would’ve fired the fantasy and got you an even more imaginative picture in you head of what they might be doing there under the blanket).

So, I tried to skip the blanket and just give them swimsuits* for the SFW version and it worked in every way I could imagine. The shower head remained, though, because there are showers on public beaches. The hardest part of this drawing was to draw the kiss, though. If you don’t want to get a nose boop, the heads had to be tilted. Therefore, I looked up references and drew my way pixel for pixel towards the kiss you are able to see now.

The first approach of beach scene already contained Acrcryla City floating in the sky in the background. There were two reasons why I additionally put some leaves in the upper right corner.

1. Because I planned a NSFW version it would’ve looked strange seeing them enjoying each other when a whole city in the background is able to watch them doing so.

2. The city alone won’t have the same effect as the other object in the edges of the painting. There would’ve been some kind of big space, leading the eye away from the important part towards the floating city.

So, I added an extra object to frame the painting properly. In a first attempt, now the city wasn’t to be seen anymore at all, but I erased some of the leaves. Therefore, you now are able to spot the city again (after giving attention to anything else).

*Perhaps you noticed, Crissy’s swimsuit resembles the colours of the Pansexual Pride flag, Paula’s fingers and toes nail polish together with the bikini the one of the Lesbian Pride flag.

Statues of the Midnight Lights

It’s been a while since my last PaintLog. I just didn’t feel motivated enough in the last few week and whenever I tried, other obligations kicked in and well – if something that is supposed to be fun feels like duty … take a break.

This said, I was writing this PaintLog entry for around three weeks now, the artpieces that I’m sharing today are from the end of October. There are even more, but I will share them with you next time.

The main piece that occupied me three weeks of October was the entry to the Arcryla City Midnight Gala that took place some days before Halloween. As usual, our entries were supposed to be revealed during the showcase. It was a Halloween event with costumes and all.

However, I also finished the Inktober piece, keeping up adding prompts to the Heartbroken Goddess. Those were the prompts „Statue“ and „Light“.

Heartbroken Goddess: Statue + Light

With October Kalisamiii’s Inktober challenge came to an end. I already planted the statue part when drawing the goddess in the first place. I only added some cracks and the smaller statue inside the heart, telling the reason why she is heartbroken.

But this isn’t the end, because where’s light there’s hope:

Initilly, the rays weren’t planned but I figured, this way it makes a greater impression, showing what’s going on.

  • Digital painting made with an ink brush in dark blueish black and light colours: A young woman holding a heart with a darkened area inside in front of herself; she has white short hair, framing her face, the head is lowered, the eyes are closed, tears can be seen; no visible clothes but the heart and the hand covering her breast and shadows around her covering arms and lower body, tiny gleaming stars in the darkness and in the foreground.

Demons, No Angels

The Arcryla City Midnight Gala again was a great spectacle. There were so many amazing entries.

We got our assignment, our „theme“ beforehand and weren’t supposed to tell anyone which costume our OCs got. To everybody’s surprise it turned out that everyone got the same costume: Demon.

There is an additional sheet to my entry with a narrative text and a tiny doodle to explain how Crissy and Paula managed to create all those special effects you can see on the painting. This happens by the  technical capabilities of the steampunk world they are living in. In some cases, like the colored contact lenses, I figured that contact lenses would’ve been around although they were made of glass and not that comfortable (but this wouldn’t have stopped them from wearing them). Moreover, the colored version only came into existence after the need for them arised by the movie industry. Still, this won’t stop Crissy and Paula either to ask one of the ingenius opticians of Arcryla City.

If you look close, you will see several popcultural references from TV shows and video games and of course there are the little statues of the Arcryla City’s Mayor Alexander and Lynette, his assistant.

Last but not least: The Gala also was a drawing contest and guess what? My painting was one of the two winner paintings!!

I was so happy when this was announced!

There even was a price: I could choose one of my OCs to be drawn as an emote for the Discord server (and for any other purpose I’d like to use it for). When I got sent it to me, I will share it here too in my next PaintLog!

Wyrd Food

Wyrd’s Fruits and Vegetables

Another busy week ended, although not that busy and the next one hopefully will be more relaxced. The reason that I managed finishing only one artpiece was to an equal part that I got carried away.

The approaching deadline for the second Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival main challenge prompt may have been a cause to focus on this one, too.

Wyrd’s Fruits and Vegetables

Yesterday the second of the biweekly showcases of the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival took place. Since I needed such an unusual big amount of time to finish my last week’s painting, I was worried to make it in time for this one. Luckily I made it one day before the deadline. So, yeah, I could relax more on Saturday.

The prompt was „Magical Foodie“. Our OC’s got hungry and were roaming the festival for food that we should put into pictures. Since „mangoes“ have been present in Arcryla City since last Summer Festival, I gave them a magical makeover (and invented the „TomatToes“ at the same time). You can read the narrative text on the text sheet in the next column.

The reason I almost went out of time (see above) was, quite obviously, the background.

Paula should be in there plus a wine salesman and I planned to give my OCs Raven and Samandra a cameo too, right from the beginning. But after putting the characters and the stalls in places, I got carried away with the inventory. More and more ideas popped up in my mind that wanted to include, including Perry the Platypus and his hat.

