It must be Love

The Heart inside our Caves4WeeksMermay Week 4

I should keep writing „I’m not sure if I will be able to post a part of the week’s Mermay painting every day“. Actually, every time I do this, I finish it well before the end of the week *knocking on graphic tablet*.

So this week. I managed to finish Nessie before the start of my business trip and I was able to do Axola’s outline in the hotel and finalized her after returning home. Job was stressful in the middle of the week and in the end of the week I was somewhat under the weather.

I still am, writing this PaintLog. Caught a cold or something like that, but mainly suffering from lack of sleep.

Luckily I still was able to draw and planned my pacing according to my job’s work schedule. This way, week 3 went by faster than I thought.

As usual you will find the progress in my Instagram gallery, on Ko-fi, Twitter and on this website’s 4WeeksMermay page and other artist’s entries under the respective Hashtag on Instagram.

The Heart inside our Caves

Quite soon after starting this painting I gave it the (as it turned out) working title „Love Lake“. For comparison: I didn’t came up with the first week’s painting’s title until a few hours before posting the final version while the one of the second week’s painting jumped to my mind somewhere in the middle of the painting processe, at the time I drew the bridge. Originally the one in which the bridge showed up for the first time should be called this way, so I had to think of another title for that one.

Regarding the third week’s painting, „The Heart inside our Caves“ jumped to my mind as soon as I saw the finished version. I’d be lying if I’d say, I wasn’t inspired by Nick Burgoyne’s book title „The Hearts beyond our Roots“, again.

This time I built the painting starting from the center. This was somewhat forced by my though time plan (see above). I had not enough time to paint an elaborated background or foreground until the end of the week. But I could do the characters, and the lake afterwards – when it was weekend already.

So, now, meet Axola and Nessie. Quite frankly, she’s one Nessien, one of those lake monsters found around the world. I depicted her as some kind of Plesiosaurus. The old saurus expert in me knows: She’s painted prehistorically incorrect since Plesiosaurians weren’t be able to bend their necks that much. However, she is a Plesiosaurus comicus kritzelfazensis, she had 60 millions years time to evolve this way to meet drawing clichés.

My take one the Axolotl prompt then was an axolotl mermaid with the gills forming the hair. I first thought of drawing her without the legs (like other mermaids) but in this case she’d have looked like a big tadpole. So I gave her two legs. They appear a little bit short and thin but this meets nicely the axolotl theme (the don’t have long legs either) but avoidding a weird appeareance, making her rather cute (as axolotls are).

Speaking of Cuteness: In 2020 Introduced a couple that we met in 2021 again. Ironically, they still have no names. I still call them „Swampgirl“ and „Amphimaid“. After thei first encounter in 2020 they got engaged in 2021 (Tiny Inky being the love letter messenger, find out more about them here).

  • Digitalzeichnung, Comicstil, dunkles Blau auf beigem Grund: Mermay 2020, Tag 17, Encounter + Swamp - Ein Sumpf, links und rechts festerer Grund mit je einem Baum, rechts sitzt eine Meerjungfrau mit nass, wie Wasserpflanzen, herabhängenden Haaren und einem aalähnlichen Fischschwanz, sie hält eine Seerosenblute in der Hand und schaut nach links zu einem weiblichen Wesen, das eine Mischung zwischen Mensch und Fisch ist, Kiemenbögen an Kopf und Hals sowie an den Ellenbogen angedeutete Schwimmflossen und eine Rückflosse besitzt, die Fischfrau hat große, schwarze, ovale Augen und auf ihrer Hand einen weißen Schmetterling, den sie gerade in Richtung der Meerjungfrau losfliegen lässt
  • Mermay1, "Bottle", digital painting, comic style: A mermaid with the tail of an electric eel sitting on a little isle in a swamp, putting a paper slip in a bottle with the left hand, in the right hand she is holding a reed stalk with ink on its tip, ob her tail there is a letter signed with a heart and a tiny blue octopus. Her hair is dark green and she wears water lily's leaves as bikini top, title: "Love Letters"
  • Digitalzeichnung, Comicstil, Ausschnitt aus einem Bild: A kleiner, blauer Oktopus auf einem braunen Meerjungfrauenschwanz, Sumpf und Schilf im Hintergrund, man kann ebenfalls einen Brief sehen, der mit einem Herz unterzeichnet ist.
  • Mermay 16, "Shiny", digital painting, comic style: A green skinned fish or amphibian like woman sitting on a little isle in a swamp, the left knee rised, the other leg bent. On her right knee is a tiny blue octopus, holding an empty bottle. The woman is holding a rolled up letter, hold by a shiny ring, text: "More Tales from the Swamp"

This year you can spot them in the background. A ceremony is going on. Yes, they finally got married, this time Inky holding the ceremony.

Coming to the lake itself, its form (you noticed, doesn’t you?) isn’t coincidentally related to both titles, working title and the final one alike. Yes, it’s heartshaped, matching the theme and showing the heart inside the caves very literally.

The rest of the background, the cenotes, turned out a little bit different to the picture I initially had in mind, the caverns‘ entries in particular. I’d love to create more a sensation of hovering above the scene and played around with the jungle tops in the background until it worked somehow.

Week 3 has 8 days but only 6 prompts. Therefore, I used one day to build up the foreground and I’m going to use tomorrow to share the final piece (if you are reading this far, you will be rewarded with being able to see it today already). For this purpose I did a last makeover. The glitter was a last minute decision to put some magic in the air.

