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Some weeks are more challenging, some are less. On the private field, last week was quite since I was on leave and didn’t have to bother with my bread and butter job and similar stuff.

This gave room and energy for doing work in the creative field. So, I got time to finish three works I’m not shy to say that I’m quite proud of, each one standing out in its own rights.

4 Weeks Mermay

I hinted at it before and althoug strictly speaking it was the last of mentioned projects, I am so happy to announce it first!

Mermay is coming and as announced earlier, again I was planning something. No, we were planning something. This year I teamed up again with Potato Beta (Instagram). You remember our Arcryla City collabs? Yes, it’s her again.

Together we came up with our own Mermay Prompt Board. Although I somehow always managed to draw every day during the last 3 Mermays, it can be really tiresome and a lot of pressure.

Therefore we created a Mermay which gives prompts for weeks, not for days. Of course you can paint every day but you also can do only one painting for a couple of days with as many prompts as you like.

Of course you can paint every day but you also can do only one painting for a couple of days with as many prompts as you like.

Plus: There is a Joker prompt which allows you to turn any (non-mermaid) character into a mermaid version. And yes, there is a reason why a „Steampunk City“ also is on the Prompt Board. Speaking of … since it’s Easter, there are 3-4 Easter eggs hidden in the drawing. Some of them can be found by knowing earlier paintings of Potato and me (hint: Arcryla City), other ones are not that easy to find but knowing about us and Zelda games may help.

I again adjusted my website and now you not only will find a countdown but also an own 4Weeks Mermay subpage. There you will find the Prompt Board, the guide we wrote and finally my own entries as soon as Mermay starts.

We’d love to welcome you to our Mermay!

Prompt Board + Guide

  • A prompt board for the 4 Weeks Mermay 2022 Mermay challenge; a landscape characterized by four bodies of water (from top to bottom): The ocean with its beaches, a river flowing through the landscape, coming from a lake which transforms into a Swamp, the prompts a drawn into the landscape, the names of the prompts of each category coloured in the same colour; each category is attached to a week; Week 1 Ocean (1th-8th), Deep Sea, Beach, Coral, Seal, Star Wars, Octopus/Kraken, Island; Week 2 River (9th-15th), Fork, Steampunk City, Bridge, Salmon, Waterfall, Swing, Guardian; Week 3 Lake (16th-23rd), Night Sky, Nessie, Love, Axolotl, Cenote; Week 4 Swamp (24rd-31st), Snake, Frog, Water Plants, Spa, Witch, (Un)Dead.
  • The guide to the 4WeeksMermay Prompt Board, the background is a pale version of the prompt board, the logo of the 4 Weeks Mermay + the word "Guide" on top of the guide, text: "First of all: Have fun!; "This prompt board, these categories and these prompts are suggestions to travel together through this year's Mermay. They are not supposed to feel like a duty but like fun. We also know how big time pressure can be during those challenges like the Mermay, but we are not on the run, everybody shall do their Mermay in their own time; Keeping this in mind, we thought of the following guidelines: 1. There are 4 categories of water bodies (ocean, river, lake and swamp), 4 topics for 4 weeks in Mermay; 2. Every category has 6-7 prompts (+ the waters as prompts themselves + the Joker Prompt); 3. You don't have to draw every day one prompt, you can draw one every couple of days or only one per; week, you can combine as many of the prompts as you like. You even can swap prompts between categories.; 4. There is also a Joker Prompt: "Mermaided - Draw a character as a mermaid"; This can be any character, an OC of yours, a fanart of a character you like or a painted version of yourself, the twist being to draw them in a mermaid version.; You can draw them in any week, you can use the joker prompt more than one time, flood your Mermay paintings; with your best mermaid self - we'd love to see that!; Use the hashtag #4WeeksMermay22 alongside the #Mermay and #Mermay2022 hashtags, so we can see your entries; Feel free to use the prompt board as second slide and to tag us in your posts and in your stories, we are; looking forward to see what you made of it!; #4WeeksMermay22; By @Potato_Beta and @DerKritzelFaZke".

Reaching Out

Strictly speaking I should have shared this one in this PaintLog already last Sunday. However, I was too short of time to do this and you know what I’m saying „It’s always good to have another painting up you sleeves for the next PaintLog“.

The Saturday before, another amazing episode of The Owl House aired. This led to a new painting of mine depicting the most intense scene of this episode.