Things you probably recognised from my OC’s universes or from my fanart: As prices of the Catch the Frog game a „Raven in frog form“ plushy, the water lily blossom she and Samandra exchanged this year’s Mermay and which Swampgirl and Amphimaid exchanged in Mermay 2020, Hooty (The Owl House), Perry (plushy) and his hat, the waterbear plushy in the steampunk Arcryla City realm owned by Crissy* (just without the mechanic’s overall). As sales article at „Hex’R’Us“ a deck of Hexes Hold’em cards (The Owl House) and the Amphibia Calamity Box.

*Apropos: Crissy loves water bears, for sure she took the water bear shaped mangogo with her, although not for eating/drinking – probably.

By the way, it is no coincidence that Raven and Samandra are playing „Catch the Frog“ and that Samandra indeed catches the frog.

If you look close you will see the glitter around the fishing line which is a thread and therefore, technically fabric. I don’t have to remind you that Samandra is a fabric witch, right?

„Hex’R’Us“ of course is a reference to „Toys’R’Us“ but even „Joe’s Wineyard“ is inspired by a real wine seller. I don’t know the situation outside of Germany, but here „Jacques‘ Wein-Depot“ („Jacques‘ wine depot“) is a well-known wine selling company. The name inspired me to „Joe’s Wineyard“ for the Magical Foodie prompt (this by itself being a pun since you only have to change a few characters to change the wineyard into vinegar).

If you look close, you will be able to spot Paula nicking some bottles (that are missing in the stall). Seems familiar? Just take another look on the Photograph prompt of the Arcryla City Valentine’s event.

And then, there are the pennants and flags, of course. The colors are Pride flags‘ colors honoring the orientations of my OCs. The colours of the Lesbian and the Pan Pride flags are interwoven since Paula and Crissy are a couple but you also will spot the colors of the polysexual Pride flag – although I won’t reveal whom’s flag this one is yet (but remember: None of my OCs is straight). Plus above them all the colors of the Progress Pride flag, the last two colours not unintentionally being the same like in the Bi Pride flag (plus the petal’s colors creating this one too).

Do I have to emphasize how tricky it was to render the background? I put this lot of details in it but I also had to blur it. It’s hard to achieve this without getting all these details beyond recognisation, you still should be able to spot them.

Hot Weeks

The PyrocornSparrow on Fire

Not that much in terms of weather (although there were some hot days too), in retrospective it indeed was a hot week in more than one aspect. It was a very busy and exhausting week that prevented me from keeping my drawing time schedule (see below).

On the other hand, I managed to finish two paintings, both more or less under the topic „fire“. Firstly, the last of vitranas_arts‘ Junicorns, secondly my second entry to the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival general prompt list.

The Pyrocorn

The last one. The fourth week of the vitranas_arts Junicorn challenge stood under the topic of the element of Fire. One more time I included it into Samandra’s Fabric journal.

Right from the beginning I got the idea of something resembling a fire salamander, this way honouring Samandra’s very own existence too. Fiery mane and tail and finally the horn also popped into my mind quite soon as well as the background.

Since the prompts for the fire theme also contained „Coal“, the rocks at the lower left edge of the painting were supposed to be coal, but then I got the idea of the Pyrocorn feeding on coal, so some were falling out of its mouth.

I thought of adding flying sparks where the hooves touches the ground but didn’t really manag that. Instead I quite like the small flames in the foreground.

Btw, the scene doodled in the upper right corner is a similar scene I thought of for the very first Junicorn painting, there Raven hanging off a branch, trying to cut some vines from the tail, Samandra holding her.

Both would’ve been in amphibian form, though. You can read my struggle with the first Junicorn painting in the respective paintlog but apart from that, this way is more dramatic, so I kept it for the fire theme.

„In the middle of the now burnt lands the Pyrocorn emerged, bringing fire, flames and fear.“

Not intended, but perhaps you registered a „growing“ of the background in every of the Junicorn pantings, from a minimum of grass and a tree to an image filling background:

Sparrow on Fire

This week I posted my second entry to the Arcryla City Fantasy Festival, my first fully rendered entry. The server community suggested this scene of Paula and Crissy riding Sparrow and Crissy screaming in the back – and I loved the idea. Still, since I plan to serve the general prompt list, I had to think of which prompt would fit best this scene.

It was a great opportunity 1) to paint Sparrow and 2) to show what those protection sigils on Paula’s braces are all about.

1) was a little bit tricky and I sat several days to get the lineart right. Sparrow shouldn’t be that big but big enough to carry them both. But simply drawing the bird looked kind of boring, so I thought of this perspective with the blurry wing in the foreground.

Paula and Crissy being late for a lantern festival and this way getting into a main bunch of sky lanterns while Paula’s braces‘ protection sigils proving that hey didn’t have their name for nothing.

Another challenge was to create the impression of speed. Thanks to whoever is in charge of the universe, CSP comes with a motion blur effect and the by now well known blossom brushes. Together with the Gaussian blur effect I got a nice result.

The lanterns in the foreground, however, were a last minute idea to create more depth, the smaller one even more since I came up with it only after the final blur and everything already had been finished. It also fit in nicely with the other lanterns, beginning with the big one in the lower right corner building kind of a helix.

