Statues of the Midnight Lights

It’s been a while since my last PaintLog. I just didn’t feel motivated enough in the last few week and whenever I tried, other obligations kicked in and well – if something that is supposed to be fun feels like duty … take a break.

This said, I was writing this PaintLog entry for around three weeks now, the artpieces that I’m sharing today are from the end of October. There are even more, but I will share them with you next time.

The main piece that occupied me three weeks of October was the entry to the Arcryla City Midnight Gala that took place some days before Halloween. As usual, our entries were supposed to be revealed during the showcase. It was a Halloween event with costumes and all.

However, I also finished the Inktober piece, keeping up adding prompts to the Heartbroken Goddess. Those were the prompts „Statue“ and „Light“.

Heartbroken Goddess: Statue + Light

With October Kalisamiii’s Inktober challenge came to an end. I already planted the statue part when drawing the goddess in the first place. I only added some cracks and the smaller statue inside the heart, telling the reason why she is heartbroken.

But this isn’t the end, because where’s light there’s hope:

Initilly, the rays weren’t planned but I figured, this way it makes a greater impression, showing what’s going on.

  • Digital painting made with an ink brush in dark blueish black and light colours: A young woman holding a heart with a darkened area inside in front of herself; she has white short hair, framing her face, the head is lowered, the eyes are closed, tears can be seen; no visible clothes but the heart and the hand covering her breast and shadows around her covering arms and lower body, tiny gleaming stars in the darkness and in the foreground.

Demons, No Angels

The Arcryla City Midnight Gala again was a great spectacle. There were so many amazing entries.

We got our assignment, our „theme“ beforehand and weren’t supposed to tell anyone which costume our OCs got. To everybody’s surprise it turned out that everyone got the same costume: Demon.

There is an additional sheet to my entry with a narrative text and a tiny doodle to explain how Crissy and Paula managed to create all those special effects you can see on the painting. This happens by the  technical capabilities of the steampunk world they are living in. In some cases, like the colored contact lenses, I figured that contact lenses would’ve been around although they were made of glass and not that comfortable (but this wouldn’t have stopped them from wearing them). Moreover, the colored version only came into existence after the need for them arised by the movie industry. Still, this won’t stop Crissy and Paula either to ask one of the ingenius opticians of Arcryla City.

If you look close, you will see several popcultural references from TV shows and video games and of course there are the little statues of the Arcryla City’s Mayor Alexander and Lynette, his assistant.

Last but not least: The Gala also was a drawing contest and guess what? My painting was one of the two winner paintings!!

I was so happy when this was announced!

There even was a price: I could choose one of my OCs to be drawn as an emote for the Discord server (and for any other purpose I’d like to use it for). When I got sent it to me, I will share it here too in my next PaintLog!

Immer wieder … samstags?

Blog an einem Samstag?

Das hat gleich mehrere Gründe, die zufällig damit zu tun haben, dass der 31.10. dieses Jahr zufällig auf einen Samstag fällt.

Denn der 31.10., das ist Ende des Monats Oktober.

Damit endet auch meine mir selbst auferlegte Cedrakon-Oktoberpause. Und da heute zufällig auch noch Halloween ist und das Eingangsbild ins zweite Kapitel so gut passt, veröffentliche ich es heute schon:

Ende des Monats Oktober ist aber zugleich auch das Ende des Tintenmonats Oktober. Zu diesem Zwecke habe ich noch einmal alle versammelt. Er hat mal wieder viel Spaß gemacht, auch wenn ich aus Zeitgründen dann doch nicht so detailreich habe zeichnen können oder wollen wie beispielsweise im Mermay dieses Jahres.

Ein kleines Geheimnis sei an dieser Stelle aber gelüftet: Aufmerksamen Betrachtern ist es sicherlich aufgefallen, auf jedem meiner Nichtober-Tintentober-Bilder ist auch jeweils (mindestens) ein Vogel zu sehen. Mal im Hintergrund, mal auf Clownsköpfen, mal im Taucheranzug unter Wasser.

Dies liegt daran, dass ich neben dem Nichtober und dem Tintentober heimlich auch noch beim Birbtober mitgemacht haben, um euch jeden Tag ein freundliches Federvieh zu gönnen.

Und damit entlasse ich euch nun mit meiner Zeichnung zur letzten Sonntagsaufgabe in den Samstag, in den Oktober, ins nächste Kapitel Cedrakon!