The Spirit of Collaboration

Digital Painting, comic style: Crissy, a young woman with short purple hair and big round classes sitting in a mechanical and steam driven bumper car which got bumped by Lilo, another citizen of Arcryla City. Lilo is driving with her legs on the front of the car, they both wear the same outfit and pony tails: A brown bellyfree shirt, blue short trousers, yellow and orange leggings, violet necklaces and brown berets. There are lights and blossoms in the air. In the foreground a banner: "Arcryla City Summer Festival - Bumper Cars!!! - Fun! Bump! Joy!"

🇩🇪 Die vergangene Woche war in zweierleich Hinsicht bemerkenswert, das Arcryla City (🇬🇧) Sommerfestival betrachtet. Wie letzten Sonntag angedeutet, habe ich an gleich zwei Kollaborationsprojekten gearbeitet.

Eines davon kann ich euch heute hier auch schon präsentieren, das zweite ist zwar ebenfalls bereits fertig, wird aber erst im Laufe der nächsten Woche veröffentlicht. Hierbei handelt es sich um die dritte Haupt-Challenge, deren Ergebnisse gestern im dritten großen Showcase präsentiert wurden.

Dieses fand unter dem Motto „The Spirit of Collaboration“ statt. In diesem Sinne wurden wir in Teams zusammengewürfelt, um gemeinsam an einem Bild zu arbeiten, das unsere jeweiligen Personas zeigt, wie sie miteinander interagieren. Beide sollten zudem mehrere Elemente gemeinsam haben.

Das Bild (🇬🇧) , das ihr hier unten sehen könnt, wurde zusammen mit _.zer0._ von Instagram erarbeitet, die Erlaubnis, es hier, auf Twitter und Instagram zu veröffentlichen, liegt vor:

🇬🇧 Last week was remarkable in the double sense of the word regarding the Arcryla City Summer Festival. As mentioned last Sunday I worked on even to collaboration projects.

One I can show today, the other one is already finished, too, but will be presented only in the course of the next week. The painting I present you today is the one of the third main challenge which already has been presented during the third showcase yesterday.

This challenge’s topic was „The Spirit of Collaboration“. Following this topic we were drawn into teams of twos to work together on one painting which had to show our personas interacting. They also had to have several elements in common.

The painting you can see below is a collab with _.zer0._ from Instagram. I’ve got permission to share it here, on Twitter and on Instagram:

„Bumper Cars“

Before Crissy went to the festival, a friend of hers (yes, the same as who didn’t turn up at the Masquerade Party) talked her into going to the tailor with her to get „some more modern clothes“ and ended buying some quite popular ones and with a pony tail in her hair. While waiting to meet her on the festival, Crissy spottet the Bumper Cars and since she already waited a whole hour she decided to investigate them further. She still was admiring all the rotating, steaming and moving parts as another Citizen, Lilo, bumped into hers.



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