Original Characters (OC)

Here you will find some of my Original Characters you might have seen every so often. Please note that some of the links still are linking to a German page because there is not English translation yet.

To get a quick overview I created an overview sheet. There are more to follow the first one since there are several OCs, though. However, feel free to use the blank sheet yourself wherever you like. You may even change the topics to fit your characters. In the upper left corner is space for personal/contact information.

(Supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi have access to a PNG version with transparent background.)


The Tale of Cedrakon: Continuing Illustrasted Tale feautering guardswoman Luca, the Princess and as newest member of the adventure party a Gargoyla.

Digital painting, comic style: A collage of every Mermay entrie from the promptlist in 2021

Mermay: Merindiana Jane, Nema + Merdusa, Engineeriel and Founder, they all have a story to tell.

Cosmothra: An OC who is the result of a self-inflicted challenge on Twitter. There is a detailed character sheet (🇩🇪).

Titelbild eines Comics, Digitalzeeichnung: Dr. Jacky Hill (helle Hautfarbe, rote Haare, rechteckige Brille, weißes Tanktop, blaue Shorts) und Dr. Eliza Hill (dunkle Hautfarbe, runde Brille, weißes Poloshirt, weiße Hose, einen Arztkittel abstreifend) vor einer nächtlichen Skyline mit mehreren Hochhäusern, am Nachthimmel ein Vollmond

Jack’Hill’n’Haid„: Jacky Kiefer-Hill. She also originated from a challenge on Twitter in April 2020. She’s a scientist who doesn’t feel the same like before anymore after a weird lab accident she doesn’t even remember of. This will turn out to not to become easy for her wife Liz.

Crissy Faith: A character I created for the Discord server „Arcryla City„, an artist’s server with a steampunk setting. She is inspired by the character Lucca from the video game „Chrono Triggwer“. She’s a steam engine mechanic.