Memory Night

🇩🇪 Finally! Das lang geplante, lange angekündigte Follow-up zu unserem Arcryla-City Sleepover-Artwork ist da!

Ein weiteres Mal geplant, umgesetzt und vollendet zusammmen mit Potato_beta (Instagram-Link). Nach Veröffentlichung des Sleepover-Bildes war ich neugierig, was ihr OC Potato Delta wohl noch zu Crissy gesagt haben könnte.

Wir beide haben das Geschehen jeweils aus der jeweiligen Sicht unserer OCs beschrieben, meinen Teil findet ihr hier, Potatos auf ihrem Instagram-Account:

🇬🇧 Finally! The long planned, long announced follow-up to our Arcryla City Sleepover artpiece is here!

One more time planned, realised and completed together with Potato_beta (Instagram Link). After the Sleepover painting was published, I was curious to see what else her OC Potato Delta might have said to Crissy.

We both described the events from our respective OCs‘ POV. You will find my part here today, Potato’s one on her Instagram account presumably in the course of the next week:

Zeppelin Night Ride

„Girl, you are in love!! And I’m going to help you out!“, Potato’s words from the sleepover still were echoing in Crissy’s head the next day. „Okay, it’s decided, we are going to a double date. We are going to get you a girlfriend!“

Everything was going faster than Crissy ever had expected or even planned. She actually had been too overwhelmed even to object. Now she was standing in front of Paula and stammered along her lines:

„Err … uhm … I got free tickets for a Zeppelin Night Ride … for two … perhaps … uhm … you want to join? … With some friends? … There is a gallery from which you can watch the engines, they have self-playing insturments … err … and they offer Jetbike Rides!“

There also would be a dance but Crissy didn’t dare to mention it, she was blushing red enough as it was.

„Huh, with friends?“
„Potato and Conway?“
„Her … err … her boyfriend …“
„Oh, I see … Jetbike rides, you say? Count me in! – When?“
„Err … today evening? It’s overnight, we will be back tomor…“
„You’re hot, Coralhead.“
„Your ears are gleaming … see you later, Sweetie.“

And later … everything was going faster than Crissy ever had imagined.

Da das Jahr nun zu Ende geht, habe ich dies außerdem zum Anlass genommen, eine Collage aus 9 meiner Lieblingsbilder mit Crissy zu erstellen, die letzte Reihe solche aus Kollaborationen mit byeolnine und Potato_Beta (Instagram-Links):

Since the year comes to and end I created a collage of nine of my favourite images with Crissy too, the last row being those from collaborations with byeolnine and Potato_Beta (Instagram links):

Eigentlich war ich gerade an einem anderen Werk am Arbeiten, als mir die Idee zu einem weiteren The-Owl-House-Cartoon kam und mich auch diese Woche zurück ins Thema Fanart brachte. Sowohl zunächst Amity, dann auch Luz stellten sich ebenso als mehr als taugliche Bilder aus eigenem Recht heraus:

I was actually working on something different when the idea for another The Owl House cartoon came up, so I came back to fanart again this week. Both Amity and Luz turned out to be more than suitable paintings in their own right:

Just couple things …


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