Finally, there was the matter with the cenote. The whole scene takes place in one. Still, their waters can get icey cold. Therefore I wondered if an axolotl, being amphibian and stuff, could stand this cold. So, I investigated. Sure, I could’ve said Axola is half human woman and also have got human traits like warm blood, but that would’ve been too easy.

Luckily, the axolotl’s traits addressing this topic are fitting nicely into the theme of the painting. Not only the winter waters of their lakes can go down to 6-8 degree Celsius, they also regenerate faster in cold water.

Week 4: Swamp

The eternal balance of life an death

We are looking forward into the fourth and last week. Would you believe it, Mermay is almost over? Again we are providing an introduction to the prompts.

See the cutout picture below. As usual I will share the corresponding text here as soon as it is ready.

Bridge Work

A Bridge between Worlds4WeeksMermay Week 3

Because I didn’t was at home this weekend, this week’s PaintLog is online little bit later than usual. It was a rough week anyways and I am behind my time schedule of preparing for week 3. Luckily, week 3 only has 6 prompts and the first one already has been prepared. So, it hopefully won’t be that stressful after all.

However, I actually managed week 2, see the progres You will find the progress in my Instagram gallery, on Ko-fi, Twitter and on this website’s 4WeeksMermay page. Plus, again there were some amazing entries from other artists. Check out their work under the respective Hashtag on Instagram.

A Bridge between Worlds

The past week’s painting took some efforts. It was an exercise likewise in perspective as well in background and water details. Especially getting the water right with all the movement and the reflections was hard.

We again followed one of my very first Mermay mermaids, Engineeriel. You already saw her in week 1, as tiny dot in the background, though. She escaped the Kraken succesfully and unscarred, although her friend an assistant Founder as usual got the damage. Now, safe and sound back again in less dangerous waters, they turned to a new project.

The idea of a bridge connecting the mermaid and the human world came to my mind as I looked over the prompts Potato and I so thoughtfully collected to create our 4WeeksMermay. „Steampunk“ and „Bridge“ connected immediately, likewise the fact that I a) already had an engineering mermaid OC and b) I even before the start of creating the prompt board I planned draw my Steampunk mechanic Crissy in a mermaid version.

Some more remarks about Engineeriel and Founder. They both first appeared in Mermay 2019. Quite soon Founder got injured in an accidant with a merdroid, so Engineeriel made him a cyborg fish to save his life.

Bot are references to „The Little Mermaid“, obviously, with a twist. Therefore I originally named them after the names of the German synchro of the movie. Only one and a half year ago I learned the there is a difference to the English ones. I easily could switch Engineeriels name towards the English form but Flounder is called „Fabius“ in the German version („Fabricius“ in my own one). I learned about that only some months ago. To keep the spirit of the name and also keep him recognizable for English readers, I from then on went with „Founder“.

Btw: I hate it when German syncs do those things, why can’t they just keep the names? Nobody would have thought of the washing soap „Ariel“ which is popular in Germany, and „Flounder“ quite obviously is NOT a flounder. We are not THAT dumb and the majority know how flounders look like.

Sorry for my wandering thoughts but it had to be said and hopefully gave you an insight not only into my drawing process but also into the thought accompanying the development of my OCs.

Still, there also were some design changes since Enginneeriel’s humble beginnings. In 2021 I gave her a full engineer’s overall built by her hip fins to emphasize her occupation. I did similar with Crissea, my OC Crissy turned into a mermaid but this time the strings are opened to put a glimpse of variation into the composition.

  • Digital painting, comic style: Engineeriel in sideview, a mermaid with brown skin and brown hair, sitting on a swing holding Founder, a blue and yellow cyborg fish; Engineeriel's fish tail is building an overall-like fin, below she is wearing a bellyfree beige top and on her head goggles with a light rod; Founders one red eye slit is sending a laser beam towards a brown metallic contraption, trees in the background; text: "Mending wounds - New week, new scars".
  • Mermay 27, "Nautilus", digital painting, comic style: A wrecked submarine (the Nautilus) seen from far, Engineeriel and Fabricius diving towards it, a dark shadow in the foreground, title: "Engineeriel - Her Greatest Discovery"

So, as with Engineeriel, Crissea’s overall is actually a combination of parts of her body, of her fins. You also will find that her fish tail loosely has a sea dragon as reference, this giving there the stability to float almost unaffected by the moving waters of the river.

The stripes on her tail are of course the same ones she has on her working trousers and then there is the watch. If her creator doesn’t forget ist *cough*, she always has the watch with her. But what kind of watch does a mermaid carry around? I simply thought of a Water Watch, a watch driven by water and telling the time by water (you may spot it if you zoom in).

Plus ther is a water bear around, the kind of water bears my compromised fantasy came up with and which doesn’t have to do much with real water bears. To put the fork in Crissea’s pocket was some kind of makeshift to check another prompt from the prompt checklist.

Digital painting, comic style: My OC Crissy Faith (here: Crissea) in a mermaid version; young woman, short purple hair, big, round glasses, yellow top, black and yellow striped mermaid tail, the fins around the waist are building an overall with open strings; her butt is out of the water of a river, she is working on a contraption which stays on the river's bottom, beside her you can spot a small bear under water; text: "Co-Workers - Crissea joins the team".

As with Paula … one of the prompts was „The Guardian“. What Guardian did I want for these two workers? Then, Paula came into my mind. It would’ve been a nice thought to mermaid her too. It also would be her full character trait to guard her girlfriend … or rather to do the watcher’s job. So, she is guardian and if you look where she is you will see, she is glancing at Crissea’s butt.

