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This is the third PaintLog I’m writing purely in English. And, well, you know, it feels so much easier. I love the English language and I love how English words just flow down my fingertips. Plus: I don’t have to do a translation paragraph by paragraph anymore, it feel less like a duty.

Therefore, I will stick to this format and I hope you German speaking readers will go with it. I went through the same school of public English lessons like you, so my vocabulary should’nt be that complicated. And if anything fails, there still is translate button in the upper right.

A late Valentine’s present

You remember the Arcryla City Valentine’s Event? February already is two month past, but I’m still coming up with ideas. So with this one.

I tried to practice poses, anatomy and interaction between people. These are are a really pain to paint but you have to practice to improve and I always wanted to paint Crissy and Paula in a less SFW-y position. Yes, you read right, there actually is a NSFW version of this painting due to nudity and implied sexual interactions.

However, WordPress (like Instagram, Patreon and Ko-fi) doesn’t allow for NSFW stuff without setting your pages to private and that again isn’t worth it. So, you’ll have to stick with the SFW version, the difference is simple at it is: I just gave them clothes and that’s it.

Just because new poses, antamoy, coming out of the comfort zone etc. are such pain, I’m happy how it turned out. As always, check out the background story on my Arcryla City subpages!


“The day Crissy forgot about everything else.

What do you want to do?

Recently, I I started playing „CrisTales“ on the Nintendo Switch after watching Moep0r’s stream on Twich. I have a lot fun with this game and I really love its art style. I read some critics about it but as well as I can understand where their opinions come from, I can’t relate to them yet. I either didn’t made the experiences yet or they didn’t bother me.

For example: Someone wrote, they missed an automatic text scroll in the dialogs. No, I wouldn’t have to want this because those automatic text scrolls either are too slow or too fast (not to mention distractions from your surrounding like my tram arriving at my exit station).

Or that there are too many random fights. While I go with them saying that I’d love to have a chance to see the enemies in the dungeons and to avoid them if needed, I can’t say, they are too many. Plus: The fights are really fun!

The only thing annoying about those encounters is that the loading screen takes 5-10 seconds until the fight starts, but hey, I played The Witchter 3, I shouldn’t complain.

Some days ago I realized, the main Character of the game has a similar name like my Arcryla City OC Crissy. She is even spelled with a simple „C“, not a „Ch“ as more common with C(h)ris* names.

Now, within the game there is this save game dialog you have to go through every single time you want to save your game. By now I can recite it by heart, it’s so iconic, my brain immediately came up with a Crissy x CrisTales crossover.

I tried to meet the same art style but, still taking some artistic license, though. I don’t mean that I changed Crisbell for Crissy and Matias the frog for Crissy’s Water Bear Bot but mainly to depict Crissy already in the first panel of this two panel comic. Additionally, I left out some minor details. You will find two screenshots I took on the Switch on the last slide for reference.

The background you can see in the crossover version again is the one of the Zeppelin Night Ride but blurred). No wonder, Crissy wants to record their progress!

Crissy Tales

„Crissy! What do you want to do?“

I want to record our progress.

„I want to record our progress.“

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