At some point in time painting this got really frustrating, though. Not because I didn’t love this idea anymore, it just was a rough and exhausting week with appointments every day that lasted from the morning into the afternoon hours. I thought „well, there is a new main challenge going on but I could do this one first, it won’t take longer than 2 or 3 days“ and, well, in the end it took a whole week.

So, it was a relief that it finally turned out so nicely and I loved to write the narrative text again:

  • Digital painting, comic style: 1) Crissy and 2) Paula (fantasy versions) in the saddle of sparrow, a big brown-orange bird with a sharp beak; 1) young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, bellyfree leather top, leather skirt, purse and quiver with arrows on her girdle, orange-brown striped trousers, toefree boots, blue cape, 2) young woman, short turqoise hair; toe nails painted in rainbow colour, finger nails in lesbian Pride flag colour; she's wearing some kind of green leaf-like loincloth that only covers breasts, lap and butt, green braces, a knife in a sheath of leaf optic, a bag also in leaf optic, turqoise wrist bands, a pink shell band at her left ankle and a golden neck band; Sparrow is nosediving fast into a school of sky lanterns, fending them off with her wings and the beak; 2) is holding her reins with the left hand, raising the right arm into the air, her braces a illuminated green, creating a green shield-like light in front of her wrist, bashing a sky lantern into pieces; 1) is sitting behind her, holding fast on her belly, eyes closed, screaming; more sky lanterns and blossoms in foreground and background, washy in their movements, a likewise washy night sky with stars in the background.

Hurrying to the Fantasy AU

The HurricornArcryla Citiy Fantasy Festival

It’s been cooler a little bit last week but still quite warm. While I had some time to draw, next week will be packed a lot with job’s busy work, so please be patient with me, if there will not be that much new art (although I already prepared one this weekend). Technically speaking, in the past week there was not much news for you.

I already announced last week the start of the Arcryla City Summer Fantasy Festival last week. Of course there again is a separate subpage for this event, following the same structure like the 2021 event. Likewise, it shouldn’t surprise you that I also created a new unicorn for vitranas_arts‘ Junicorn challenge.

The Hurricorn

Third week vitranas_arts Junicorn challenge has passed and again I did a drawing matching the third week’s Wind theme and accompanying subtopics. Again it’s part of Samandra’s Fabric journal.

Creating a wind based unicorn, a birdlike creature came to my mind. At one point of the design process I even thought of giving it a bird’s beak but it was hard enough to keep the unicorn features in this creature, so I went with the simple snout.

I’ve to admit, I was almost finished as I spotted that the legs were rather tall for a flying bird. To fix this issue, I also made it a running bird, this way also fitting the unicorn theme. Since I right from the beginning thought of giving it the power to create strong wind blows (and with the horn even tornadoes), it worked out nicely in the end.

The name, of course, is a pune on „Hurricane“.

This time it’s Samandra who gets in trouble by being caught of one of these wind blows and she isn’t too proud to admit it (although she also doodled a facepalm into the journal).

„Running faster than a horse, ruling the sky like thunder, the Hurricorn is on the hunt, causing storms and mayhem thereunder.“

PS: After request I also did a smartphone wallpaper of the Hurricorn for supporters on Ko-fi. The size should fit for most smartphone screens but if it’s completely out of the frame, please just tell me.

A Festival in the Fantasy AU

I’m really hyped that there is another Summer Festival again on my beloved Arcryla City Discord server. We had so much fun, last year, participating the showcases, looking at all the great artworks we came up with, the comments, the chitchat.

This year our OC’s have been transferred into a fantasy AU realm, main challenge prompts and general prompts following this topic.

To remind you: The showcases for the main challenge prompts are taking place every two weeks on Saturday evenings Pacific Standard Time (PST), meaning in the Suday morning hours of European time zones.

Since the entries for the main challenges are revealed during the showcases, I’m going to share them only afterwards to keep mine as a surprise. Still, this fits perfectly with publishing my PaintLog.

The first main challenge asked for a fantasy version of our Arcryla City OC’s. I, of course, went with my OC Crissy.

Crissy doing Crissy things, creating, fixing and crippling devices whenever required – but keeping away from people as good as possible.

I slightly changed her name to make it sound more mediaval, but stuck to her usual colors, the boots‘ and trousers‘ design, the skirt and the top resembling the mechanic’s coat of her steampunk design. The glasses are made of a wooden frame, however, and instead of a steam driven driller she’s equipped with a arm-mounted crossbow. This is inspired by the hand-mounted crossbow Marcy Wu in show the Amphibia used to carry around.

Since there also are DnD game nights going on during the festival and although I won’t going to participate, I wanted to keep the option open, I also gave her a classical DnD class, fitting her finger (and fighting) skills best. The character traits are the same like the Crissy’s ones in the steampunk world.

Almost immediately after reading the first main challenge prompt, also an image of Crissy’s girlfriend Paula in a fantasy outfit popped to my mind. There were green clothes right from the beginning and also a bow, but Initially I had something more Robin Hoodish in mind. I dumped this approach to fit her character better.

Deep in the forest, Paula found herself race swapped into a wood elf. Not that she did mind, after all, cool bow and arrows went with it and she even got a flying mount.