I didn’t expect this painting to become my new top posting on Instagram (>70 likes currently), but here we go …

The painting refers to the last few minutes of mentioned episode. You will find a full review on my The OwlLog pages. which of course is spoilery. However, I don not consider the painting itself spoilery, if you know, you know, if not you don’t. Still, please be aware that I will referring to details of the episode while sharing the thoughts I had when painting this art piece.

„Probably doesn’t work that way“, well, doesn’t it? I immediately noticed how the colours of Amity’s adomination goo balloon and Camila’s vase matches each others and there are even the same kind of flowers (but for the colour, obviously).

In a symbolic, metaphorically way it does work, althought not in a strict physical sense, of course.

In my painting I intended to emphasize this symbolism even more. I not only put balloon and vase with the flowers straight one above the other, I also drew the vase’s neck thinner than in the episode, even more, the whole form of the vase basically is just a copied and mirrored form of the balloon.

Apropos mirrored … same applies for the stars in the background. They are exactly the same stars, just seen from the other side, symbolizing that Luz as well as Camila still are walking under the same (mental) sky though divided by dimensions.

But not only balloon, flowers, vase and stars show there connection despite division, I also painted in a band of flying blossoms. They are the blossoms of the Grom tree Luz and Amity created together in season 1 and the scene shows them flying away with the balloon.

At first, I only wanted to paint them into the top panel but then I thought „What if …?“ and this „What if …?“ turned out to create said band connecting both realms.

Honestly, I’m glad that I met the mood of this scene so well.

„Probably doesn’t work that way.
But it’s a nice thought, right?“

  • Comic, 2 panels, digital painting: In the upper panel a balloon made of purple adomination goo in front of a dark purple night sky, some pink flowers are tied to the balloon, pink blossoms flying through the bottom rigt corner of the painting, start of the text: " 'Probaly doesn't work that way. "; bottom panel: a purple vase with a single white flower in front of a dark blue night sky (the positions of the stars are inverted in comparison to the first panel), in the bottom left corner some fading blossoms.
  • The 1st (upper) of 2 comic panels, digital painting: In the upper panel a balloon made of purple adomination goo in front of a dark purple night sky, some pink flowers are tied to the balloon, pink blossoms flying through the bottom rigt corner of the painting, start of the text: " 'Probaly doesn't work that way. "
  • The 2nd (bottom) of 2 comic panels, digital painting: A purple vase with a single white flower in front of a dark blue night sky (the positions of the stars are inverted in comparison to the first panel), in the bottom left corner some fading blossoms.

Melis 300

Last but not least, one of my mutuals on Instagram, Et_Meli, reached the milestone of 300 followers. Therefore, she hosted a DTIYS I participated.

So first of all: Congratulations to 300 followers, Meli! They are well deserved. Ever since I first saw your art, I loved how cute and how adorable it is. Watching your paintings and your progress makes me happy every time.

In this painting I saw life, I saw vitality, joy and fire, I saw ladybugs and fly agaric. I tried to put all of this into my version.

Along the way I wondered why I saw ladybugs despite white dots (not black ones). Still, I kept this impression but at the same time mentioned fly agaric came up, so there were both.

If you know me, you know that I always try to do something unique with a DTIYS original. This time, I changed the pose slightly. Not only to emphasize the vitality but also to practice painting feet in perspecives I am not used to yet.

I also changed the hair, I shortened it (what could I say? I simply like short hair) and gave it the fire of the sunset.

Because of mentioned impressions, I changed the earring too. First I thought of an earring in the form of a ladybugs but the black dots didn’t show well in this small scale. So, it became a fly agaric, matching the white dots of the shirt.

I had struggles with the baqckground, though. Sunsets usually are fruitful backgrounds, easy to paint, great lighting to gain, you cannot do much wrong with sunsets, especially if you use a gradient layer.

However, I had problems to find the right colours. They had to be as pale as in the original but then they lacked contrast. You wouldn’t have sees the woman this sharp, if I’d stuck to the original colours. So I divided the background colour scheme in two halves with an orange part in the middle and I added a rim light et voila – perfection!

Der Schrecken, der den Sumpf durchschnattert!

Auftritt Emil!