To meet her personality I also gave her the tail of a pike, a hunter, a predator, fast and agile, preying on other fishes (mermaids). Ther also it the proverb in German that literally translates to „stunning pike“, referring to a person (usually a man but I won’t mind using it for any sex and gender) who is attractive and sexual active to a large extent.

Btw, while thinking about mermaid Paula’s fishtail I also thought about her name and finally, she got a suname: Luce – from „Lucius“, the Latin name of the Northern Pike. I first thought of calling her „Paula Pike“ but, well, that would’ve been a name for a Disney cartoon character, so „Luce“ it is!

Week 3: Lake

Where the waters started running.

For the third week we again prepared a cutout. This time we changed the style to a blur with clear parts, so it hopefully will look better.

We also are plannning to give again an introduction to the prompts but it isn’t ready, yet. I will share them here as soon as this is the case.

Le Mere Weeks

The Return of the Merindiana Jane4WeeksMermay Week 2

The first week of Mermay is over. While the first week’s painting came together part by part on social media, I already was working on the second week’s one and I still am. Tbh, I’m not sure if it will be finished before the start of the second week but every day’s prompt I manage to add to the painting will buy me time.

In the past week there were some lovely entries from other artists who joined the 4WeeksMermay. You will find their work under the respective Hashtag on Instagram.

Please feel invited to join any time!

The Return of the Merindiana Jane

The first painting of this year’s Mermay features my OC Merindiana Jane on her way back to the surface, dragging Ceratia behind. You will find the progress in my Instagram gallery, on Ko-fi, Twitter and on this website’s 4WeeksMermay page.

According to the prompts, I added another detail every day: Deep Sea, Coral, Seal, Star Wars, Octopus/Kraken, Beach, Island. Within these details there were several references and Easter eggs to discover, if you know my paintings of the last years or browse through them again.

Both characters and their stories are quite obvious to spot. But did you spot the two shadows in the right bottom corner, too? The corals are from last year and it seems, a certain („We are not!“) couple isn’t this far away yet.

Then, there is the Death Starfish. It showed up in Mermay 2019 but also the mermaid light swords were established back then. Please have mercy, it was right at the beginning of my renewed art journey.

From the very beginning you also could spot the sunken submarine and if you looked closer, two figures diving towards it. On day 5, the Kraken emerged. You already saw this scene, last year, from another perspective:

Last but not least, I took the opportunity to honor Nick Burgoyne (again), whose stories and novels („The Deepest Shore“ and „The Hearts beyond our Roots“) took me on a fantastic journey which still sticks in my head.

I had the idea of this kind of island some time before I read the books. After reading the first book, I noticed the similarity and took the opportunity to honor the turtle Gaw with this specific lighthouse.

If you don’t know what I mean, just read the novels. The physical copies of them are really well made and you cann appreciate the drawings to the fullest. Of course, you also can give the e-booke a try first to see if you like them.

Week 2: River

Back to the hatching place.

Second week again comes with a cutout and an introduction of the oncoming prompts. As usual, you will find them on the 4WeeksMermay subpage but they will be on my Instagram account soon, too.

This means, starting tomorrow I will build up a new painting, featuring another mermaid. And, to tease things, add two more. I’d ly, if I’d say they are familiar mermaids, but the won’t be new either …

Here They Are Again

4WeeksMermay Week 1 Rising from the Depths

Welcome back not only to this PaintLog but also to Mermay. First thing I did last week was to finally translate the old Mermay pages into English. So you not longer have to translate them with Google translate to get a (more or less) accessible version.

Now that the countdown is down, you will get a new part of my Mermay week’s painting every day.

Enjoy the ride!

Week 1: Ocean

The place where alle life emerged.

One day ago we shared a cutout of our prompt board, showing the prompts of the first week. There also is a short introduction to every prompt. You will find them on the 4WeeksMermay subpage and on my Instagram account, of course.

The purpose was not only to remind you of our Mermay (again) but also to give you inspiration what you may make of each prompt. Still, feel free to go beyond those interpretations, let your fantasy fly!

Rising from the Depths

This is the first part I’m going to reveal of the 1st Mermay’s week. If you follow me and this website long enough, you will remember that my OC Merindiana Jane got thrown into a deep sea trench by Captain Tigra „Sushi“ Selachii in Mermay 2020. Last year, in Mermay 2021, she fell into the arms of Ceratia, my anglerfish mermaid.

Ceratia always had trouble making friends because of her grand appetite and the abyssal instinct to catch everything in front of her mouth that’s small enough. Merindia being too tall to be eaten, Ceratia finally literally found a friend.

Now that she freed Meri from her sushi wrapping, she of course will accompany her back to the surface.

I’m honest, I like how I’m spanning a story over three years, actuallyl four because I introduced both characters already in Mermay 2019.

I redrew Meri some weeks before, not exactly preparing for Mermay but the redraw still was a great help when now painting her again. Ceratia however is a full and new redraw I did just for this painting. By doing this the design changed hardly visible (the shoulder pads). There are other features I’m going to give her but I will wait for it for the time I paint her for the Mermay Squad.