Like Crissy’s I changed her name slightly to sound more mediaval and instead of a jetbike, she now is accompanyed by a big flying mount. I chose her to be a elf because, well, I thought of her as some (gothic) kind of vivid elf or sprite right from the beginning.

I came up with the flying mount quite lately (everyhting else already painted and texted) but since Paula owns a jetbike in the steampunk realm, it only would fit her chraracter (again, I kep all of her character traits she’s got in the steampunk realm).

My first thoughts were revolving around the bird Marcy Wu (yeah, again, and again Amphibia) rides in her show but were wiped away by the chocobo birds you get in Final Fantasy with the addition to be able to fly. Still, the name of Paula’s bird refers to Marcy’s one who was called „Joe Sparrow“.

„Paula, having the attention span not of a young kitten but of a full-grown lioness, reconsidering her day’s target when distracted by her girlfriend Crissy.“

Btw, this is one of the rare occasions that you can spot that she actually is smaller than Crissy since in her steampunk design she always wears those high heel platform shoes.

  • Charactersheet, digital Painting, comic style, simple beige background, light shadows: Crissy in a fantasy version; young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, bellyfree leather top, leather skirt, a hook, a bag, a pocket watch, a purse and a quiver with arrows on her girdle, orange-brown striped trousers, toefree boots, blue cape, a small crossbow mounted on her right lower arm, she is putting an arrow in it with her left hand; descriptive text to her sides: "Cristalya Coraly "Crissy" Fayth; (Rogue); "Gadgetsmith (learned locksmith but using this title only so loosely)"; "Croossbow Hook (for carrying when not in use)"; "Tool Bag"; "Special Skills: Inventing + Repairing; Picking Locks"; "Dismantling traps"; "Crippling things without visible damage"; "Arm-mounted Crossbow"; "Working Knife"; "Weaknesses: Handling people; (Slightly) Afraid of Heights".
  • Digital Painting, comic style, simple beige background, light shadows: 1) Crissy and 2) Paula in fantasy versions; 1) young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, bellyfree leather top, leather skirt, a hook, a bag, a pocket watch, a purse and a quiver with arrows on her girdle, orange-brown striped trousers, toefree boots, blue cape, a small crossbow mounted on her right lower arm, she is putting an arrow in it with her left hand; 2) young woman, short turqoise hair; toe nails painted in rainbow colour, finger nails in lesbian Pride flag colour; she's wearing some kind of green leaf-like loincloth that only covers breasts, lap and butt, green braces, a knive in a sheath of leaf optic, a bag also in leaf optic, turqoise wrist bands, a green leaf band at her right ankle, a pink shell band at her left one and a golden neck band; she is holding a wooden bow and arrow; in the background the outline of a flying big bird with a strong beak.
  • Digital Painting, comic style, simple beige background, light shadows: Paula in fantasy version; young woman, short turqoise hair; toe nails painted in rainbow colour, finger nails in lesbian Pride flag colour; she's wearing some kind of green leaf-like loincloth that only covers breasts, lap and butt, green braces, a knive in a sheath of leaf optic, a bag also in leaf optic, turqoise wrist bands, a green leaf band at her right ankle, a pink shell band at her left one and a golden neck band; she is holding a wooden bow and arrow; in the background the outline of a flying big bird with a strong beak; text: "Paula Lûce".
  • Digital Painting, comic style, simple beige background, light shadows: Crissy in a fantasy version; young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, bellyfree leather top, leather skirt, a hook, a bag, a pocket watch, a purse and a quiver with arrows on her girdle, orange-brown striped trousers, toefree boots, blue cape, a small crossbow mounted on her right lower arm, she is putting an arrow in it with her left hand; text: "Cristalya Coraly "Crissy" Fayth".

Floods, Phones and Fires

The FloodycornPhone CallCampfire Queens

Summer is coming. It’s already here and we got some really hot days. Although I tried to keep my flat cool, my brain was baking. Therefore, please excuse if this PaintLog is one day late and won’t be as elaborated as usual, some parts will even contain just the information you perhaps already know from my Instagram postings.

This week I managed to share three new paintings, including the one I announced in last week’s PaintLog. It took us long enough to finish it (see below), so it has all the rights to get a special shoutout.

It’s another Arcryla City Collab with Potato beta from Instagram and a follow-up to the Sleepover and the Zeppelin Night Ride painting. Additionally, I’d like to tell you that 2022 there will be another Arcryla City Summer Festival, this time taking place in a fantasy realm AU.

So, you can look forward to new bi-weekly prompts and another general prompts list. Actually, I’m already working on the first of the bi-weekly prompts. The showcase will take place next Saturday evening / Sunday morning. So, I already will be able to share it in my next PaintLog.

The Floodycorn

My second entry to vitranas_arts Junicorn challenge, featuring the second week’s Water theme and accompanying subtopics and again as part of Samandra’s journal.

Biggest reference to this one was the narwhale, the unicorn of the seas. First I thought of placing it in the icy waters the narwhale lives in, with a horn made of ice, but I got carried away with the background and placed it in more swampy waters.

And besides, I planned to depict a doodle of Raven in frog form right from the beginnung, so icy waters wouldn’t have been fitting at all. This way it also fits into Raven’s witches universe.