Letzte Woche war er noch nicht so weit und ganz im Schatten der Ankündigung meines Patreon-Accounts sollte er auch nicht stehen, jetzt ist er aber hier (und mit ihm der nächste Teil Cedrakon)! Sicher habt ihr ihn vorher schon entdeckt, in zahlreichen Bildern war er mehr oder weniger gut versteckt zu erkennen und hatte am Ende von Kapitel 1 sogar eine Erwähnung in den Credits.

Selbstverständlich bekommt er auch einen eigenen Charakterbogen.

Und auch unseren Wissenshorizont können wir erweitern: Wer und was sind eigentlich Lizwards?

Schließlich sei noch angemerkt:
Auf Patreon könnt ihr bereits beobachten, wie bereits das nächste Bild entsteht, aber Vorsicht: Spoiler!

Nachdem ich vor drei Wochen bereits in einer schlaflosen Nacht erneut ein Fanart-Motiv zum Owlhouse gezeichnet hatte, habe ich diese Woche dann, schlaflos aber immerhin nicht bei Nacht, eine weitere Szene aus der Serie aufs digitale Zeichenpapier gebracht.

Auch hier handelt es sich um eine der Schlüsselszenen, die (nun wirklich) allererste Begegnung zwischen Luz Noceda und Amity Blight (vergleiche hier). Mein Plan ist es nun, all jene dieser für die Beziehung dieser beiden so wichtigen Schlüsselszenen in diesem minimalisitischen Stil zu zeichnen.

Und auf Instagram schließlich ist meine kleine Repost-Serie von den wiederkehrenden Meerjungfrauen zu den One-Shots übergegangen:

Promerthea (Screenshot Text | Instagram-Link)

Old Pictures in New Posts – Part 8:
– Mermaid’s Edition –
( See them all on: )


Now we’ve finished the recurring Mermay mermaid characters, let’s take a closer look to the one-shots (until now, it is).

Fire + Bottle? As prompts of a Mermay? Is this possible? Yes! For Promerthea, the most famous thief of the mermaid’s world it is possible! In English, her tail is one of a Lionfish, but in Germany we call it „Rotfeuerfisch“ – literally meaning „Red Fire Fish“.

I am rather proud of this painting. I like her short, spikey hair and how the hands turned out. In the background you can see an eagle ray (look up mythology books, if you don’t get the reference at first glance) and her whole pose and her clothes resembles two famous portrayals of Pronetheus the Fire Bringer.

Still, not possible to compare with the 2019’s Mermay, her one and only entry was in 2020. Hopefully, we will see her again in 2021


Skwatira (Screenshot Text | Instagram-Link)

Old Pictures in New Posts – Part 9:
– Mermaid’s Edition: The one-shots –

( See them all on: )


Another one-shot from last year’s Mermay which I am rather proud of. You may have seen her recently in my announcement of my patreon site.

Skwatina is an angelshark mermaid and being an angel is hard work. So she’s enjoying the well earned benefits which comes with this job. The Name derives from the genus „Squatina“ (angelsharks), the rest is self-explanatory.

Here again, I like the hands and for some reason I don’t even know the coconut shell. Hope, you too enjoy the picture in the same way Skwatira enjoys her cocktail (yes, cocktail it is, I think).

I will try to paint her again in Mermay2021.


Fugulantis (Screenshot Text | Instagram-Link)

Old Pictures in New Posts – Part 10:
– Mermaid’s Edition: The one-shots –

( See them all on: )


As you see, I’m going through the 2020’s Mermay chronologically.

This time I wanted to draw two unlikely friends (well, more than two): The pufferfisch mermaid and her bubbly companions. She hasn’t got a name yet. Presumably it’s something like Fuga, Fugi, Fugari (perhaps, you’ve got suggestions, too?). She is a loner, leaving her old home town Fugulantis to seek her luck elsewhere. So she learns to know this senient bubble creatures which begin to transform into shapes which resembles her own appearance (and yes, I know the meaning of 20000 Leagues – actually, it’s the point).

This time the head was the challenge. I like short hair, I even like bald heads, but they are hard to paint. With hair you always can cheat and hide badly drawn head shapes, with no hair no cheating, it’s as easy (or hard) as this. So, it was a special drawing exercise and I woulkd like to repeat it more often (if the character allows it).

Still, I don’t know if I’ll draw her again in the 2021’s Mermay, but we will see. It depends on the prompts, on my inspiration and on my motivation to draw her again.