Of course there also are other things to spot from previous Mermays. You will learn more about them in the course of the next week …

  • Digital painting, comic style: Merindiana Jane, a mermaid resembling Indiana Jones, dark blue hair, a stingray as hat, looking determined, swimming towards the right upper corner of the painting, dragging Ceratia with her, a mermaid bases on and anglerfish including a light bulb on a rod originating on her forehead; in the background a dark bottom and the wreck of the Nautilus (submarine), two divers apporaching the wrack; text: "Rising from the depths - Merindiana Jane heading back to the surface after her unplanned descent into the deep sea trench - dragging Ceratia behind".
  • Mermay 25, "Deep Sea", digital painting, comic style: Ceratia, a mermaid based on an anglerfish, catching Merindiana Jane (Indiana Jones based mermaid) who is wrapped as big sushi rolls and falling from above. Rice is floating upwards as well a Merindiana's whip which is made of jellyfish tentacle. The only light source is Ceratia's light bulb an a rod on her forehead. Merindiana is saying: "Don't ask!", title: "Ceratia finding a friend - finally!"
  • Digitalzeichnung, Comicstil, monochrom, dunkelblau: "Merindiana Jane", eine Meerjungfrau, die an Indiana Jones erinnert, steht auf einer Schiffsplanke, mit Reis als Sushi eingerollt, hinter ihr eine Piratenmeerjungfrau, deren recht Hand durch einen Säbel ersetzt wurde, über die linke Schulter ragt ein Papageienfisch, im Hintergrund schwimmt Merindianas Rochen-Hut, Titel auf englisch: "The Reason she is called 'Captain Sushi'"

New Worlds

Lirita on Yamur’s Hill Remember Bob

Perhaps you already noticed last week, I gave the website a tiny makeover. For a start, I translated the DTIYS and the Fanart subpage into English (more subpages are to follow soon).

Done this I took the opportunity to rearrange the top menu and the website’s structure. You not longer need an „English Corner“, instead the still German parts are separated).

You also will find a countdown for our 4Weeks Mermay. Speaking of … the preparations are going on.

Now it’s only one week ahead but this year I won’t paint one painting for every day but I plan to work on one big painting for each week and to share parts of it regularly.

Wait and see next week.

Lirita on Yamur’s Hill

Last weekend I finally read the story which still is unfolding on the Instagram account of I’m following him quite a while since his beautiful paintings caught my eye.

The wekek before he asked people to give him OCs to draw as an excercise and I gave him Samandra to draw. I was really happy and loved his version of her. Following this I took the time to also read the stories his paintings are about.

This way, I dived into a fascinating world with adorable characters. One of them is Lirita. I liked this grumpy girl the moment she first appeared.

So, I painted a scene from part 29 of the „Travels through Feilahn“ story arc – or at least how I depicted it in my head as I read this part.

I tried to go with the most current design of her, although the old ones still shining through. Additionally, instead of choosing one of the beautiful, colourful patterned dresses she is wearing lately, I went for a simpler desing.

I’d lie if I’d say it was only because she hasn’t been long in Varla at this moment in time, so she would rather wear clothes she was accustomed to, the ones she wore on her travels before.

Lirita on Yamur’s Hill

Remember Bob

Nick’s „Travels through Feilahn“ stories on Instagram are not his only go on this universe. They actually started as some kind of spin-off of his his novels „The Deepest Shore“ and „The Hearts Beyond Our Roots“.

Therefore, it only seemed to be logical to start with the books as soon as I finished the „Travels through Feilahn“ to learn more about the main character Dew and the world she grew up in.

Recently, I got to a scene which – sad as it actually may be (poor Bob sigh) – made me laugh and inspired me to do a painting about the blobs it featured.

It’s also quite cute because of Dew’s guilty reaction and how „Bob“ actually came to his name. Still, I don’t want to spoiler as the painting isn’t a spoiler either. If you read the novel, you will know and you also will know how the original scene turned out.

Originally, I only planned a quick doodle, a sketch at most but whenever I got a stylus and a digital canvas at hand, it elaborated towards a fully rendered painting.

The blobs in the story are depicted deep black. I went for a dark blue which turned out still too light for my taste but will work, if you consider it a blue ink sketch.


4 Weeks Mermay 2022Reaching OutMelis 300

Some weeks are more challenging, some are less. On the private field, last week was quite since I was on leave and didn’t have to bother with my bread and butter job and similar stuff.

This gave room and energy for doing work in the creative field. So, I got time to finish three works I’m not shy to say that I’m quite proud of, each one standing out in its own rights.

4 Weeks Mermay

I hinted at it before and althoug strictly speaking it was the last of mentioned projects, I am so happy to announce it first!

Mermay is coming and as announced earlier, again I was planning something. No, we were planning something. This year I teamed up again with Potato Beta (Instagram). You remember our Arcryla City collabs? Yes, it’s her again.

Together we came up with our own Mermay Prompt Board. Although I somehow always managed to draw every day during the last 3 Mermays, it can be really tiresome and a lot of pressure.

Therefore we created a Mermay which gives prompts for weeks, not for days. Of course you can paint every day but you also can do only one painting for a couple of days with as many prompts as you like.

Of course you can paint every day but you also can do only one painting for a couple of days with as many prompts as you like.

Plus: There is a Joker prompt which allows you to turn any (non-mermaid) character into a mermaid version. And yes, there is a reason why a „Steampunk City“ also is on the Prompt Board. Speaking of … since it’s Easter, there are 3-4 Easter eggs hidden in the drawing. Some of them can be found by knowing earlier paintings of Potato and me (hint: Arcryla City), other ones are not that easy to find but knowing about us and Zelda games may help.

I again adjusted my website and now you not only will find a countdown but also an own 4Weeks Mermay subpage. There you will find the Prompt Board, the guide we wrote and finally my own entries as soon as Mermay starts.

We’d love to welcome you to our Mermay!