Roaming the flooded forest river’s shores you will find the Floodycorn. Despite its cold appearance it has a hot temper and attacks anything that doesn’t respect its territory.““

Phone Call

We planned and worked on this one since last December/January but as life goes we finished it just now. So, the events took place months ago but technically they actually happen just one day after the Zeppelin Night Ride (shared on 7 December 2021) which itself takes place one day after the Sleepover (shared on 19 September 2021).

We decided to put the narrative part on own text sheets, so it can be easier read. We also created a memory booard to refer to mentioned previous collabs plus some deco stuff. This way we didn’t have to add all the old paintings. Since the memory board would show real items, Potato draw some kind of selfie of the Sleepover, taken after both had one glass of wine or the other (Crissy doesn’t have surveillance cameras in her apartment, of course).

The painting is split in two halves, one showing Crissy and one showing Potato with their respective partners in the background. In the background of Potato’s half you will find pictures of several events her OC faced in the past (and which she depicted in their own paintings).

Likewise you will find several details of past events in my half. There is the interior of the living room, of course, but also the glasses, one the same a from the Zeppelin Night Ride – along the wine bottle Paula nicked that evening (and from which the photographer took a photo that you also can spot in this painting and in the memory board).

As for the designs of the phones (which we called „soundtelegraphe“), we thought of some of those very ancient phones. For Crissy I painted some kind of engine, a whole communication center she built by herself. If you look close you will find a menu how to connect the coloured wires so call the person of your choice. Btw: We both were quite relieved as the Arcryla City admins verye recently confirmed that there are phones around in Arcryla City – pheeewy!

You also will spot that the wires are in the colours of the rainbow, the LGBTIA+ flag, and that there also are three lights in the colours of the pansexual flag, representing Crissy’s orientation. But I thought of Paula too. On the table lies a key with a trinket showing the Lesbian Pride flag.

Campfire Queens

I am a big fan of Carles Dalmau and his amazing art with all those fascinating characters and the situations they get into. Some time ago he designed a card game set that very recently got shipped and arrived just last week.

It is wonderful designed! Please take a look at the artwork.

The decks came in two versions (day and night). When laying both decks next to each other I noticed my two favorite characters being printed on the backs of the wrappings in a way that when you put them together, they kind of merge into a new figure. That inspired me to this painting.

I love the story behind these two characters and the calendar that Carles designed is hanging on my wall showing the November picture because it features exactly them.

Still, this is not the only reason I called the painting „Campfire Queens“ but also because in the card game set they literally are the Queens, too!

I started with painting the night version, a whoole picture, followed by the day version. From the start I tried to draw the lines in a way, that they would match in the end. However, if you support me on Ko-fi, you perhaps may have spotted that the first day version which I shared as wip was slightly different to the one in the finished paintings.

The reason being that not every line matched and I had to correct them before finishing everything. With some parts (the shirt and the trousers) it was quite easy while the face and the foot took some concentration.

Bridge Work

A Bridge between Worlds4WeeksMermay Week 3

Because I didn’t was at home this weekend, this week’s PaintLog is online little bit later than usual. It was a rough week anyways and I am behind my time schedule of preparing for week 3. Luckily, week 3 only has 6 prompts and the first one already has been prepared. So, it hopefully won’t be that stressful after all.

However, I actually managed week 2, see the progres You will find the progress in my Instagram gallery, on Ko-fi, Twitter and on this website’s 4WeeksMermay page. Plus, again there were some amazing entries from other artists. Check out their work under the respective Hashtag on Instagram.

A Bridge between Worlds

The past week’s painting took some efforts. It was an exercise likewise in perspective as well in background and water details. Especially getting the water right with all the movement and the reflections was hard.

We again followed one of my very first Mermay mermaids, Engineeriel. You already saw her in week 1, as tiny dot in the background, though. She escaped the Kraken succesfully and unscarred, although her friend an assistant Founder as usual got the damage. Now, safe and sound back again in less dangerous waters, they turned to a new project.

The idea of a bridge connecting the mermaid and the human world came to my mind as I looked over the prompts Potato and I so thoughtfully collected to create our 4WeeksMermay. „Steampunk“ and „Bridge“ connected immediately, likewise the fact that I a) already had an engineering mermaid OC and b) I even before the start of creating the prompt board I planned draw my Steampunk mechanic Crissy in a mermaid version.

Some more remarks about Engineeriel and Founder. They both first appeared in Mermay 2019. Quite soon Founder got injured in an accidant with a merdroid, so Engineeriel made him a cyborg fish to save his life.

Bot are references to „The Little Mermaid“, obviously, with a twist. Therefore I originally named them after the names of the German synchro of the movie. Only one and a half year ago I learned the there is a difference to the English ones. I easily could switch Engineeriels name towards the English form but Flounder is called „Fabius“ in the German version („Fabricius“ in my own one). I learned about that only some months ago. To keep the spirit of the name and also keep him recognizable for English readers, I from then on went with „Founder“.

Btw: I hate it when German syncs do those things, why can’t they just keep the names? Nobody would have thought of the washing soap „Ariel“ which is popular in Germany, and „Flounder“ quite obviously is NOT a flounder. We are not THAT dumb and the majority know how flounders look like.

