Coming soo…now!

🇩🇪 Angekündigt hatte ich es bereits vor zweite Wochen, jetzt ist es endlich fertig und ich kann es euch hier präsentieren:

Schon während des Arcryla City Summer Festivals (🇬🇧) kamen der talentieren Potato Beta (Instagram) und mir die Idee zu einem Kollaborationsprojekt, in dem ihr Arcryla-City-Charakter (Potato) meinem (Crissy) Tipps in Liebesangelegenheiten gibt. Crissy sozialisiert sich nur sehr zurückhaltend, einen Anknüpfungspunkt fanden wir trotzdem sehr schnell:

🇬🇧 I announced it already two weeks ago, now it’s finally finished and I can share it here:

The idea of a collaboration project struck the talented Potato Beta (Instagram) and me already during the Arcryla City Summer Festival. This idea was about her Arcryla City character (Potato) giving mine (Crissy) advice in matters of the heart. Crissy doesn’t socialise easily but we soon found a starting point:


Sooo, Crissy met Potato after her Ring Toss photo shoot, as she asked Crissy to build an Anti-G Device, so they could fly. They quickly became good friends and this evening they planned a girls‘ night!

They decided to make a sleepover, which took place on Crissy’s flat as Conway is currently living in Potato’s house and they didn’t want someone overhearing their conversations.

They ate a lot and talked a ton, and after some fish drinks true feeling came to light…

Crissy: “ So who was that guy in the photo shoot?“
Potato: “ Ummm… he was… my…. childhood friend… but now, he’s… SO I saw you flying the other day with someone who is she??? Is she your CRUSH??“
Crissy (instant blushing): „Err … Paula? … No … I mean … yes … no … perhaps …“
Potato: „Oohhh Paula… cute name! You make a nice couple! Do you plan on confessing??
Crissy (going full tomato mode): „Con… err … no … umm …“ (mumbling around) „Just a customer … don’t know … don’t think … isn’t interested in me …“

Neben diesem Bild befindet sich noch ein zweites bereits in der Zielkurve, an dem ich die letzte Woche am Arbeiten war. Da dieses jedoch für einen weiteren Showcase auf dem Arcryla-City Discord-Server bestimmt ist, werdet ihr es erst nächste Woche an der bekannten Stelle (🇬🇧) finden.

Apart from this painting there also is a second one in the final bend on which I worked last week. Because it is supposed to be presented on another Arcryla City showcase, you will find it on the known site next week.

This October!


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