Prompt Board + Guide

  • A prompt board for the 4 Weeks Mermay 2022 Mermay challenge; a landscape characterized by four bodies of water (from top to bottom): The ocean with its beaches, a river flowing through the landscape, coming from a lake which transforms into a Swamp, the prompts a drawn into the landscape, the names of the prompts of each category coloured in the same colour; each category is attached to a week; Week 1 Ocean (1th-8th), Deep Sea, Beach, Coral, Seal, Star Wars, Octopus/Kraken, Island; Week 2 River (9th-15th), Fork, Steampunk City, Bridge, Salmon, Waterfall, Swing, Guardian; Week 3 Lake (16th-23rd), Night Sky, Nessie, Love, Axolotl, Cenote; Week 4 Swamp (24rd-31st), Snake, Frog, Water Plants, Spa, Witch, (Un)Dead.
  • The guide to the 4WeeksMermay Prompt Board, the background is a pale version of the prompt board, the logo of the 4 Weeks Mermay + the word "Guide" on top of the guide, text: "First of all: Have fun!; "This prompt board, these categories and these prompts are suggestions to travel together through this year's Mermay. They are not supposed to feel like a duty but like fun. We also know how big time pressure can be during those challenges like the Mermay, but we are not on the run, everybody shall do their Mermay in their own time; Keeping this in mind, we thought of the following guidelines: 1. There are 4 categories of water bodies (ocean, river, lake and swamp), 4 topics for 4 weeks in Mermay; 2. Every category has 6-7 prompts (+ the waters as prompts themselves + the Joker Prompt); 3. You don't have to draw every day one prompt, you can draw one every couple of days or only one per; week, you can combine as many of the prompts as you like. You even can swap prompts between categories.; 4. There is also a Joker Prompt: "Mermaided - Draw a character as a mermaid"; This can be any character, an OC of yours, a fanart of a character you like or a painted version of yourself, the twist being to draw them in a mermaid version.; You can draw them in any week, you can use the joker prompt more than one time, flood your Mermay paintings; with your best mermaid self - we'd love to see that!; Use the hashtag #4WeeksMermay22 alongside the #Mermay and #Mermay2022 hashtags, so we can see your entries; Feel free to use the prompt board as second slide and to tag us in your posts and in your stories, we are; looking forward to see what you made of it!; #4WeeksMermay22; By @Potato_Beta and @DerKritzelFaZke".

Reaching Out

Strictly speaking I should have shared this one in this PaintLog already last Sunday. However, I was too short of time to do this and you know what I’m saying „It’s always good to have another painting up you sleeves for the next PaintLog“.

The Saturday before, another amazing episode of The Owl House aired. This led to a new painting of mine depicting the most intense scene of this episode.

I didn’t expect this painting to become my new top posting on Instagram (>70 likes currently), but here we go …

The painting refers to the last few minutes of mentioned episode. You will find a full review on my The OwlLog pages. which of course is spoilery. However, I don not consider the painting itself spoilery, if you know, you know, if not you don’t. Still, please be aware that I will referring to details of the episode while sharing the thoughts I had when painting this art piece.

„Probably doesn’t work that way“, well, doesn’t it? I immediately noticed how the colours of Amity’s adomination goo balloon and Camila’s vase matches each others and there are even the same kind of flowers (but for the colour, obviously).

In a symbolic, metaphorically way it does work, althought not in a strict physical sense, of course.

In my painting I intended to emphasize this symbolism even more. I not only put balloon and vase with the flowers straight one above the other, I also drew the vase’s neck thinner than in the episode, even more, the whole form of the vase basically is just a copied and mirrored form of the balloon.

Apropos mirrored … same applies for the stars in the background. They are exactly the same stars, just seen from the other side, symbolizing that Luz as well as Camila still are walking under the same (mental) sky though divided by dimensions.

But not only balloon, flowers, vase and stars show there connection despite division, I also painted in a band of flying blossoms. They are the blossoms of the Grom tree Luz and Amity created together in season 1 and the scene shows them flying away with the balloon.

At first, I only wanted to paint them into the top panel but then I thought „What if …?“ and this „What if …?“ turned out to create said band connecting both realms.

Honestly, I’m glad that I met the mood of this scene so well.

„Probably doesn’t work that way.
But it’s a nice thought, right?“

  • Comic, 2 panels, digital painting: In the upper panel a balloon made of purple adomination goo in front of a dark purple night sky, some pink flowers are tied to the balloon, pink blossoms flying through the bottom rigt corner of the painting, start of the text: " 'Probaly doesn't work that way. "; bottom panel: a purple vase with a single white flower in front of a dark blue night sky (the positions of the stars are inverted in comparison to the first panel), in the bottom left corner some fading blossoms.
  • The 1st (upper) of 2 comic panels, digital painting: In the upper panel a balloon made of purple adomination goo in front of a dark purple night sky, some pink flowers are tied to the balloon, pink blossoms flying through the bottom rigt corner of the painting, start of the text: " 'Probaly doesn't work that way. "
  • The 2nd (bottom) of 2 comic panels, digital painting: A purple vase with a single white flower in front of a dark blue night sky (the positions of the stars are inverted in comparison to the first panel), in the bottom left corner some fading blossoms.

Melis 300

Last but not least, one of my mutuals on Instagram, Et_Meli, reached the milestone of 300 followers. Therefore, she hosted a DTIYS I participated.

So first of all: Congratulations to 300 followers, Meli! They are well deserved. Ever since I first saw your art, I loved how cute and how adorable it is. Watching your paintings and your progress makes me happy every time.

In this painting I saw life, I saw vitality, joy and fire, I saw ladybugs and fly agaric. I tried to put all of this into my version.

Along the way I wondered why I saw ladybugs despite white dots (not black ones). Still, I kept this impression but at the same time mentioned fly agaric came up, so there were both.