Sorry for my wandering thoughts but it had to be said and hopefully gave you an insight not only into my drawing process but also into the thought accompanying the development of my OCs.

Still, there also were some design changes since Enginneeriel’s humble beginnings. In 2021 I gave her a full engineer’s overall built by her hip fins to emphasize her occupation. I did similar with Crissea, my OC Crissy turned into a mermaid but this time the strings are opened to put a glimpse of variation into the composition.

  • Digital painting, comic style: Engineeriel in sideview, a mermaid with brown skin and brown hair, sitting on a swing holding Founder, a blue and yellow cyborg fish; Engineeriel's fish tail is building an overall-like fin, below she is wearing a bellyfree beige top and on her head goggles with a light rod; Founders one red eye slit is sending a laser beam towards a brown metallic contraption, trees in the background; text: "Mending wounds - New week, new scars".
  • Mermay 27, "Nautilus", digital painting, comic style: A wrecked submarine (the Nautilus) seen from far, Engineeriel and Fabricius diving towards it, a dark shadow in the foreground, title: "Engineeriel - Her Greatest Discovery"

So, as with Engineeriel, Crissea’s overall is actually a combination of parts of her body, of her fins. You also will find that her fish tail loosely has a sea dragon as reference, this giving there the stability to float almost unaffected by the moving waters of the river.

The stripes on her tail are of course the same ones she has on her working trousers and then there is the watch. If her creator doesn’t forget ist *cough*, she always has the watch with her. But what kind of watch does a mermaid carry around? I simply thought of a Water Watch, a watch driven by water and telling the time by water (you may spot it if you zoom in).

Plus ther is a water bear around, the kind of water bears my compromised fantasy came up with and which doesn’t have to do much with real water bears. To put the fork in Crissea’s pocket was some kind of makeshift to check another prompt from the prompt checklist.

Digital painting, comic style: My OC Crissy Faith (here: Crissea) in a mermaid version; young woman, short purple hair, big, round glasses, yellow top, black and yellow striped mermaid tail, the fins around the waist are building an overall with open strings; her butt is out of the water of a river, she is working on a contraption which stays on the river's bottom, beside her you can spot a small bear under water; text: "Co-Workers - Crissea joins the team".

As with Paula … one of the prompts was „The Guardian“. What Guardian did I want for these two workers? Then, Paula came into my mind. It would’ve been a nice thought to mermaid her too. It also would be her full character trait to guard her girlfriend … or rather to do the watcher’s job. So, she is guardian and if you look where she is you will see, she is glancing at Crissea’s butt.

To meet her personality I also gave her the tail of a pike, a hunter, a predator, fast and agile, preying on other fishes (mermaids). Ther also it the proverb in German that literally translates to „stunning pike“, referring to a person (usually a man but I won’t mind using it for any sex and gender) who is attractive and sexual active to a large extent.

Btw, while thinking about mermaid Paula’s fishtail I also thought about her name and finally, she got a suname: Luce – from „Lucius“, the Latin name of the Northern Pike. I first thought of calling her „Paula Pike“ but, well, that would’ve been a name for a Disney cartoon character, so „Luce“ it is!

Week 3: Lake

Where the waters started running.

For the third week we again prepared a cutout. This time we changed the style to a blur with clear parts, so it hopefully will look better.

We also are plannning to give again an introduction to the prompts but it isn’t ready, yet. I will share them here as soon as this is the case.

Best of

🇩🇪 Das neue Jahr ist natürlich wieder voll Karacho in die erste Arbeitswoche nach den Feiertagen gestartet. Dies bedeutet, ich sitze zwar bereits wieder an neuen Zeichnungen dran, habe diese aber noch nicht vollendet.

Das ist aber insofern von Vorteil, als dass es mir die Gelegenheit gab, den Jahresrückblick 2021 nun endgültig abzuschließen. Denn eine Collage fehlte noch: Die Best of 2021.

Wie auch in 2020 findet ihr hier meine persönlichen Favoriten über alle Themen verteilt. Die meisten davon habe ihr bereits in den anderen Rückblicken gesehen, folgt ihr zu der oben genannten Seite, erwartet euch jedoch auch dieses Jahr ein etwas tieferer Einblick zu den jeweiligen Bildern.

Hier gehe ich nicht nur darauf ein, was auf den verschiedenen Bildern zu sehen ist, sondern ebenso auf deren Entstehunsgeschichte, besondere Herausforderungen beim Zeichnen, sowie kleinere Geheimnisse und Eastereggs, die sich im Bild wiederfinden und die ihr vielleicht noch gar nicht entdeckt habt. Da sich außerdem ein guter Teil Fanart unter den Bildern befindet, solltet ihr jedoch mit Spoilern zu The Owl House, Amphibia und Arcane rechnen:

🇬🇧 Of course, the new year has started full speed into the first working week after the holidays. This meaning that I’m already working on new paintings, but I haven’t finished them yet.

Still, this is an advantage insofar as it gave me the opportunity to finally conclude the recap 2021, one collage still missing: The Best of 2021.

As in 2020, here you will find my personal favorites across all subjects. Most of them you have already seen in the other recaps, but if you follow above-mentioned link, you will get a deeper insight into the respective paintings.

