No Time For Leisure Time

Digital Painting, comic style: A young woman, short purple hair, big round glasses, black/orange striped trousers, leather jacket, orange strapless bellytop beneath, taking off the jacket, a pocket watch dangling from the left sleeve, slipping off boots and purple socks, stumbling over her own boots while standing with the right foot on the left boot's tip, spots of oil and dirt on the clothing and the cheeks. In the background a door with gear and cogwheels and a big lock, on the left a device and a pipe leading to a lamp above the door and a pneumatic post delivery device. On the right on the wall her helmet and belts, on the ground below two pizza boxes and a tool box, covered by her tool belt. Foreground to the left a couch with pillow, the "Arcryla City Steam Magazine" and a purple plush water bear mechanic, to the right an oval desk with a plate of mangoes, an invitation letter, a slate and a piece of chalk. Couch, desk and ground are lightened by three windows.

🇩🇪 Das Arcryla City (🇬🇧) Sommerfestival dauert an. Der nächste Showcase ist für nächste Woche Samstag angesetzt, das zugehörige Bild ist bereits fertig, kann gewohntermaßen aber erste nächsten Sonntag gezeigt werden. Aber auch ein zweites Bild ist bereits in Vorbereitung.

Grund genug also, hier nächste Woche wieder vorbeizuschauen. Für den Moment kann ich euch nur so viel sagen: Es handelt sich in beiden Fällen um Kollaborationsprojekte.

Trotzdem hatte ich auch in der vergangenen Woche noch ein Bild fertiggestellt, diesmal zu dem Sommerfestival Prompt „Leisure Time“ (🇬🇧) – es hat mich mehr Zeit gekostet als ich eigentlich gedacht hatte, doch ständig kamen mehr und mehr Ideen für Details hinzu. Wenn ihr genauer hinschaut, findet ihr übrigens Crissys ausgeschriebenen, vollen Namen:

🇬🇧 Still the Arcryla City Summer Festival is going on. The next showcase will take place next Saturday. The respective painting already is finished but as usual will be presented next Sunday but there also is another painting in preparation.

This already are two reason to see you again here next week. For the time being I only can tell you: They both are collaboration projects.

However, there actually was a painting I finished last week. This time depicting the general prompt „Leisure Time“ – it took more time than expected but the ideas kept coming along during the drawing process. If you look close, you will discover Crissy’s names in full:

„Heading into Leisure Time“

Crissy coming home after work. At home she is a little bit chaotic, though.

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