If you know me, you know that I always try to do something unique with a DTIYS original. This time, I changed the pose slightly. Not only to emphasize the vitality but also to practice painting feet in perspecives I am not used to yet.

I also changed the hair, I shortened it (what could I say? I simply like short hair) and gave it the fire of the sunset.

Because of mentioned impressions, I changed the earring too. First I thought of an earring in the form of a ladybugs but the black dots didn’t show well in this small scale. So, it became a fly agaric, matching the white dots of the shirt.

I had struggles with the baqckground, though. Sunsets usually are fruitful backgrounds, easy to paint, great lighting to gain, you cannot do much wrong with sunsets, especially if you use a gradient layer.

However, I had problems to find the right colours. They had to be as pale as in the original but then they lacked contrast. You wouldn’t have sees the woman this sharp, if I’d stuck to the original colours. So I divided the background colour scheme in two halves with an orange part in the middle and I added a rim light et voila – perfection!


Merindiana’s Character SheetWeaving Magic

Another week flew by, some more paintings got finished and since it’s beginning of April, I already started preparing for Mermay (this time the actual Mermay, not the redraws of my old Mermay mermaid OCs). I can’t tell you yet, so please stay patient.

In the meantime more ideas grew regarding Crissy and Raven + Samandra but I’m not sure when (or if) I will be able to finalize them. But don’t let’s talk about what I may not be able to, let’s see what I managed during the past week:

Merindiana’s Character Sheet

In the beginning of the past week I finally finished Merindiana’s character sheet in addition to the last week’s redraw. It mentions a lot of events from previous Mermay paintings depicting her.

I also love to put in pop cultural references into my paintings and my OCs. In this one, there are at least nine different ones. Leave a comment, if you can spot them!

  • Character sheet, digital painting, comic style: Merindiana Jane, a mermaid resembling Indiana Jones, light brown skin, bluish black long hair, brown fish tail with a golden tail fin, bellyfree tanktop, a belt across her hips with a light blue whip at her left hip, she is looking determinded putting a ray as hat in her head; the background is pergament coloured, resembling a journal page; explanatory text: "Merindiana Jane - Restless Raider of the Sunken Arks -; Inofficial leader of the Mermay Squad; Adventurous treasure hunter and enterprising explorer, risk-takingly eager to swim where no mermaid had swum before; Discoverer of the Lost Pineapple, finder of the Golden Spatula, Seeker of the Dentist's Bubble Chest; The whip is made of jellyfish tentacles; The hat always comes back to her (because it's a stingray); Always getting in trouble but also being able to wriggle out of it; Coffee addict since an adventure involving a sunken truck, hot underwater springs and a wagonload of best Arabica-Coffee Extra Strong; She only fears Seantipedes: Giant underwater centipedes haunting the Lost Pineapple Plains and other places; Archrival: Captain "Sushi" Tigra Selachii, Pirate of the High Seas, Terror of the Seven Beaches since they are usually hunting the same treasures; Met Ceratia the anglerfish mermaid (and became her friend) after she had to walk the plank over a deep sea trench".
  • Digital painting, comic style: Merindiana Jane, a mermaid resembling Indiana Jones, light brown skin, black long hair, brown fish tail with a golden tail fin, bellyfree tanktop, a belt across her hips with a light blue whip at her left hip, she is looking determinded putting a ray as hat in her head; standing between some ruin pillars, green background.

Weaving Magic

Another follow-up to last week’s PaintLog is the continuation of Raven the Witch Apprentice’s story.

Last week, I introduced Samandra Elvennewt. This week, I threw more light onto Samandra’s witchcraft skills. The painting kinda got out of hand since I originally only planned a quick, tiny drawing, not necessarily even with Raven in it. However, this is a crucial part of the story of their relationship, so Raven had to be with part of the picture. And after this, I got carried away more and more.

I tried to change the body poses a little bit and to play around with blur and lighting. Then, in the middle of the drawing process, I got this idea of Sam’s spots glowing whenever she does magic.

First I thought of her living in some kind of closet with clothes hanging in the foreground but then I loved the idea of a full moon shining on the two of them and her sleeping place actually being in the attic of her witch’s hat (the only place she could spare as she hexed her into human being):

Saying Samandra was a great fabric mage wasn’t just figuratively speaking. She found her special field of study in bewitching clothes. This came handy after Raven nearly lost her amulet in the course of an unintented form-changing frog moment. The amulet was all that remained of Raven’s family. Sam, after having learned about this, tailored her a special collar to make sure this would never happen again.

  • A collage of 4 (square 2x2) digital paintings of the "Raven, Witch Apprentice" series, comic style with the text explanatory texts (see the image descriptions of the original paintings): 1. "Raven and the Chamber of Witchcraft"; Raven on the floor of the witch's chamber in front of a storage rack, watching magic lights 2. "Raven Frogfeet"; Raven as small pink frog amidst her collabsed dress 3. "Raven + Sam (1)"; Raven's left hand and right foot turning into frog parts, Samandra smiling 4. "Raven + Sam (2)"; Samandra growing a fire salamander's tail, Raven smiling, a small pink frog and a fire salamander sitting between them.


Raven and SamMerindiana Jane and The Mermay Squad 3/X

When reading these words you surely will notice, I’ve switched to English language when writing my PaintLog. Last week it was the second birthday of my website. It started as a German speaking website since I only had a German speaking target groupe. This changed in the course of the last one and a half year since I started posting on Instagram and joining English speaking Discord servers.