I’m not only going to explain what can be seen in the various paintings, but I also will talk about their creation process, challenges in drawing them and small secrets and eastereggs that you may not have discovered yet. As there is also a good deal of fanart among the paintings, you should beware of spoilers about The Owl House, Amphibia and Arcane:

  • Digital Painting, Comic style: Two young woman, Crissy Faith (short purple hair, big round glasses) and Potato Delta (long brownish red hair) in Crissy's flat in pajamas on a couch which has been transformed into a bed, sitting on rose, and brown blankets and cushions, Potato holding a glass, Crissy looking sideways down, pressing her stuffed water bear towards her belly, blushing, bowles and bottles around them, pizza boxes on the floor, a table with more bowles, an aquarium, a slate, a notebook, light bubls hanging from the ceiling; huge, wide windows in the background, the scenery showing zeppelins, clouds and a huge building with a blue glowing clock tower in front of a night sky
  • Digital painting, comic style: Amity Blight, character of the tv show The owl house, purple, hair, black dress, red trousers, seen from the front, a medallion with a descending moon's sickle, holding her staff in the air. She is wearing a round bottle at her belt. On her right side ist floating the form of a sword, purple striped and glowing, lilewise a form of a shield on her left side. Staff and Amity also are glowing. A darker shadow and sparkles hint the way from the bottle to the sword and the shield. The background is of tones from green and dark green
  • Digital Painting, a collaboration project in comic/anime style: The Arcryla City OCs Potato Delta, Conway, Crissy and Paula on the dancefloor, Crissy/Paula to the left, Potato/Conway to the right; Conway is a huge guy in a blute coat and a dark tophat with white-blonde hair, holding Potato tight who is leaning against him with closed eyes, Potato is wearing a golden and blue shoulder free dress with golden frills, she has orange short hair, two long strains falling down her cheeks; Paula has short, light green hair as side fringe, purple lips and is wearing a bellyfree button-down shirt without sleeves, platform boots and a skirt with frills, all clothes are green, she also wears black bands around neck and wrists; she is holding Crissy tight and leaning over her while Crissy is leaning backwards; Crissy has short purple hair and big round glasses, she wears a bellyfree corsagelike purple top, a short light purple skirt and purple toefree boots, she is blushing; in the backgrpund people at tables and a big window with flying glowing fish; to the right there are mechanical music instruments which are playing themselves, a pipe, a saxiphone, a cello and a violin; in the foreground two chanedeliers and the contours of people
  • Mermay1, "Bottle", digital painting, comic style: A mermaid with the tail of an electric eel sitting on a little isle in a swamp, putting a paper slip in a bottle with the left hand, in the right hand she is holding a reed stalk with ink on its tip, ob her tail there is a letter signed with a heart and a tiny blue octopus. Her hair is dark green and she wears water lily's leaves as bikini top, title: "Love Letters"
  • Digital Painting, comic style: A painting of a poster of my OC Crissy Faith seen in 3/4 front view, a young woman with short purple hair an big round glasses sitting and repairing something above her head, she is sitting on her mechanic's coat, a pocket watch dangling from her hip, to her side a handkerchief with a cheese, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise sandwich which she already had started to eat; the upper body is free except for the top which only covers chest, breasts and the back below her shoulders, hear skin is glaring due to the sweat covering hair, face and body, there are dirt and oil spots on these as well, so are on her coat, in the background a big grey cogwheel.
  • Mermay 16, "Shiny", digital painting, comic style: A green skinned fish or amphibian like woman sitting on a little isle in a swamp, the left knee rised, the other leg bent. On her right knee is a tiny blue octopus, holding an empty bottle. The woman is holding a rolled up letter, hold by a shiny ring, text: "More Tales from the Swamp"
  • Digital painting, comic style: Marcy Wu, a supporting character of the TV show Amphibia in a black and purple armor, she is a girl of 13 with black, short hair, green gleaming moss is growing on it, the hair and both hands are covered by a light green glow, the right hand is a fest, her brows are wrinkled, the hair is floating in the air, green lights are surrounding her had, pushing shards of a not recignisable object away, ten washy firelike eyes are adjusted to these shards, a 11th on is on her chest, bothered by another green light and a gem like contour, light green text "Knowledge is power" and light text "Well ... I'm back".
  • Digital painting, comic style: Vi (right) and Caitlyn (left), charactes of the TV show "Arcane" in side view, showing the heads and necks; both are youn women; Caitlyn has long, dark blue hair, she is from asian read phenotype and has a rather light skin colour, Vi has a sidecut, the hair falling to her right face side, she has one tattoo on her neck in form of a cogwheel and one on her cheeck saying "VI", she has two ear piercings and one nose piercing, there is a scar on her eyebrow and two on her lips, she has slightly visible freckles; they are exchanging glances, the lips and the noses are close together, the edges of the painting are diffused.
  • Digital painting, comic style: The character Terri from the show Amphibia, a young woman with short blue hair and freckles, wearing a shirt under a sleeveless sweater and a lab coat, there is a badge in the form of a slice of pizza with the Pi symbol on it; her left hand is in her hip, the right hand is rised to head level and is holding a lab ID card.




Memory Night

🇩🇪 Finally! Das lang geplante, lange angekündigte Follow-up zu unserem Arcryla-City Sleepover-Artwork ist da!

