Another year gone

Ditigal painting, simple comic style: The protagonists from the video game "Earthbound", every of them bringing a gift: A boy with a red cap (Gamepad), a girl with dress and bow in the hair (video game "Earthbound"), a boy with glasses and bow tie (cake plate with crumbs) and a boy in a white martial arts suit (camera and tripod) in front of a purple red green fog and a light background; everybody except the boy with the glasses also carries a lemon roll, on the cake plate are candles forming "40 %"

🇩🇪 Diesen Absatz wollte ich eigentlich letzte Woche bereits schreiben, doch wäre es wahrscheinlich der Crissy (🇬🇧)-Overload geworden.

Mein DTIYS (🇬🇧) auf Instagram läuft nun schon ca. ein Monat lange. In dieser Zeit sind auch schon ein paar Beiträge eingegangen, auf die ich an dieser Stelle – mit einem kleinen Kommentar dazu – verlinken möchte. Vielen lieben Dank an alle bisherigen Teilnehmer!

🇬🇧 Actually, I planned to write this paragraph already last week but this would’ve meant to be a Crissy overload.

My DTIYS on Instagram now is going for ca. one month. In this time there already has been some entries which I’d like to link you to – with some short comments. Many thanks to all of the participants so far!

General overview.

A cute first entry by Et_Meli, I was enchanted by the single screw an Crissy’s expression.

I love how xeunbeex included Crissy‘s stuffed Water Bear!

And the design of the glasses, the pendants and the haircut drawn by xoxotoki.

Perfectly depicted by Pocket_Andrew: Crissy is ready to work!

🎶 „Und wieder geht ein Jahr“ 🎶

(„Another year gone“)

Mit unter anderem diesem Lied haben wir Anfan der Woche den Geburtstag eines meiner Lieblings-Streamer, dem Moep0r, gefeiert. Zu diesem Anlass hatte schnell noch mein Bearthbound-Bild von Anfang des Jahres aktualisiert. Ihr fragt euch, was die Zitronenrollen und die 40 % zu bedeuten haben? Dann kommt zu ihm in den Stream!

With this song among others we celebrated the birthday of one of my favourite streamers, Moep0r, in the beginning of last week. Thereofre I updated my Bearthbound painting from the beginning of this year a little bit. You are asking what the lemon rolls and the 40 % mean? Join his stream to find out!

Coming soon!


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