Even then I stuck to German and just added an English translation but since my target groupe became more international and the translation (and linking in both columns) always needs its time, even with DeepL translate, I’m going to try to skip the German part and writing in English right away. I’m also going to change the PaintLog’s structure a little bit (well … giving it structure!):

Raven and Sam

Last week I introduced my new OC Raven Frogfeet, my entry for the SoG Moodboard Challenge but also an OC who enriched my imagination. Not long after submitting my entry, I painted her in frog form and after that I now created Samandra Elvennewt, her companion and soulmate.

These ideas were heavily influenced by the Tiffany Aching novels of the late Terry Pratchett. They have some nice witch apprentices interactions within them and somehow like this witches‘ universe I imagine my witch universe with Raven (and now Samandra) in it.

The witches are less morally integer than Granny Weatherwax, obviously, turning people into animals and vice versa on purpose. They may not intend any harm and in fact Raven as well as Sam are quite content with their new lives, still this is a mistreatment they will struggle with, a plot point for further exploration later on.

After finishing the introducing Samandra charachters sheet, I also gave them a sheet of their own:

  • Digital Painting, comic style: Raven to the left, a young woman with light rosy skin, short white hair in sidecut, barefoot, wearing a golden brown dress, tied with a rope in the middle, a pouch and a necklace with a raven charme, the left hand and the right foot are turned into frog hand and foot, Raven is looking annpoyed towards the frog foot; Samandra to the right, a young woman with brown skin and yellow frackles and spots on her body, neck long red hair, barefoot, wearing light brown leather trousers with buttons on the sides of the legs, a red tailor's bag by her side and a grey apron-like dress held by some ropes as straps, a scissor and needles tucked into a band on the of front part of her dress, a ruler in her right hand; she's looking amused towards Raven, covering her grin with the left hand; Text: "Samandra Elvennewt", "When you are a witch apprentice, you meet other witch apprentices. One of them was Samandra Elvennewt. She was a natural with needle and thread and experienced in retailoring clothes of people who occasionally turn into animals (you get them a lot around witches and wizards). She retailored Raven's dress which was no more than a mere sack before and together they travelled around a lot.>>"
  • Digital Painting, comic style: Raven to the left, a young woman with light rosy skin, short white hair in sidecut, barefoot, wearing a golden brown dress, tied with a rope in the middle, a pouch and a necklace with a raven charme, the left hand and the right foot are turned into frog hand and foot, Raven is looking amused towards Samandra, to her left a small pink frog sitting on the floor; Samandra to the right, a young woman with brown skin and yellow frackles and spots on her body, neck long red hair, barefoot, wearing light brown leather trousers with buttons on the sides of the legs, a red tailor's bag by her side and a grey apron-like dress held by some ropes as straps, a scissor and needles tucked into a band on the of front part of her dress, a ruler in her right hand, a tall fire salamander's tail appeared on her back, waving the back of her dress into the air, she's looking embarrassed out of the corners of her eyes towards the tail, blushing, still covering her mouth with the left hand, right to her a small fire salamander; Text: "Samandra shared Raven's fate in reverse. Originally she was a fire salamander. The whitch she was apprentice of was in need of a helper who could do the chores she wasn't able to do anymore. So she simply turned a newt into a human being. Since Sam was a fast learner and also showed talent in witchcraft, she finally raised her as her apprentice. Although not completely voluntarily drawn into apprenticeship, she, like Raven, preferred her new life to the old one (not having many memories of it anyway)."
  • Digital Painting, comic style: Raven, a young woman with light rosy skin, short white hair in sidecut, barefoot, wearing a golden brown dress, tied with a rope in the middle, a pouch and a necklace with a raven charme, the left hand and the right foot are turned into frog hand and foot, Raven is looking amused towards the right, her her left a small pink frog sitting on the floor, Text: "Raven Frogfeet"

Merindiana and The Mermay Squad

Well, no, your calendar is not wrong, it’s still March, it’s still a month to go until Mermay. Still, you may remember that I started to redraw my Mermay OCs in the beginning of this year.

I already did redraws of Nema and Merdusa, this week it was Merindiana’s turn. I wasn’t able to finish the character sheet yet but i surely will be next week (it’s always good to have a painting for the next PaintLog up the sleeves).

Merindiana is one of my most often drawn mermaids ever. I created her for my first Mermay participation in Mermay 2019 in which she had four appeareances and once again four times in Mermay 2020 and in Mermay 2021. In the meantime there even was a cameo in my Inktober 2019 painting.

In all this time there were visible design changes and this time I changed her slightly, too. The most obvious item is the belt to fix the whip (it was never depicted how she actually carry it along before). Other changes were made with the fin tail, it’s more transparent now, the top has become bellyfree, she got more muscles and visible abs and the hip crest and the top are torn at some points.

Of course, I put her together with Nema and Merdusa into The Mermay Squad painting I talked about some time again. There are still some of my Mermay OCs missing but now it’s coming together.

Merindiana Jane

  • Digital painting, comic style: Merindiana Jane, a mermaid resembling Indiana Jones, light brown skin, black long hair, brown fish tail with a golden tail fin, bellyfree tanktop, a belt across her hips with a light blue whip at her left hip, she is looking determinded putting a ray as hat in her head; standing between some ruin pillars, green background.

Head of Jokes

🇩🇪 Diese Woche kann ich gleich zwei gute Vorsätze der letzten Woche einhalten.

1. Nach Merdusa habe ich nun auch Nema fertiggestellt und ihr ebenso einen Charakterbogen gegönnt. Während meiner bisherigen Mermays hatte sie bisher insgesamt 11 Auftritte, 3 in 2019, 3 in 2020 und 5 in 2021. Auch hier habe ich, im Vergleich zu 2019 deutlich, im Vergleich zu 2020 immer noch erkennbar, eine leichte Designänderung hauptsächlich an Kopf und Gesicht vorgenommen.