Ein weiteres Mal geplant, umgesetzt und vollendet zusammmen mit Potato_beta (Instagram-Link). Nach Veröffentlichung des Sleepover-Bildes war ich neugierig, was ihr OC Potato Delta wohl noch zu Crissy gesagt haben könnte.

Wir beide haben das Geschehen jeweils aus der jeweiligen Sicht unserer OCs beschrieben, meinen Teil findet ihr hier, Potatos auf ihrem Instagram-Account:

🇬🇧 Finally! The long planned, long announced follow-up to our Arcryla City Sleepover artpiece is here!

One more time planned, realised and completed together with Potato_beta (Instagram Link). After the Sleepover painting was published, I was curious to see what else her OC Potato Delta might have said to Crissy.

We both described the events from our respective OCs‘ POV. You will find my part here today, Potato’s one on her Instagram account presumably in the course of the next week:

Zeppelin Night Ride

„Girl, you are in love!! And I’m going to help you out!“, Potato’s words from the sleepover still were echoing in Crissy’s head the next day. „Okay, it’s decided, we are going to a double date. We are going to get you a girlfriend!“

Everything was going faster than Crissy ever had expected or even planned. She actually had been too overwhelmed even to object. Now she was standing in front of Paula and stammered along her lines:

„Err … uhm … I got free tickets for a Zeppelin Night Ride … for two … perhaps … uhm … you want to join? … With some friends? … There is a gallery from which you can watch the engines, they have self-playing insturments … err … and they offer Jetbike Rides!“

There also would be a dance but Crissy didn’t dare to mention it, she was blushing red enough as it was.

„Huh, with friends?“
„Potato and Conway?“
„Her … err … her boyfriend …“
„Oh, I see … Jetbike rides, you say? Count me in! – When?“
„Err … today evening? It’s overnight, we will be back tomor…“
„You’re hot, Coralhead.“
„Your ears are gleaming … see you later, Sweetie.“

And later … everything was going faster than Crissy ever had imagined.

Da das Jahr nun zu Ende geht, habe ich dies außerdem zum Anlass genommen, eine Collage aus 9 meiner Lieblingsbilder mit Crissy zu erstellen, die letzte Reihe solche aus Kollaborationen mit byeolnine und Potato_Beta (Instagram-Links):

Since the year comes to and end I created a collage of nine of my favourite images with Crissy too, the last row being those from collaborations with byeolnine and Potato_Beta (Instagram links):

Eigentlich war ich gerade an einem anderen Werk am Arbeiten, als mir die Idee zu einem weiteren The-Owl-House-Cartoon kam und mich auch diese Woche zurück ins Thema Fanart brachte. Sowohl zunächst Amity, dann auch Luz stellten sich ebenso als mehr als taugliche Bilder aus eigenem Recht heraus:

I was actually working on something different when the idea for another The Owl House cartoon came up, so I came back to fanart again this week. Both Amity and Luz turned out to be more than suitable paintings in their own right:

Just couple things …


Oil and Water

🇩🇪 Letztes Wochenende hatte ich mir ein weiteres Binge-Wochenende gegönnt und in die derzeit (u Recht) hochgepriesene Netflix-Serie Arcane rein-, durch, zu Ende und gestern noch einmal zweitgeschaut. Als Resultat entstand am selben Tag noch das folgende Stück Fanart und die entsprechende Unterseite nun leicht überarbeitet und ins Englische überführt.

Falls ihr die Serie noch nicht gesehen habt (meine Empfehlung: Tut es!) oder noch nicht bis Akt 2 vorgedrungen seid, lest lieber nicht weiter, da es sich durchaus um einen Spoiler handelt.

🇬🇧 Last weekend I allowed myself another binge weekend and started, enjoyed, finished and yesterday rewatched the currently (and rightfully) highly praised Netflix show Arcane. As a result, the following piece of fanart was created the same day and the corresponding subpage has now been slightly revised and transferred into English language.

If you haven’t seen the show yet (my recommendation: do it!) or haven’t made it to Act 2, don’t read any further as this may well be a spoiler.

Oil and Water

Dass ich – passend zum Steampunk-Thema – ebenso die Arcryla-City-Seite neustrukturiert habe. ergabt sich halbwegs aus Zufall. Diese hat letzthin immer weiter an Größe und damit an Unübersicht zugenommen, sodass ich deren Inhalt, auch im Hinblick auf kommende Werke, nun auf mehrere Seiten aufgeteilt habe.

Auf Crissys Seite findet ihr nun alle Hintergrundinformationen sowie die diversen Charakterbögen, das Summer Festival 2021 beinhaltet alle Bilder zum diesjährigen Sommerfestival und in Tales from Arcryla City finden sich Bilder abseits dessen, die Crissys Geschichte und die ihrer Freunde weitererzählen.

That I have likewise restructured the Arcryla City page – also matching the steampunk theme – was half by coincidence. It recently grew considerably in size and thus in complexity, so I now divided its content into several pages, also with a view to future art pieces.

On Crissy’s page you now will find all the background information as well as the various character sheets, Summer Festival 2021 will show you all the pictures related this year’s Summer Festival and in Tales from Arcryla City you will find further paintings which are continuing Crissy’s story and the ones of her friends.