Here They Are Again

4WeeksMermay Week 1 Rising from the Depths

Welcome back not only to this PaintLog but also to Mermay. First thing I did last week was to finally translate the old Mermay pages into English. So you not longer have to translate them with Google translate to get a (more or less) accessible version.

Now that the countdown is down, you will get a new part of my Mermay week’s painting every day.

Enjoy the ride!

Week 1: Ocean

The place where alle life emerged.

One day ago we shared a cutout of our prompt board, showing the prompts of the first week. There also is a short introduction to every prompt. You will find them on the 4WeeksMermay subpage and on my Instagram account, of course.

The purpose was not only to remind you of our Mermay (again) but also to give you inspiration what you may make of each prompt. Still, feel free to go beyond those interpretations, let your fantasy fly!

Rising from the Depths

This is the first part I’m going to reveal of the 1st Mermay’s week. If you follow me and this website long enough, you will remember that my OC Merindiana Jane got thrown into a deep sea trench by Captain Tigra „Sushi“ Selachii in Mermay 2020. Last year, in Mermay 2021, she fell into the arms of Ceratia, my anglerfish mermaid.

Ceratia always had trouble making friends because of her grand appetite and the abyssal instinct to catch everything in front of her mouth that’s small enough. Merindia being too tall to be eaten, Ceratia finally literally found a friend.

Now that she freed Meri from her sushi wrapping, she of course will accompany her back to the surface.

I’m honest, I like how I’m spanning a story over three years, actuallyl four because I introduced both characters already in Mermay 2019.

I redrew Meri some weeks before, not exactly preparing for Mermay but the redraw still was a great help when now painting her again. Ceratia however is a full and new redraw I did just for this painting. By doing this the design changed hardly visible (the shoulder pads). There are other features I’m going to give her but I will wait for it for the time I paint her for the Mermay Squad.

Of course there also are other things to spot from previous Mermays. You will learn more about them in the course of the next week …

  • Digital painting, comic style: Merindiana Jane, a mermaid resembling Indiana Jones, dark blue hair, a stingray as hat, looking determined, swimming towards the right upper corner of the painting, dragging Ceratia with her, a mermaid bases on and anglerfish including a light bulb on a rod originating on her forehead; in the background a dark bottom and the wreck of the Nautilus (submarine), two divers apporaching the wrack; text: "Rising from the depths - Merindiana Jane heading back to the surface after her unplanned descent into the deep sea trench - dragging Ceratia behind".
  • Mermay 25, "Deep Sea", digital painting, comic style: Ceratia, a mermaid based on an anglerfish, catching Merindiana Jane (Indiana Jones based mermaid) who is wrapped as big sushi rolls and falling from above. Rice is floating upwards as well a Merindiana's whip which is made of jellyfish tentacle. The only light source is Ceratia's light bulb an a rod on her forehead. Merindiana is saying: "Don't ask!", title: "Ceratia finding a friend - finally!"
  • Digitalzeichnung, Comicstil, monochrom, dunkelblau: "Merindiana Jane", eine Meerjungfrau, die an Indiana Jones erinnert, steht auf einer Schiffsplanke, mit Reis als Sushi eingerollt, hinter ihr eine Piratenmeerjungfrau, deren recht Hand durch einen Säbel ersetzt wurde, über die linke Schulter ragt ein Papageienfisch, im Hintergrund schwimmt Merindianas Rochen-Hut, Titel auf englisch: "The Reason she is called 'Captain Sushi'"

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