Nema ist eine Clownfisch-Meerjungfrau, weshalb sie einige Merkmale mit dieser Fischart gemein hat. Nema und Merdusa verbindet eine innige (mehr Hass denn Liebe) Hassliebe. Wo Merdusa eine ernste Herangehensweise im Leben hat, genießt Nema die Leichtigkeit des Seins. Dies färbt zugleich auf Merdusa ab, die dieser Leichtigkeit eine gewisse Faszination abgewinnen kann, Nema zugleich aber immwieder auch aus gefährlichen Situationen retten muss, denen Nema sich nicht einmal bewusst ist.

Aufgrund ihrer clownfischeigenen Immunität gegen vielerlei Gifte, war es ihr möglich, bereits während des Mermays 2019, Merdusas Garten zu betreten und dort allerlei Unfug anzustellen. Auf diese Weise sind die beiden sich begegnet (und schließlich nähergekommen):

🇬🇧 This week I can keep two good resolutions from last week.

After Merdusa, I now completed Nema, too, and granted her a character sheet. During my Mermays so far she had a total of 11 appearances, 3 in 2019, 3 in 2020 and 5 in 2021. Compared to 2019 clearly, compared to 2020 still recognizable, I have made a slight design change mainly to head and face.

Nema is a clownfish mermaid, which is why she has some characteristics in common with this species of fish. Nema and Merdusa share an intimate (more hate than love) love-hate relationship. Where Merdusa has a no-nonsense attitude to life, Nema happy-go-luckily enjoys the lightness of being. This also rubs off on Merdusa, who is fascinated by this lightness, but at the same time has to rescue Nema from dangerous situations, of which Nema is not even aware.

Due to her clownfish immunity to most poisons, she was able to enter Merdusa’s garden already during Mermay 2019 for joking around thorougly. This is how the two met (and eventually became close):

2. Mein erster Beitrag für das Arcryla-City Valentins-Event ist fertig. Zuletzt wurden Crissy und Paula während eines nächtlichen Zeppelinfluges gesehen. Das Anschlussbild hierzu ist noch immer in Bearbeitung, dennoch sind die beiden inzwischen soweit, dass Paula Crissy ihre Lieblingsblume zeigen kann:

My first entry to the Arcryla City Valentine’s event is finished. Crissy and Paula were last seen at a Zeppelin Night Flight. The follow-up painting is still in progress, yet the two are now ready for Paula to show Crissy her favorite flower:


The day Paula showed Crissy her favourite flower – and the flower showing a good taste in Crissy.

Digital painting, comic style: My OCs Crissy Faith (to the right, 3/4 front view, short purple hair, big round glasses, yellow bellyfree top, yellow and black striped trousers) and Paula (to the left, side view, light green short hair, bangs turned to the right side of the head, wearing a bellyfree brown leather top, fingerfree gloves two smaller and one big girdle, the lips are coloured green, she hat nail polish in the colours orange, white, rose and purple on the visible fingers); Paula is holding a pot with a carnivorous plant, the plant looks satisfied, on it's "head" a tiny daisy is growing; Crissy is blushing and sucking the digit of her right hand, looking suspiciously to the plant; the blurred background is the frame of some windows, you can see some green outside of the building.

Head of Stone

🇩🇪 Die Neu-Zeichnung Merdusas von letzter Woche sollte nur der Auftakt zu einer Reihe weiterer Mermaid-OC-Bildern sein. Und diesmal habe ich es sogar geschafft (zeitnah) diese Reihe weiterzuführen … sort of.

Mein nächster Mermay-OC befindet sich bereits work in progress, zuvor jedoch habe ich diese Woche noch einen Charakterborgen für Merdusa erstellt, um diese endlich einmal richtig vorzustellen, abseits dessen, was ihr hier auf diesen Seiten und in diesem PaintLog in der Vergangenheit bereits habt erfahren können.

Doch auch an anderer Stelle kündigt sich Neues am Horizont an:

Aus Arcryla City stehen gleich zwei neue Bilder ins Haus. Passend zum Valentingstag gibt es ein Valentings-Event mit einer Promptliste und ich werde natürlich nicht zögern, hier etwas zusammenzuzeichnen.

An dem anderen Bild arbeite ich bereits seit einer geraumen Weile zusammen mit meiner Kollaborationspartnerin Potato Beta. Es wird die Geschichte von Paula + Crissy und Potato + Conway, fortschreiben, die mit dem Sleepover begann und bisher bis zum Zeppelin Night Ride führte. Bislanng ist noch nicht abzusehen, wann es fertiggestellt sein soll, ich hoffe jedoch, dass wir es in den nächsten Wochen finalisieren können.

🇬🇧 Last week’s redraw of Merdusa was only meant to be the kick-off to a series of more Mermaid OC paintings. And this time I even managed to continue this series (in a timely manner) … sort of.

The next Mermay OC The next character is already work in progress, but before that I created a character sheet for Merdusa to finally introduce her properly, apart from what you have already learned here on this website and in this PaintLog in the past.

But there are also other news on the horizon:

There are two new pictures going to come from Arcryla City. Fitting for Valentine’s Day there is a Valentines event with a prompt list and of course I won’t hesitate to draw something together here.

I’ve been working on the other painting for quite a while now with my collaboration partner Potato Beta. It will continue the story of Paula + Crissy and Potato + Conway, which began with the Sleepover and has so far led up to the Zeppelin Night Ride. As of yet, there is no word on when it will be completed, but I hope we can finalize it within the next few weeks.