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The Return of the Merindiana Jane4WeeksMermay Week 2

The first week of Mermay is over. While the first week’s painting came together part by part on social media, I already was working on the second week’s one and I still am. Tbh, I’m not sure if it will be finished before the start of the second week but every day’s prompt I manage to add to the painting will buy me time.

In the past week there were some lovely entries from other artists who joined the 4WeeksMermay. You will find their work under the respective Hashtag on Instagram.

Please feel invited to join any time!

The Return of the Merindiana Jane

The first painting of this year’s Mermay features my OC Merindiana Jane on her way back to the surface, dragging Ceratia behind. You will find the progress in my Instagram gallery, on Ko-fi, Twitter and on this website’s 4WeeksMermay page.

According to the prompts, I added another detail every day: Deep Sea, Coral, Seal, Star Wars, Octopus/Kraken, Beach, Island. Within these details there were several references and Easter eggs to discover, if you know my paintings of the last years or browse through them again.

Both characters and their stories are quite obvious to spot. But did you spot the two shadows in the right bottom corner, too? The corals are from last year and it seems, a certain („We are not!“) couple isn’t this far away yet.

Then, there is the Death Starfish. It showed up in Mermay 2019 but also the mermaid light swords were established back then. Please have mercy, it was right at the beginning of my renewed art journey.

From the very beginning you also could spot the sunken submarine and if you looked closer, two figures diving towards it. On day 5, the Kraken emerged. You already saw this scene, last year, from another perspective:

Last but not least, I took the opportunity to honor Nick Burgoyne (again), whose stories and novels („The Deepest Shore“ and „The Hearts beyond our Roots“) took me on a fantastic journey which still sticks in my head.

I had the idea of this kind of island some time before I read the books. After reading the first book, I noticed the similarity and took the opportunity to honor the turtle Gaw with this specific lighthouse.

If you don’t know what I mean, just read the novels. The physical copies of them are really well made and you cann appreciate the drawings to the fullest. Of course, you also can give the e-booke a try first to see if you like them.

Week 2: River

Back to the hatching place.

Second week again comes with a cutout and an introduction of the oncoming prompts. As usual, you will find them on the 4WeeksMermay subpage but they will be on my Instagram account soon, too.

This means, starting tomorrow I will build up a new painting, featuring another mermaid. And, to tease things, add two more. I’d ly, if I’d say they are familiar mermaids, but the won’t be new either …