The Masked Mechanic

Digital painting, comic style: Crissy Faith, a young woman with purple hair, she is wearing a brown feathered owl like mask and a tophat with goggles and likewise feathers attached to it, her dress is of pink and purple colour, though she is wearing a jacket, too, with a purple texture, over her upper body and the hips she is wearing a semi-transparent glittery costume and as footwear dark purple boots with several golden buckles, a pocket watch is dangling from a necklace around her neck in breast height. Crissy is holding a cocktail in her right hand and looking unconfidently to her left, lifting her dress with the left hand to take a step from the balustrade of the balcony she is standing on. To her right and her left are two pillars (on the left one the letters forming "Arcryla City"), golden as the ground and the balustrade are as well, in the background a big cogwheel and steam in front of a night sky with clouds and stars

🇩🇪 Ich gebe zu, The Owl House (🇬🇧) (siehe letzte Woche) weshalb bei Cedrakon derzeit erneut Pause herrscht. Das Arcryla City Summer Festival dauert noch immer an und dereit liegen meine Inspirationen zum größten Teil dort. Mein Output diesbezüglich hat sich nun soweit erhöht, dass auch diesem inzwischen eine eigene Seite gewidmet habe. Unter Arcryla City (🇬🇧) findet ihr nun alle diesbezüglich erstellten Zeichnungen rund um meine OC Crissy Faith.

Letzte Woche hatte ich ja bereits ein weiteres Bild angekündigt, das ich aber heute erst zeigen kann. Die Challenge war, den Charakter in Vorbereitung auf, auf dem Weg zum oder während eines Maskenballs (🇬🇧) zu zeichnen. Bedingung: Es sollten zwei sichtbar verschiedene Medien/Texturen verwendet werden.

Die zugehörige Beschreibung lautet:

🇬🇧 I habe to confess, The Owl House (see last week) is not the only reason Cedrakon (🇩🇪) is in a break at the moment. The Arcryla City Summer Festival still is going on and my inspirations mainly direct to this. My output increased to an extent that I created on own page on this website. You will find it by following the link Arcryla City and also my paintings of my OC (🇩🇪) Crissy Faith.

Last week I already announced another painting which I only can show today. The challenge being to depict the character preparing for, on their way to or during a Masquerade Party. Condition: Use two visibly different mediums/textures.


Crissy is a person who doesn’t socialize much (or easy), she just doesn’t have quite a grasp of how humans (and humanoids) work. While clockwork runs like … well … clockwork people don’t – they always have unpredictable issues. So, she feels uncomfortable in (non-mechanic) company.

She even had to be talked into actually attending the Arcryla City’s first big social event, the Summer Festival’s Masquerade Party. Normally, she never wears fancy clothes, not to mention dresses, so she had to borrow one and she does not even know why there were this costume and these boots in her closet – though they look suspiciously like the kind a former flatmate would have bought.

Unluckily, the person who talked her into attending the party didn’t show up and so she now stands near the balcony, watching the wonderfully reliable rotating cogwheel outside the building.

Es gab jedoch auch noch ein weiteres Bild dieser Woche, in dem Fall zu den General Prompts (🇬🇧). Es beinhaltet mehrere dieser, eingereicht habe ich es jedoch unter dem „Carousel“-Prompt.

But there was another painting, too, which I finished last week. In this case it was one of the General Prompts. It includes more than one but it was my entry for the „Carousel“ prompt.

Crissy Faith in her casual dress. She doesn’t socialize much but went to the festivities in a quite hour to appreciate the engines driving the fun. Since „a quite hour“ still means to be quite bustling she took shelter in the back of the big Carousel.

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